Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. (syn. Anila linifolia (L. f.) Kuntze; Hedysarum linifolium L.f.; Indigofera albicans Span.; Indigofer alinifolia var. campbellii Baker; Indigofera polygonoides Wendl.; Indigofera roxburghii Tausch; Sphaeridiophorum abyssinicum Jaub. & Spach; Sphaeridiophorum linifolium (L.f.) Desv.);
India (N) ; Andhra Pradesh; Arunachal Pradesh; Assam; Bihar; Dadra-Nagar-Haveli; Daman; Delhi; Diu; Goa; Gujarat; Haryana ; Himachal Pradesh; Jammu-Kashmir; Karnataka; Kerala; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra; Orissa; Punjab; Rajasthan; Tamil Nadu ; Tripura; Uttar Pradesh; West Bengal and other countries as per ILDIS;
in-dee-GO-fer-uh — bearing indigo … Dave’s Botanary
lin-ih-FOH-lee-uh — flax- or linum-like leaves … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: narrowleaf indigoAssamese: নীল গছ neel goshBengali: ভাঙড়া bhangra, মোতিহারি motihariGujarati: ઝીણકી ગળી jhinaki gali, નાની ગળી nani galiHindi: भंगरा bhangra, भुरभुरा bhurbhura, पाण्डरफली pandarphali, रतनजोत ratanjot, रत्नमाला ratnamala, तोर्की torkiKachchhi: સનીગરી sanigariKannada: ಗಂಜಿಕಸ ganjikasaKonkani: तोर्की torkiMarathi: बरबाडा barbada, लाल गोधडी lal godhadi, पांढरफळी pandharphali, तोर्की torkiPunjabi: ਤੋਰਕੀ torkiRajasthani: लांबीयौ बेकरियौ lambio bekarioSantali: tandi khode baha
There lot of variation in the size and shape of the leaves but it is very clear about fruit. it single seeded spherical fruit in I.linifolia.

Please identiy this small herb 2 – NS 080911: Attachments (3). 9 posts by 6 authors.
Photographed at my farm at Shahpur last weekend.
Again a small herb [20 – 30 cms tall] in open grasslands with minute flowers about 4mm in size.
Could this be a species of Indigofera [possibly I.linifolia] ?

… my belief too, Indigofera linifolia.

I agree with … id. Nice picture!

Please refer the identified pictures here: efi thread

As per another thread: [This is not Indigofera linifolia efi thread]

The leaves are much more linear in this species and are glabrous, where as what i found at Kalina campus, Mumbai is a bit different.

I think the leaves are variable in shape and size.
FoC describes that the leaves are “…usually linear but sometimes elliptic to ovate-elliptic…”.

Yes … variation in leaf shape can happen and also hairiness vary according to season and locality.

ID please:
ID Please, herb from Fabaceae
At Shahpur, Thane
18 Sep,2011

yes its Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. (linear leaf)


indigofera species, mm5 16102011:
very small flowers, no bigger than 3mm
my place in alibaug, this week
would very much appreciate an id

Looks like Indigofera linifolia

Indigofera linifolia
I have added images from different locations and from variable time frames. Most are from Vetal Tekdi Pune.
If any of the image appears different please point out.
Flowers really very tiny.


Indigofera ¿ linifolia ? at Ken Gharial Sanctuary :: 15 SEP 13 :: DV : 3 images. 7 posts by 4 authors.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary about 500 – 1800 ft asl
Date / Time: 15 SEP 13 at 11:06 AM Altitude: about 587 ft asl
Indigofera ¿ linifolia ?… (family: Fabaceae)
…, please validate this ID whether linifolia OR some other species of Indigofera.
… Raneh Falls (far end) on River Ken (also known as river Karnavati)

You are mixing plants & nature & general photography so well. You always do things which are so unique.

Very nice pictures! I agree with your ID, Indigofera linifolia (Linear leaves; flowers in racemes; pods globose, 1-seeded).
The plants here are seemingly happy and healthy and so growing erect and also the leaves appear longer than usual. They usually seen as prostrate herbs in disturbed places. Gamble has mentioned the two forms of the habit (FPM, pg 309).
Thanks for showing us this rather not-so-common form of the common plant.

