Launaea procumbens ?;




in Rantambore – Rajasthan- 24 to 26 Jan. 2009; For ID 280109ET 63 – indiantreepix | Google Groups

Launaea nudicaulis auct. (India) non. L. nudicaulis (L.) Hook.f. sensu stricto (Syn. of Launaea procumbens) ?;



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I think this could be Launaea procumbens. This is the only photograph available.
Location: Mumbai

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Asteraceae Fortnight Part 3-Ligulate Heads: Launaea procumbens for validation From Panipat-NS 13 :  

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This Launaea was shot from Panipat, a common one.. hope this is Launaea procumbens..

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Attachments (5). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This spreading, milky herb common along roadsides and waste places was shot from Panipat..
I hope this should be Launaea procumbens.. please share your opinion..

efi page on Launaea procumbens   


Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Chhatarpur and Damoh By G. P. Roy, B. K. Shukla, Bhaskar (Launaea nudicaulis auct. (India) non. L. nudicaulis (L.) Hook.f. sensu stricto (Syn. of Launaea procumbens))

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