Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. (Syn: Indigofera anceps Poir.; Indigofera bolusii N.E. Br.; Indigofera endecaphylla sensu Poir.; Indigofera endecaphylla sensu auct. mult.; Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq.; Indigofera kleinii Wight & Arn.; Indigofera onobrychioides Baill.; Indigofera pectinata Baker; Indigofera spicata auct. non Forssk.; Indigofera spicata sensu auct. mult.; Indigofera stricata Forssk. sensu str. excl.; Indigofera stricata sensu auct. mult.);
in-dee-GO-fer-uh — bearing indigo … Dave’s Botanary
¿ en-dek-uh-FIL-uh ? — eleven-leaved, referring to leaflets
commonly known as: creeping indigo, trailing indigoMalayalam: ചെറുപുള്ളടി cherupullati
Native of: tropical Africa, s China, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, Malesia, s-c & s-w Pacific; naturalized elsewhere
In India- India (N):  Andhra Pradesh ; Bihar ; Gujarat ; Karnataka ; Kerala ; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra ; Manipur ; Orissa ; Rajasthan; Tamil Nadu ; West Bengal as per ILDIS;

in-dee-GO-fer-uh — meaning, bearing indigo
¿ hen-dek-uh-FIL-uh ? — eleven-leaved, referring to leaflets

Jun 26, 2010 … at Girivan, Maval, Maharashtra
commonly known as: creeping indigo, spicate indigo, trailing indigo
Native of: tropical Africa, s China, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, Malesia, s-c & s-w Pacific; naturalized elsewhere
some views: Jun 26, 2010 … at Girivan, Maval, Maharashtra

Axillary racemes compact red or violet.
Leaves compound Leaflets5-11. Pods deflexed 4-gonous straight hairy


Which out of the following (as per the Plant List):

How to determine the exact posted species in such cases ?

there seem to be variations in the spelling. As per The Plant List as well as ILDIS, Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. is the accepted name.


Indigofera spicata Forssk : Attachments (2). 8 posts by 3 authors.
Indigofera spicata Forssk, Fam: Fabaceae
13/11/2011, Irpu falls(Bramhagiri), Gonikoppal, Coorg, Karnataka
Ascending herb, flowering,

Interesting plant!
But it looks different from the one found here: tropicalforages
Leaflets alternate is the key feature here based on which I confirmed the Identity. I also relied on flora of coorg by Keshava moorthy and Yoganarasimhon.

Please check the identity with Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.
this one and I. spicata are clearly separable however only after thorough study.

Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. is synonym of I. spicata.
This is the only species with alternate leaflets. remaining all are with either opposite leaflets or subopposite. we can clearly find the alternate leaflets in the image. flower size and leaf size matching with the description given by Fatehr Mathew and Gamble.

As per the Plant List, both are accepted names:

The photographs …. are Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. (syn. Indigofera kleinii Wight & Arn.).
In all Indian Floras this species is inadvertently treated as Indigofera spicata Forssk.


ANOCT26 Please confirm if Indigofera endecaphylla : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7).

Bangalore outskirts
6th October 2014

I think the ID is correct.

Satara, Oct 2014 :: Requesting ID – Fabaceae with pink flowers :: ARKOCT-27 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6).
Requesting to please provide ID of this Fabaceae member captured near Satara, Maharashtra in October 2014.

Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.


Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.
at Maval, Pune on June 26, 2010

Fabaceae (Faboideae)Fortnight::Indigofera hendecaphylla ? ::Nimgiri::PKA-OCT-110: 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Its a small herb, around 20 to 30 cm high.
Bot. name: : Indigofera hendecaphylla?
Photographed at Nimgiri fort, Maharashtra.

Yes it is Indigofera hendecaphylla very close to Indigofera spicata



Prostrate Herbaceous plant. Compound leaves. Red flowered racemes axillary.
Flowers 1cm or so.
For ID

It may be Indigofera endecaphylla.

Thanks, … I think it matches with images at Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.


id please Barasat,wb 04.12.16 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
id please Barasat, wb 04.12.16

Pl. Check comparative images of Indigofera species in efi site.

I think appear close to images at Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.

Small plant for ID :: Satara :: ARKAPR-04 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Saw this plant at Satara, MH in Sep 2015.
Requested to please ID this plant. Is this Indigofera hendecaphylla?

Thanks, … Pl. Also check with images in efi site if already not done so.