Thank you very very much … for the validation and clarity. My earlier sightings of I. linifolia were consistently prostrate plants not rising above 4 – 5 cm. This erect version thus confused me. Must say this plant in its erect habit can easily pass as an ornamental.

ID Request 180914SG : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).
Please help identify this weed, 1×1 feet spread. Photo taken on 18Sep at Dhavlas, Maharashtra.

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. The flower in the second picture looks contorted.

Looks like Indigofera linifolia.

Requesting to please validate ID of this Fabaceae member captured near Satara, Maharashtra in October 2014.
Is this Indigiofera linifolia? Found it by the roadside.

Yes, it is Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.

ANNOV62 Crotalaria(?) sp. for identification : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5).

Bangalore outskirts
30th November 2014

Probably Indigofera linifolia

… got it right: Indigofera linifolia.

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. 15Jan SN 14 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).
Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz., wild herb from Kanchepuram dist of Tamilnadu

I have recently found this plant with small ovate non linear leaves. Will post separately.

Indigofera linifolia for validation : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5).
This plant was seen on 4th Jan in an agricultural field in Thane district, Maharashtra.
The globose whitish pods point to Indigofera linifolia although previously I have only seen this herb with a more upright habit and with linear leaves.
Flora of China mentions that “leaf or leaflet blade usually linear but sometimes elliptic to ovate-elliptic
Is this a common variation here in India?

I am not expert but I think the prostrate nature here goes more near to Indigofera cordifolia rather than I.linifolia.

I think the id is right, this is not I. cordifolia and more likely to be I. linifolia…

The differentiating key character as per BSI flora between the I. linifolia and I. cordifolia is
Pods 1 seeded…… I. linifolia
Pods 2 or more seeded…. I. cordifolia
The plant in question seems to be I. linifolia. Apart from this the flowers are quite large in size for I. cordifolia.

thank you for confirming the id. It was new for me to see this plant with such a different habit.

Thanks for your opinions … Very interesting variation seen in the plant.

at Ken Gharial Sanctuary on September 15, 2013
at Saphale Road near Nawaze on September 28, 2009
off NH No. 3 near Ghoti on December 13, 2008

Fabaceae (Faboideae) Fortnight :: Indigofera linifolia:: Morni etc. :: NS OCT 71/71 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (5)
The attached pics from Morni and Panipat most probaby belong to Indigofera linifolia….

Fabaceae (Faboideae)Fortnight::Indigofera linifolia ::Hadsar::PKA-OCT-108: : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Indigofera linifolia at Hadsar fort, Maharashtra.
Local name: Lal Godhadi,


Indigofera Species For ID : Nasik : 18NOV15 : AK-7 : 07/07 : 3 posts by 2 authors.
Seen growing wild on 23rd October.
Very small plant.
For Species id please.

I. linifolia

Images by Satish Phadke, Indentified by Nayan Singh (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


PLANT FOR ID 22 SMP 28/11/08 – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Very tiny flowers less than 1 cm. Appear to be from Fabaceae.

Can it be one of the Indigoferas. I am not sure.

It may be Indigofera linifolia, but I am not very sure.

Links for Indigofera linifolia:

HEAR (details with an image),
Plant Net (description with a drawing), (description with a composite picture).
May I request … to pl. finally confirm the Id.

Appears to be Indigofera linifolia only as per images herein.

It too appears to be Indigofera linifolia leaves linear and flowers tiny

Images by Dinesh Valke (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


¿ which Indigofera ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

… which Indigofera species OR is it else ?
Location: Ghoti Road near Igatpuri
Taken on: Dec 13, 2008

Indigofera linifolia?
Links for Indigofera linifolia: HEAR (details with an image),
Plantnet (description with a drawing), (description with a composite picture).
See earlier Indiantreepix link with unconfirmed Indigofera linifolia Id at: efi thread

…, I had thought of Indigofera linifolia, and it could be so.
… the leaves seen in most of pictures of I. linifolia that I came across seem to be very long compared what is seen in my photo OR are such variations in leaves are accepted ?

Appears to be Indigofera linifolia only as per images herein.

