Mauve Clustervine;   

Jacquemontia violacea:  My place, Gwalior. Today.
This is a type of miniature ipomea I presume. Last year also I had uploaded a few  photographs of this creeper. Now the plant is about 2 years old, and is loaded with small flowers.  I dont know how long the creeper will last.
It is not as hardy and woody as Petrea. Just now when there are hardly any flowers in the garden, this is soothing to the eyes. If I am not mistaken chorisia speciosa should also be blooming at this time.



For ID :: DV :: 01 NOV 12 0756 :: ¿ some Convolvulaceae member ? at Nagla Block of SGNP:  Nagla Block of Sanjay Gandhi National Park
sea level to about 600 ft asl
ID please.
Date & time: 01 NOV 12 07:56 AM
Habitat: semi-deciduous forest near to creek … Altitude: about 200 ft asl
Habit: climbing herb about 2 – 3 m long, reaching a metre height, flower about 12 – 15 mm across

I think this one should be Jacquemontia paniculata.
Incidentally I happened to come across same plant yesterday. Will post separately

Many thanks … for the quick response with ID.





Jacquemontia species for ID 01/12/2012 SMP1: I came across this very small climber. (Can be called as a creeper as it was spreading on the ground.
Flowers very tiny may be a cm or so. White with a violet tinge. Leaves heart shaped dark dull green with a small petiole. Stigma and anther characters as seen in the picture.
I think this is Jacquemontia paniculata. Pl. Validate.

jacquemontia paniculata from me too.



Identification of a vine on road side with white flowers is requested : Attachments (3). 6 posts by 4 authors.
A hispid vine without tendrils, flowers in leaf-opposed umbels, are spotted on hedges on the road side.

male flowers and the fruit is not noticed. Please help me in identification

If flowers are smaller than 1 cm, it could be Jacquemontia paniculata of Convolvulaceae.

Since I had another variety with small sized pink flowers, I had some  doubt on the identification,

Pls observe and judge the two plants.

High possibility of Jacquemontia paniculata





Ipomoea for identification :: Feb2018 MK002 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Please help me in identifying this Convolvulaceae climber. The flowers I think were not fully open at the time of photograph.
Habitat: Eucalyptus plantation (undergrowth) and scrub
Date: 28 Nov 2017
Place: Dharwad, Karnataka

Pl. check 

This is Jacquemontia paniculata (Burm. f.) Hallier f.,