IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened and Lower Risk/Near Threatened (NT)

dichotoma (White) Furtado, Gard. Bull. Singapore 25: 301 1970. (syn: Borassus dichotomus White; Hyphaene indica Becc.; Hyphaene taprobanica Furtado);

by Pravin Kawale & Renee Vyas (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Branching palm; 



At Nagaon beach near Alibag– 6 Dec, 2009;  Branching Palm – efloraofindia | Google Groups



Branching Palm: Hyphaene dichotoma
and it’s fruit
Common names: Branching Palm
Ravan-maad, Sat-taad
Today at Alibag, Maharashtra

Had seen this fruit a couple of years ago at Kol Bot G among some leaf litter, I almost stumbled on it, searched the surrounding trees for any similar fruits, to no avail… fruit was exactly the color you showed, was hard, could not be crushed between fingers of palms of two hands… Its memory has been a mystery till today ….
Thanks now I know where to go and look for it…
(But originally where I had found it is not where these palms are planted, so some curious person may have picked it near the palms and discarded it where I found it)

This is common in Diu island.

There are couple of them at Godrej Baug – Malabar Hill and 2 at Shivaree (when you go to mud flats to see Flemingos, they are in the compound of State Excise Dept office), one at Kanjurmarg…in Mumbai.




edible fruit of Branching Palm.JPG 
fruits of Hyphaene dichotoma.JPG 
Hyphaene dichotoma.JPG



Hyphaene thebaica.
The branched palm from Alibag

I think this one from Alibag should be Hyphaene dichotoma (White) Furtado as per other postings from the area.


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