I feel it is Indigofera linifolia for the following: Leaf blades linear to obovate,densely adpressed pubescent, never gland dotted; pods globose, not echniate; seeds globose tuberculate

Thank you very much … for suggesting ID of Indigofera linifolia.
I too think it must be I. linifolia.

Indigofera linifolia/ cordifolia Kolhapur : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Indigofera linifolia/ cordifolia  Kolhapur 04/11/2011 Panasonic DMC-S1 photo

Does not look like Indigofera linifolia as per images herein.
efi page with images on Indigofera cordifolia

Appears to be I. linifolia. The single seeded pods supports the id.
The id key is on number of seeds per pod as per BSI Flora of Maharashtra. Seeds per pod in I. cordifolia being 2+ .  I. linifolia is very variable plant.

Thanks, … But leaves look different from images at Indigofera linifolia

It is Indigofera linifolia

To me also appears to be I. linifolia based on leaf shape and single seed.

It is clearly I. linifolia. There lot of variation in the size and shape of the leaves but it is very clear about fruit. it single seeded spherical fruit in I.linifolia.

It is Indigofera linifolia

Looks like Indigofera linifolia var campbelli.
See also: efi thread
which I feel is Indigofera linifolia var campbelli.
…, though Indigofera linifolia var campbelli is listed as a synonym of I. linifolia currently (in it is worth adding an image to the Indigofera genus page as the leaf variation is distinct and more importantly, prevent confusion in identification if the plant is not fruiting.

ID request 140316SG-A : 19 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (4)
Requesting ID of this weed, Spreading about 1’, Photo taken on 14Mar16 at Solapur, Maharashtra.

Looks like Indigofera linifolia.
Please wait for experts to comment.

not. the leaf shape (and possibly size, cant say since no measurements are given). does not support the dx

Agree with … Leaves one foliate, fruit one-seed. Pods silvery white (very characteristic) and small (< 5mm). Leaves here are not linear but are a variation, obovate (ssp campbelli?)
I went through my collection and realized I had never seen Indigofera linifolia after December. My sighting were all immediately post monsoon until about end november – early december.
Comments welcome.
P.S.: Checked with Fl MH (Almeida) wrt flowering / fruiting for ssp campelli and it says ‘Aug to March!

Hearing from you after a very long while.
Thanks for supporting my suggested id.
I had seen this small plant on 23rd Oct,15 at a Govt Plant Nursery in Nasik.

Hibernating …

Thanks for showing these pictures.
Yes the first thought which came to me after the reply was about the shape of leaves which is not linear.
But I checked the detailed explanantion from … which is logically right.
I do remember photographing similar pictures in Dec/Jan. wondering about which species it can be.
Considering the location and abundant nature I think the ID is right. Will share my pictures after checking.

Thank you all. By the way, the weed was found in a newly planted mango orchard, where top soil from outside added and was under drip irrigation.

I am still not convinced. Look at this link… the picture is by our own …. do you folks see the difference in the leaves????

The write up on that page about the leaf is :
I quote “Nearly stalkless leaves are narrow, linear to oblong-lanceolate, 20-45 x 2-4 mm, sharp-tipped, appressed-pubescent on both surfaces.” end quote

I really do not see in the present pictures narrow long leaves nor is there a visual clue to the ends being POINTED… does any one of  you see it?  or other members?? ALSO- My question –
can there be such a wide variation in the overall leaf anatomy ??? if there is and it is documented, i will love to hear from you and see the paper. Until such time (when you can send in references)
this may not be Indigofera linifolia. OH before i forget…
if flowers of India ID is not correct then I am sure … would like to be informed as well.

could the variation in leaf be accommodated… since this plant seems to have these single round berry type fruits? is there a scholarly paper somewhere ?

