Lepidagathis mitis Dalzell, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 3: 226 1851. ;

Habit: Undershrub
Notes: Dry deciduous forests

Maharashtra: Konkan  
Karnataka: Belgaum, N. Kanara    
Tamil Nadu: Tiruvannamalai, Vellore
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Plant posted here for id was photographed at Tiwai Hill, near Chas-kaman dam. Request id.

Lepidagathis mitis


Lepidagathis cristata Willd.: 2 high res. images.
synonym: Acanthus cristatus (Willd.) Nees
location/date (both): Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, October 1994

To me appears more closer to images at

Thank you for this observation. I am not exactly sure how one would distinguish between these two species from the photos alone. Please see the following on Lepidagathis cristata: Lepidagathis cristata Willd. (gbif.org)

I do not think the stated id is correct.
Pl. see GBIF specimens of Lepidagathis mitis and GBIF images at