Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae Week: Lamiaceae, Isodon rugosus from Kashmir:
Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd, Taxon 17:239. 1968
syn: Plectranthus rugosus Wall. ex Benth.

Tall plant with opposite thicker leaves, white-grey tomentose beneath; flowers is loose spreading clusters, small, calyx teeth unequal, lower lip boat-shaped, entire.
Common on dry open slopes in Kashmir. A common honey-been plant.
Photographed from Mohra, Kashmir.

Kalatope id al270711:
A plant in season now, maybe Isodon family…??Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 2100 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Plant height 30 inches
flower.. small maybe 5 mm (a pain to photograph)

Isodon rugosus (syn: Plectranthus rugosus)

1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trailabout 6900 ft

Habitat: mountain slope
Habit: sub-erect shrub, about 2 – 3 m with long spreading branches.

Isodon rugosus, very common in Himalayas and a very important honey bee plant
I was all the time wondering why this plant was not being uploaded.


Lamiaceae (incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight :: Isodon rugosus :: Govind Ghat – Ghangaria :: DVMAY17/17 : 1 post by 1 author. 6 images.
Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd
along Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trail on August 1, 2012

VoF Week: Stachys sericea from Govindghat Ghangriya trek:

Stachys sericea from Govindghat Ghangriya trek
Discussed in previous mail by … and …, where we reached on conclusion that both those were not Stachys sericea.
Hope this time correct Stachys sericea
Pls validate

Reminds me of some Plectranthus species..
It is not Stachys sericea in any case. Stachys sericea has stalkless flowers arranged in whorls on the stem, unlike the cluster carried on long stalks in this plant.

… then closest match is Plectrantus mollis????

I got it now!
I think it is Isodon rugosus
Please verify.

How could you go wrong … This Himalayan plant we have seen together several times, Plectranthus rugosus, now Isodon rugosus, an important honey plant.

Yes Sir, Gotakhor hi dunte hai jinhe tairna nahi aata vo pani me nahi jaate…… So mistakes are obvious …….
Still I have to identfy exactly 4875 pics from valley so great burden on mind. Only 1250 resolved till today.

Well said …


Wild Plant For ID : Pahalgam : 221013 :AK-2 : Attachments (1). 11 posts by 4 authors.
A small plant with white flowers seen growing wild in Pahalgam on 8/9/2011.

Scutellaria sp.

can we also think of Isodon ?.. though little closeup shot required

Adding a cropped picture since I have only one picture of this.
I can see a purple line at the centre of the flower.
Hope it helps.

To me this appears like Isodon rugosus

… is correct…….It is Isodon rugosus !

Yes Isodon rugosus
Very common in Kashmir lower hill slopes.

Flora of Himachal Pradesh: Isodon rugosus from Shimla : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Isodon rugosus from Shimla
Pls validate

Yes, this is…nice pics..

Isodon rugosus- En-route Rolla at GHNP – PKA17 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).

Seen this herb enroute Rolaa at GHNP.
Bot. name:Isodon rugosus
Family: Lamiaceae

Very nice pictures of the flowers, …
i would appreciate looking at the whole plant, if you had them

One of the commonest plants on dry slopes in Western Himalayas.
Here is mine from Kashmir
This one from Manali


HP, Oct 2014 :: Requesting ID validation :: ARKJAN-10/10 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (8)
Requesting to please validate ID of this Lamiaceae plant captured near Manali, HP in October 2014.
I hope this is Isodon rugosus (based on FoI and eFi pics).

Lamiaceae (incl. Verbenaceae Fortnight: Lamiaceae-Isodon rugosus from Manali-GSMAY23/26 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)
I am uploading Isodon rugosus (Syn: Plectranthus rugosus) photographed from Manali.

Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Isodon rugosus from Dehradun-Mussoorie- NS May 39/39 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
This is from Mussoorie-Dehradun road..
I hope this is Isodon rugosus..

Yes …


Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Isodon rugosus from VOF-NS May 133/133 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
This is a herb from vof area, please validate the id or correct..
I have labelled this as Isodon rugosus..

Your identification is correct … as the leaves are somewhat rough in Isodon rugosus.

Yes Isodon rugosus

id please, hp : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Himachal pradesh yesterday (24.9.16)

I think Isodon rugosus…!!

Lamiaceae sp for ID-24022014- PKA-Feb53 : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (5).

Lamiaceae sp. seen at Muthodi (Bhadra WLS, Karnataka).
Date/Time: 30-01-2014 / 11:00AM
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb

Plectranthus sp. I hope.

Yes …, it does look like some Plectranthus sp..

Plectranthusspecies so far in efi

Any Isodon sp.?

Isodon rugosus

Though appears similar to images at Isodon rugosus, but as per Flora of Pakistan it is only found in Himalayas.
Further this the only observation other than Himalayas at Isodon rugosus in efi.
Thus it may be some other species.


efloraofindia: For ID 271112SP10:  Please help me to identify this flower.
Location – Chakrata.

Date: 10/10/2011
habitat : Wild

This looks to be some Lamiaceae sp.

Thanks, …, for the initial id.
I think it appears close to images at Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd

Looks like.

Agree with …


Kullu-Manali tripOct’09; Shankeracharya hill on June 23, 2010- Kashmir; Isodon rugosus from Manali – indiantreepix | Google Groups Isodon rugosus from Kashmir – efloraofindia | Google Groups


Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd: 9 very high res. images.

Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 2320 m.
Date: 16 August 2021 
Habit : Wild


Help me to identify the plant sp.of family Lamiaceae: 6 high res. images.
Location:Ganderbal J&K

Isodon lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) H.Hara !

Agree with images at Isodon lophanthoides

The name of the plant is Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd (Lamiaceae)

Yes, you are right as per images at