Ipomoea triloba Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 161. 1753. (Syn: Batatas triloba (Linnaeus) Choisy; Convolvulus trilobus
(Linnaeus) Desrousseaux; Ipomoea blancoi Choisy.) as per Flora of China;



Images by J.M.Garg 

ip-oh-MEE-a or eye-poh-MEE-a — worm-like, referring to coiled flower bud … Dave’s Botanary
try-LO-buh — three-lobed; referring to lobes of leaf … Dave’s Botanary

Native of: tropical America; naturalized elsewhere

Twiners. Leaves broadly ovate, entire to deeply 3-lobed, 4-10 x 3-8 cm, base cordate, margin often deeply dentate, apex acuminate-apiculate, chartaceous; petiole 1-10 cm long. Flowers aggregated in umbellate cymes; peduncle c. 10 cm long; bracts minute; calyx-lobes sub-equal, elliptic-ovate, densely hairy without; corolla pinkish purple, c. 23 cm across, funnel-shaped. Capsule subglobose, densely hispid. Seeds glabrous except at one margin. 

Flowering and fruiting: September-March
Degraded forest areas, also in the plains
Native of Tropical America; now throughout the tropics










Flora of Panipat: Ipomoea triloba from Sutana Panipat:

Ipomoea triloba from Sutana Panipat. Shot from the bank of Canal
pls validate



Morning Glory For ID : Bangalore : 01DEC16 : AK-3 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Seen growing wild near a lake on 2nd Nov.

Thanks, …  Pl. Check comparative images of Ipomoea species in EFI site

Ipomoea triloba.

Morning Glory For ID : Pune : 06DEC16 : AK-18 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Seen by the roadside in Pune during 1st week of Nov.

The flowers are similar to Ipomoea triloba posted recently by me from Bangalore and identified by ….
The leaves look slightly different.
Is it the same Species?




Yes …, it is same to me, Ipomoea triloba.


Images by Neil Soares 

Ipomea clarkei : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

… spent the day at my farm at Shahapur yesterday (12.10.09).  

Sending photographs of some of the plants identified by him including some clarifications and corrections.  

Ipomea clarkei with its lobed leaves.


Can it be Ipomoea triloba L. as there is no other post of Ipomoea clarkei in efi ?

I feel you are correct … This thread also needs attention



A feedback from another thread from …:

P.S. – am not willing to comment on my other post ‘Ipomea clarkei’ because these plants were identified by both … Have sought further clarification from them but it has not been forthcoming.




Sir this vine grows abundantly along the bank of Western Yamuna Canal and its tributaries in Panipat Karnal Sonipat and Jind Area

Nice reference photo documentation showing relevant parts.

Convolvulaceae week- Ipomoea triloba from Coimbatore:



Convolvulaceae Week :: Ipomoea grandifolia (syn. I. triloba) at Mumbai and near Panchagani: Ipomoea grandifolia (Dammer) O’Donell … popular synonym Ipomoea triloba L.
ip-oh-MEE-uh or ip-oh-MAY-uh — worm-like; referring to coiled flower bud
gran-dih-FOH-lee-uh — large leaved
try-LO-buh — three-lobed; referring to lobes of leaf
Dave’s Botanary
Sep 23, 2007 … at Pirojshahnagar, Mumbai
commonly known as: littlebell morning glory, pink convolvulus
Native of: tropical America; naturalized elsewhere
References: Flowers of IndiaDave’s GardenPIERFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
more views:Sep 23, 2007 … at Pirojshahnagar, Mumbai

Aug 25, 2010 … along Pasarani Ghat, Maharashtra

Was not knowing the new apt name Grandifolia. The leaves are really big compared to the flower size.

This is a mess with these synonyms…
Here are links for the species of Ipomoea grandifolia and Ipomoea triloba












Jhalana forest, Jaipur 8.9.2007; Mhow, Dist Indore, Madhya Pradesh- Sept’09?; at SGNP, Borivli, Mumbai on 4th Oct 09; Sonepat, Haryana, 19 Oct 09; Near Colva Beach, Goa on 28/9/09; Srirangapatna-13-11-09; Ipomoea triloba – indiantreepix | Google Groups ID(ID-DKB157) -IPOMOEA? – indiantreepix | Google Groups Ipomoea ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Species Id Pls. 240909 DKV – 1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Request for id – Ipomea sp._SGNP_Sept 09_SSN – indiantreepix | Google Groups

(191009SCS1) Ipomoea species, Haryana – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Ipomoea arachnosperma ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Ipomoea triloba ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Wild Flower for ID-231109-RK-1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Ipomoea cordatotriloba ? – efloraofindia | Google Groups

Ipomoea triloba – efloraofindia | Google Groups




Ipomoea marginata (I. sepiaria):  Name of the Species: Ipomoea marginata (I. sepiaria)

Common/Local Name: Amti-vel
Family: Convolvulaceae
Photographed on: 08th Jan., 2012
Photographed at: Barvi Dam Forest, Badlapur, Maharashtra.
Habitat: Roadside hedge in deciduous forest.
Description: Occasional, climber of hedges and on the river banks.