I also think, these appear close as per images at Indigofera hendecaphylla


Names of Plants in India :: Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image.
via Species‎ > ‎I‎ > Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. … family: Fabaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
in-dee-GO-fer-uh — bearing indigoDave’s Botanary
¿ en-dek-uh-FIL-uh ? — eleven-leaved, referring to leaflets
commonly known as: creeping indigo, trailing indigoMalayalam: ചെറുപുള്ളടി cherupullati
botanical names: Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. … synonyms: Indigofera anceps Poir. • Indigofera bolusii N.E.Br. • Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. • Indigofera kleinii Wight & Arn. • Indigofera onobrychioides Baill. • Indigofera pectinata Baker • Indigofera stricata Forssk. … GBIF
NOTE: Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. and Indigofera spicata Forssk., used to be considered as the same species … they are now considered to be different species … Useful Tropical Plants
June 26, 2010 … Girivan, Pune

in-dee-GO-fer-uh — bearing indigo … Dave’s Botanary
¿ hen-dek-uh-FIL-uh ? — eleven-leaved, referring to leaflets

commonly known as: creeping indigo, trailing indigo • Gujarati: અગિયાર-પર્ણી ગળી agiyar-parni gali • Hindi: ग्यारह-पत्ती नील gyarah-patti neel • Kannada: ಮಲಮಂಡಿ mala mandi • Malayalam: ചെറുപുല്ലാടി cherupulladi • Marathi: अकरा-पानी नीळ akaraa-paani nil • Telugu: పదకొండు-ఆకు నీలి padakondu-aku neeli
botanical namesIndigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. … accepted infraspecificsIndigofera hendecaphylla var. hendecaphylla … POWO … heterotypic synonymsIndigofera anceps Vahl ex Poir. • Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. • Indigofera kleinii Wight & Arn. … and more at POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
creeping indigo, trailing indigo
~~~~~ GUJARATI ~~~~~
અગિયાર-પર્ણી ગળી agiyar-parni gali
  • name coined, for want of name; અગિયાર-પર્ણી agiyar-parni = eleven-leaved; ગળી gali = generic name given to most of indigo plants
~~~~~ HINDI ~~~~~
ग्यारह-पत्ती नील gyarah-patti neel
  • name coined, for want of name; ग्यारह-पत्ती gyarah-patti = eleven-leaved; नील neel = generic name given to most of indigo plants
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
ಮಲಮಂಡಿ mala mandi
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
ചെറുപുല്ലാടി cherupulladi
  • Many thanks to Sam Kuzhalanattu for help with this name … efloraofindia
  • or ചെറുപുള്ളടി cherupullati … many thanks to Vinaya Raj V R for help with this name … facebook
  • or ചെറുപുള്ളടി cherupullati … for Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. … Jose Mathew – Floristic and ethnobotanical studies of Achankovil forests Western Ghats Kerala – Shodhganga
  • and instances of ചെറുപുള്ളാടി cherupullaati … are found in facebook posts and few websites on internet
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
अकरा-पानी नीळ akaraa-paani nil
  • name coined, for want of name; अकरा-पानी akaraa-paani = eleven-leaved; नीळ nil = generic name given to most of indigo plants
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
పదకొండు-ఆకు నీలి padakondu-aku neeli
  • name coined, for want of name; పదకొండు-ఆకు padakondu-aku = eleven-leaved; నీలి neeli = generic name given to most of indigo plants
~~~~~ DISTRIBUTION in states of India ~~~~~
Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, *Manipur, *Odisha, *Rajasthan, *Tamil Nadu, *West Bengal

* no given name / no name found, in the regional language(s) of the state

~~~~~ x ~~~~~
Names compiled / updated at

The correct Malayalam spelling is ചെറുപുല്ലാടി cherupulladi (here cheru means small).

Thank you very much, … for ചെറുപുല്ലാടി.

The name ചെറുപുള്ളടി was sourced from one Wikipedia page …
and it was also discussed in one of my post in facebook …

ചെറുപുള്ളടി may not be incorrect spelling, and thus, I will have to make note of the name you have provided as a name variant. Please let me know what you think.

There is another variant – ചെറുപുള്ളാടി … found when I searched facebook … and also found in some websites (Google search).
So, unless we are sure that ചെറുപുള്ളടി and ചെറുപുള്ളാടി are incorrectly spelt, all three (including ചെറുപുല്ലാടി) will have to be considered as name-variants.

I am 100% sure that the correct Malayalam spelling is ചെറുപുല്ലാടി cherupulladi.

Malayalam name revised …

Plant for ID 16/12/09 SMP3 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 5 posts by 5 authors
Appears to be some Alysicarpus ? Munnar Dec2009
For ID 

This is Indigofera sp.

This plant is Indigofera tinctoria Linn. the plant may bear red or purple flowers in them. I got this information from a picture in the book entitled as ” Medicinal Plant Resources of South West Bengal” published by Research Wing , Directorate of Forests, Govt. of West Bengal edited by Dr. N.D Paria (Professor of Botany, Dept. of Botany, University of Calcutta) , published in the year 2005.

Does not match with images at Indigofera tinctoria

Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. ex Poir.  ??

Seems right ID, correct name, however is  Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.