Thank you all, I am sending additional images taken two days after previous, which may assist you to proper ID. There were three such plants spaced in a patch of 20-25 ft.
Attachments (15)

Thanks. so leaves are now  a bit longer and in one (in first picture, new batch) and two  in picture two, new batch seem have a pointed slightly brownish “tip” …. may be the pointed ended longish leaves of the description??? lets wait for some botanist/taxonomist with credentials to tell me if this  is really I.  linifolia… I would be really very helpful to get a description paper.
thank you again for being a sport and taking this set of follow up photographs. by the way its (indigofera linifolia) been wiped out of Rajasthan by overgrazing ….
i hope this population is not endangered where it is.

ps that was an interesting use of  a note for size comparison.. I have not seen anybody do that in recent times.  Not in India at least. wonderfully creative of you.

Thanks …, You had mentioned something about size in previous post. The note was handy.

By the way, a specimen was posted on Sep14 (180914SG) and was identified as Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. It was found about hundred Km apart the present.   Hope, its population is not threatened

that case is validated upon resurfacing by both …and …, so i am sure that’s what it is… may be they can look at this case too. can we ask/request  them?

i again observed the 3 picx provided, the leaf although appears to be more linear than what is in a common I.linifolia specimen, i am pretty sure the plant in question is I. linifoliathe fruit is globular which confirms the identity. other globuar fruit in Indigofera is of I. glandulosa, however it has tri-foliate leaves.
following key may be of help
also find morphology of fruit of Indigofera in the pic
and Indigofera linifolia specimen observed at Mumbai by me.
Attachments (3)

Wonderful, … Thanks for the composite picture and your pictures they show. the best way to depict the fruits. appreciate the key


ID request 241016SG : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7)
Requesting ID of this weed, spreading, 8×12”. Photo taken on 24Oct16 at Solapur, Maharashtra.

It looks like Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz., (Narrow leaf indigo)

Prostrate Herb for ID, Vikarabad, Telangana NAW-DEC18-05 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2) – around 350 kb each.
Kindly identify this prostrate herb with pink flowers photographed on fallow land near Vikarabad, Telangana in September 2018.

A Fabaceae member.

It is Indigofera linifolia of Fabaceae

Images by Nidhan Singh, Satish Phadke, Harshad M. Pandit & Dinesh Valke (Inserted by J.M.Garg)



I’d for this indigofera sp requested : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
I’d for this indigofera sp requested
17 October 19
Agra, U.P

Indigofera linifolia.
Leaf width and length may vary

Prostrate plant for ID, Ajmer, Rajasthan NAW-DEC19-01 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Kindly identify this prostrate plant with spherical fruit about 1 mm. in diameter, thin long dull green leaves and tuberous root. Photographed near Pushkar, Ajmer District, Rajasthan.

Indigofera linifolia,


Please help with Nepali name(s) of Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.
Distribution reference – Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal

No Nepali name …


Names of Plants in India :: Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. : 2 posts by 2 authors. 1 image.
via Species‎ > ‎I‎ > Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. … family: Fabaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
in-dee-GO-fer-uh — bearing indigo … Dave’s Botanary
lin-ih-FOH-lee-uh — flax- or linum-like leaves … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: narrowleaf indigoAssamese: নীল গছ neel goshBengali: ভাঙড়া bhangraGujarati: ઝીણકી ગળી jhinaki gali, નાની ગળી nani galiHindi: भंगरा bhangra, भुरभुरा bhurbhura, पाण्डरफली pandarphali, रतनजोत ratanjot, रत्नमाला ratnamala, तोर्की torkiKachchhi: સનીગરી sanigariKannada: ಗಂಜಿಕಸ ganjikasaKonkani: तोर्की torkiMarathi: बरबाडा barbada, लाल गोधडी lal godhadi, पांढरफळी pandharphali, तोर्की torkiPunjabi: ਤੋਰਕੀ torkiRajasthani: लांबीयौ बेकरियौ lambio bekarioSantali: tandi khode baha
botanical names: Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. … synonyms: Anil linifolia (L.f.) Kuntze • Anila linifolia (L.f.) Kuntze • Hedysarum linifolium L.f. • Indigofera albicans Span. • Indigofera polygonoides Wendl. • Indigofera roxburghii Tausch • Sphaeridiophorum abyssinicum Jaub. & Spach • Sphaeridiophorum linifolium (L.f.) Desv. … status at GBIF
December 13, 2008 … off NH 3 (Mumbai Agra) near Ghoti

Sir, in Bengali there are also some names available for the plants such as- Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.: মোতিহারি, , মোতাহারি, ভাঙড়া etc.

