Mussaenda treutleri Stapf, Bot. Mag. 135: t. 8254 1909. (syn. Mussaenda frondosa var. grandifolia Hook.f.);
N. India, Nepal to S. Central China: Assam, China South-Central, East Himalaya, India, Nepal as per POWO;

Scandent shrubs; branches lenticellate. Leaves opposite, to 18 x 8 cm, broadly elliptic-acuminate, hispid on the veins on both surfaces; stipule ovate-lanceolate, to 8 mm long, lobed halfway down, hairy without. Fowers in terminal dichotomous cymes; bracts and bracteoles lanceolate, subulate. Calyx lobes to 1 cm long, linear-lanceolate, tomentose without, deciduous. Corolla tube to 3 cm long, tomentose, lobes ovate-acuminate. Fruits subglobose, glabrescent, to 1 cm across; seeds foveolate.

Flowering and fruiting: June-September
Semi-evergreen forests
India and Nepal

Mussaenda treutleri from Manipur: 3 images.
Mussaenda treutleri found in Chandel distt, Manipur,
at altitude of around 1000 m. Found blooming in May-June.




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