I think it is probably Ipomoea triloba and not marginata

My belief too: Ipomoea triloba.

Yes Ipomoea triloba i have posted this from panipat





ID: Ipomoea from Guwahati:   Is it Ipomoea sp.? Please ID for this.
Date :27/09/2012
Location: Maligaon, 1 No. Gate, Guwahati-11 [Dist- Kamrup(Metro)]
Habitat :Generally grows on road side
Habit :Climber
Flowers : Size ± 2.5 cm; Sepal ± .8cm, polysepalous, hairy; petal ± 2 cm; Stamen 5, unequal in size; Carpel ± 1.3cm
Fruits :not seen

Could it be Ipomoea nil?

… must be Ipomoea trilobanative of tropical America; naturalized elsewhere.

These set of pictures indicate it to be Ipomoea triloba suggested by …


Wild plant ID request – RK27 – 23-Oct-2012: Requesting id of another wild flower growing near a marsh / wetland in Vasai region.

Ipomoea triloba (family Convolvulaceae).

Ipomoea triloba
Attaching my pictures captured recently from Pune






Found this twiner yesterday on roadside, intertwining a Operculina turpethum (left side in the first pic).
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : roadside twiner
Date : 26/10/12, 8.20 a.m.

Place : Hooghly


Received the ID – Ipomoea grandifolia (Dammer) O’Donell (Syn I. triloba L.).


HI id this ipomea sp please : Attachments (3). 7 posts by 6 authors.

Got this small climber near uran please id this

17 Oct 2013

Uran Maharashtra  



This can be Ipomoea triloba..

Yes it is Ipomoea triloba. One interesting character of this plant is that the plant sp. possess two types of leaf one with cordate leaf and other with trilobed leaf that I had found in my place. I attached here my specimens.

Very true.

Last fortnight I clicked some plants with cordate unlobed leaves growing on hedges in our resort. Next day I saw similar plants but with trilobed leaves that I could identify as I. triloba easily.

Wow i never heard this type of variation interesting Thanks … for throwing light on this

Yes Ipomoea triloba.

A very common climber growing all over Pune city even by roadside.

Yes it can have trilobed as well as just heart shaped leaves. The flowers are generally much smaller than its regular sized leaves.


Flower for id-ID23112013SH1 :  Attachments (1). 4 posts by 3 authors.

Flower for Id pl.
Location -Jabalpur
Date- 20.10.2013
Habitat –Wild

its really a great pic,
to me the leaves, flower and fruits belongs to different plant,

Please check it, the leaves may be of some Indigofera sp, flower of some Ipomoea sp & fruits of Achyranthes aspera.


Flower is Ipomoea triloba of Convolvulaceae.
Leaves should be heart shaped and could be 3 lobed.


Thanx … Yes … It didn’t struck to me.In fact I was wondering why leaves were not matching with flower 🙂


4 posts by 3 authors.

Requesting to please ID this plant growing wild by the roadside in Mumbai in October 2013.

Ipomoea triloba L.

… you are a super star!!! Hats off!!

ANOCT70 Please identify this Ipomoea sp. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5).

20th October 2014

Ipomoea triloba

Fwd: Publication : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)- Ipomea triloba_Sourav MSH_2016.pdf

Please find the published article.

Thanks, … Good work.

PLANT FOR IDENTIFICATION – 8 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)


Photographed at Bhadreshwar, Hooghly, West Bengal on 14/10/2007.
I think it’s Ipomoea, but could not identify upto species level.
Would you please help me to identify this plant.

Enjoy Autumn festivals.


this may be a photo of Ipomoea involucrata. This plant unlike many other Ipomoeas is a perennial. The flowers are about 1-1.5cm opening early in the morning and closing around 9-10a.m (Kolkata). The large boat-shaped outer bracts cover the buds.

Appears to be Ipomoea triloba L.

Ipomoea for ID : 220111 : AK-1: Picture taken on the 17th Oct,07 at Nasik,Maharashtra. Very tiny flowers.




climber for id, mm4 18092011:  climber, i think an ipomea species
saw it in my neighbours vegetable patch in alibaug
where it has crept in uninvited
flowers were about 10mm
photographed yesterday
would appreciate an id

Ipomoea triloba, native to tropical America, naturalised elsewhere in tropics … commonly known as: littlebell morning glory, pink convolvulus

Date/Time-Sep 2011
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Climber
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- it was not possible for me to see as it was mixed with too many other wild plants
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- purple violet flower

The commonest Ipomoea growing wild which is seen in this season matching to your plant is Ipomoea triloba.
Other characters and Good view of the flower will confirm it. I am sure you will post it after you get it.



