LOO-kus — from the Greek leukos (white) … Dave’s Botanary
MON-tah-nuh or mon-TAY-nuh — of the mountains … Dave’s Botanary

commonly known as: mountain leucas • Bhojpuri: gitil arak • Marathi: डोंगरी बुरुंबी dongari burumbi • Telugu: కొండ తుమ్మి konda thummi


Habit: Straggling Undershrub

Notes: Western Ghats & Eastern Ghats, Dry Deciduous to Evergreen Forests


SK346JAN27-2017:ID : 11 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

Location: Hattiban, Nepal
Altitude:  4900 ft.
Date: 5 October 2016

Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link (accepted name) again ??

Does not seem to match with images at Leucas aspera
Appears close to images images at Leucas eriostoma Hook.f. , but not found in Nepal.

This is the closest I could find as per comparative images in efi at Leucas

It is not Leucas aspera, but very close to leucas eriostoma, there is some possibility of it may come as an escape

I am unable to decide. Any how please check these links for final decision:



To me it seems to be Leucas lanata.

FLOWERS OF THE HIMALAYA by Oleg Polunin and Adam Stainton refers (page 328, se no- 1131 Plate no 104).

Thanks, … You are right.
… images matches with images of the same species in the following postings:

Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Leucas for id from Gori Valley- NS May 58/58

Thank you for the ID validation.
However, flowering period and the altitude differs according to FoN and book published in Nepal but matching altitude with FOI but flowering period differing slightly.


Thanks for the finalisation of the ID.  It should be correct.

Now only I noticed your mail. I could not operate my rediffmail so long and now rediff gave me a chance to operate after paying. So I opened it and found your mail. It is about the Leucas you had collected from Nepal, Gattiban 5 Oct 2017. It is interesting I will once again check it but I found something new. If you have specimen or about to collect anything please send it tome.

Any opinion ?


It looks more close to Leucas hamiltoniana the correct name is Leucas montana. Please see a type image I took from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

There are some variations on it, but could be assessed if only I receive specimens. Is it possible to get some specimens ?

I shall try for the specimen if found again. By the way it is not listed in Nepal.

It is a tentative identification only. I can confirm it if I see the specimen. I find something interesting on it especially on the hairs.

I shall try if I can find a one !






MS Oct, 2018/19 Leucas montana for Id/confirmation : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Location : Lurh-tlang, Mizoram

Date : 03-10-2018
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Pl. check

I think it is Leucas montana

It seems to me L. montana



Image by Nayan Singh



Leucas montana from STR – NSD 49 : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 3 authors.

This Leucas sp is from Satpura Tiger Reserve

Photographed on – 11-10-09

I think it is Leucas montana

Please confirm the id

To me looks different from other images at Leucas montana

Yes there are variation in this image from the typical L. montana. If I receive this specimen I can tell more about it.  It is to be examined. For the time being it can be treated under L. montana. Even the specimen from different localities (say Tirupati and from Karnataka) looks different. Thorough examination is required. I will do it if I get more photographs and specimen.


Leucas montana (Roth) Spreng.

LOO-kus — from the Greek leukos (white) … Dave’s Botanary
MON-tah-nuh or mon-TAY-nuh — of the mountains … Dave’s Botanary

commonly known as: mountain leucas • Bhojpuri: gitil arak • Marathi: डोंगरी बुरुंबी dongari burumbi • Telugu: కొండ తుమ్మి konda thummi

botanical namesLeucas montana (Roth) Spreng. … synonymsLeucas hamiltoniana Benth. • Phlomis montana Roth … status at The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1.

Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
mountain leucas
  • common name given for want of name; derived from scientific name
~~~~~ BHOJPURI ~~~~~
gitil arak
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
डोंगरी बुरुंबी dongari burumbi
  • regional name given for want of name
    डोंगरी dongari = hilly, preferred habitat of this plant; बुरुंबी burumbi = generic name for some Leucas spp.
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
కొండ తుమ్మి konda thummi
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

Leucas montana (Roth) Spreng. :: along Kas Waghali Road :: December 6, 2020

along Kas Waghali Road  off Satara city

Date: December 6, 2020 … Altitude range: about 650 m (2,133 ft) to 1000 m (3,281) asl

Leucas montana  (Roth) Spreng.





The Plant List  India Biodiversity Portal  JSTOR | Global Plants: Isotype of Leucas montana Spreng. var. wightii 

Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Chhatarpur and Damoh By G. P. Roy, B. K. Shukla, Bhaskar Datt

A General System of Gardening and Botany: Containing a Complete …, Volume 4 By George Don (40 species of Leucas with Description)

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