Thank you very much … for providing the additional names; will soon incorporate them into the names’s database.

Name update:


Malhargad near Pune, MH :: Indigofera linifolia :: ARK2020-092 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)- around 500 kb each.
Seen this Fabaceae member at Malhargad near Pune, MH in September 2020.
Seems to be Indigofera linifolia.
Requested to kindly validate.

First image I.cordifolia and last image I.linifolia

Yes it’s I. linifolia

Thanks … for validating.
The flower in the first pic belongs to I. linifolia but the plant behind the flower is I. cordifolia.

Need help id’ing little red legume : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Bhopal; black soil; 16/10/2020

Indigofera linifolia

Indigofera Species for ID : Nasik : 25NOV20 : AK-25 : 1 image.
Seen growing wild.
Could it be Indigofera linifolia?
I have only one picture.

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz., looks like.
Some close-up and clear images of flower and leaves would have been better !

Thanks … Will remember to take more pictures when I revisit the place.


Wild Plant for ID : Nasik : 29APR21 : AK-26: 2 images.
Seen in a grassland in Nasik.
Indigofera Species?

Indigofera linifolia

Pl. post a high resolution image to check the details.

2 high resolution images.

The image of Indigofera linefolia


Alysicarpus id:
Please check the attached images of Alysicarpus, it seems A.viginalis for me.
Captured Srinagar Garhwal UK

Legumes looks unique ! May not be Alysicarpus vaginalis ??

Not at all Alysicarpus Genus,
Indigofera only,
Indigofera linifolia,……difficult to belive but it’s….leaves variable in this,

Fabaceae ID : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)

Please help me identify the following plant.
Place: Chandigarh
Date: 20-06-2016
Temperature ~37C
Habitat: Lawn
Location: NIPER, Mohali
Flowers very tiny, Fruits rounded.

Thanks, … May I request you to pl. send larger images to see the details.

Agree with … Looks like Indigofera sp.
…, please clarify date of sighting also.

Probably Indigofera linifolia?

Thank you very much for the ID. initially i also thought of the plant to be belonging to Indigofera genus but then i rejected it. i couldn’t identify the plant therefore i think i loose my right to opine but i rejected my view of this plant being Indigofera solely because in Indigofera the flowers are present in an inflorescence and not as solitary flowers as is with this plant and secondly the leaves are compound in indigofera which also is not the case for this plant.
I may be wrong in my views. can you please guide me further?

Thank You for reconfirming the date.
Compound leaves which consist of only one leaflet (unifoliate compound leaves), are frequently difficult to distinguish from simple leaves, except by careful examination. Unifoliate leaves are also scored as ‘simple leaves’ so that these species will not be excluded from the identification key even when this feature is interpreted incorrectly.
It seems so as only one flower of the inflorescence is in bloom, the others are in ‘bud’ stage as seen from your image (-092).

Thank you very much for the information i must admit that i was kind of ignorant of this aspect.
I will look for the characters in the plant and other plants also.

Yes it’s

Yes ! Agree with …

Yes! Correct ID !


Plant ID help SD0101: 3 images.
Is it a kind of Indigofera? Maybe Indigofera linifolia?

I guess ID is correct !


Wild Plant for ID : Nasik : 11OCT21 : AK – 018: 5 images.
Small wild plants seen a couple of days ago (11.10.21).


Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz ?????

Yes you’re right …,
I too agree with you,


Indigofera Species for ID : Borgad Conservation Reserve : Nasik : 19NOV21 : AK – 012:
Seen growing wild on the mountain slope.
Indigofera linifolia?

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz. !


Indigofera linifolia (L. f.) Retz.: 9 very high res. images.

Location: Surkhet, West Nepal
Altitude: 305m.
Date: 28 August 2021
Habit : Wild


Pic taken from Kota Rajasthan: 1 high res. image.
I’d please

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.


I’d please place kota Rajasthan: (Mixed thread): 2 high res. images.

Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.


Yes, appears close to images at


Fabaceae: Indigofera linifolia (L.f.) Retz.: 1 high res. image.

location/date: Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, October 1994