Ipomoea trilobata ? : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 1 Mb.
Ipomoea trilobata ?

I think close to images at Ipomoea triloba



at Shahapur; Gurgaon, Haryana- Jan.’09?; At Alibag 19 Sept, 2009;  mornig glory like small purple flower – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Names of Plants in India :: Ipomoea triloba L. : 21 posts by 6 authors. 1 image.
via Species‎ > ‎I‎ > Ipomoea triloba L. … family: Convolvulaceae ~ Convulvulaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
ip-oh-MEE-a or eye-poh-MEE-a — worm-like, referring to coiled flower budDave’s Botanary
try-LO-buh — three-lobed; referring to lobes of leafDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: little bell, pink convolvulus, three-lobe morning gloryAssamese: সৰু ঘণ্টা ফুল xaru ghonta phoolBengali: ঘণ্টি কলমি ghanti kalamiGujarati: નાની કુદરડી nani kudardiKannada: ಮೂಗುತಿ ಬಳ್ಳಿ muguthi balli, ವಜಿಗಂಧ vajigandhaMalayalam: ചുട്ടിതിരുതാളി chuttithiruthali, തിരുതാളി thiruthaaliMarathi: इवळी भोंवरी ivali bhonvariSanskrit: लक्ष्मणा laksmana, वचगन्धा vachagandhaTulu: ತಿರುತಾಳಿ tirutali
botanical names: Ipomoea triloba L. … synonyms: Batatas triloba (L.) Choisy • Convolvulus dentatus Vahl • Convolvulus ipomoea Vell. • Convolvulus trilobus (L.) DC. • Ipomoea blancoi Choisy • Ipomoea parviflora Vahl • Quamoclit triloba (L.) G.Don • Sanilum parviflorum (Vahl) Rafin. … status at GBIF
September 23, 2007 … Pirojshanagar, Mumbai

Thanks, … Your contributions are unique and outstanding.

Ipomoea triloba is a recent introduction to India, If I remember correctly, first reported from South India in 1977.

Being a recent Exotic  there would not be enough authentic ‘deshi’ names I’m afraid.

… yes, not enough ‘deshi’ names yet.

In fact, I gave a name to this plant in Marathi while compiling names in other languages.
I find this plant very commonly and abundantly during its season in my vicinity, and it would not be justified for the plant to not have a name in Marathi.

इवळी भोंवरी ivali bhonvari = little bindweed.

Sir, true.

It has gained an invasive status. Within 5 years in Surat, it has surpassed Operculina turpethum and Ipomoea saggitifolia in numbers. And the flowers it produces is way too many ! Only solace is, most of the vines do not survive long.

so its widespread in india. where do you think it came from? and how?

South America

what commodity do we buy that will co-travel with these weeds?

Somehow I missed on asking during compilation of names, whether Ipomoea triloba has any Nepali name(s).

Please help if there is/are.

I already checked but not listed in Nepal!

It is listed in 2014 !

Thank you ….someday in later years, it will earn a Nepali name for sure, at the least for the beauty of the flowers and leaves.

… thank you very much for adding different variants of the flowers. That is quite a collection.

…, there was something wrong …there was a message about large size of message and non-delivery. Later I checked the web version of post and it was not showing. I do not know if everybody is able to see them. I was editing images, planning to re-upload. Now after your reply, I shall wait.

Thanks for appreciation.

It does not transmit over 8mb.


here I do not see my reply with images and subsequent warning .

…, can you see my images ?

… post in a thread is limited to 8MB (beyond which the sender gets some warning message).

Attachment to a post is max 25MB (above which a message asks the sender whether it be shared in Google Drive).
Since your message has embedded images … may have crossed the 8MB limit.

… has shared same thoughts.

The correct transliteration of  KANNADA NAME ಮೂಗುತಿ ಬಳ್ಳಿ is  MOOGUTHI BALLI

Many thanks … for this validation.

I have made the corrections in my notes.


Khalapur, MH :: Ipomoea for validation :: ARK2020-097 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)- around 900 kb each. 

Seen this Ipomoea growing wild near Khalapur in September 2020.
Seems to be I. trilobata.
Requested to kindly validate.

You’re right …

Ipomoea ID? : 5 posts by 3 authors. 4 images- 2 to 3 mb each.

Found in Delhi near Najafgarh

Images of leaf and habit
Attachments (2)

Ipomoea sp.

Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth ??

Looks different from Ipomoea nil
Appears close to Ipomoea sagittifolia (as per details herein) as per comparative images at Ipomoea

Could it be Ipomoea triloba?

Please post the pictures of foliage for proper ID. It may not be I.triloba

I think you are right as per images and details at Ipomoea triloba

Ipomoea triloba


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