help for id: it is orchid on caturnaregum spinosa 

– This is Oberonia, but cant confirm without high closeup of the flowers.

– This could be Oberonia verticillata. But with out a close up of Lip, am not sure..!!





Oberonia for identification 140812MK03: Please help me to identify this Oberonia sp. found near a tea estate and grassland in Sholayar near TN-KL border. I cannot take proper close-ups with my small camera, sorry for the poor flower picture.

Leaf: 10-12cm long
Inflorescence: c. 15cm long
Date: 02 Aug 2012
Place: Solayar, Valparai, TN
Alt: 1100 m asl
Host tree: Erythrina

A nice robust Oberonia plant with handsome inflorescence. TFS
I think Detailed flower view is essential for ID of the species.

It is very complex to identify Oberonia without flower detailed. If
you have flower close-up please send it for confirm id.
I think this species is Oberonia acaulis Griff.

This is not acaulis but plz share closeup of flower.

Please share close up of the flower.

Check whether the lip is papillose or covered with hair like projections..
It looks like Oberonia chandrsekharanii.
But I can not confirm this ID unless without seeing lip characters.

Many thanks for the inputs. Actually the flower was in distant that my camera could not focus it. Collection was also not possible, as it is out of a fence in Tiger Reserve.



Kaas Week : Oberonia recurva: Since 15th -30th September, I observed this orchid in non-flowering
stage. There were many trees where this orchid was observed. But none among them in flowering.

Not sure about the id but thanks for sharing. May be … will throw some light on this 🙂

The flowers are not in bloom here. Plants with greenish flowers would be O. falconeri and with brick red flowers would be O. recurva. We have to go with both possibilities here.

Actually I have seen yellow red flowers in falconeri too.

I can observed at first greenish yellow than yellow and latter reddish in falconeri.

Colour is just a superficial ID. If flowers could be seen in close ups then midlobe of lip equal to side lobes is O. recurva. midlobe of lip 4-5 times larger than side lobes is O. falconeri.
Both sp.can be found at Kas. I request members to dig out their close ups for both sp.

Yes you are right sir, colour is depends on sunlight also…….

No guesses in this case….. Lip of Oberonia is the one of the deciding factors… Difficult genus to even comment on…..

There is a problem. I dont agree with the key given by respected …
The scape is flattened or two winged laterally in Oberonia recurva and it is cylindrica in Oberonia falconeri..
Midlobe is bigger in both, but longer and narrower in falconeri and broader in recurva. In both midlobe is bilobular.
Ofcourse whole plant of recurva is much smaller than falconeri but u can easily get confused with smaller plants of falconeri.

agreeing with …, Lip is the deciding factor in genus Oberonia. Me too have observed too many variations in their colour and size. I could collect both greenish and brownish forms of Oberonia chandrasekharanii, O. mucronata from Wayanad.

Yes, flower is essential for identification of the genus Oberonia….
many colour variations are found in Oberonia….



Count me if you can: One of my best sighting at Kaas , on a singe tree there were at least 50-60 Oberonia. Dont know how to ID them!

You will be surprised. I was in Pokhara, Nepal in 2003 for an international conference. Outside the hotel there was a Peepal tree. Me, Dr. C.Sathish Kumar, Dr. Sarat Misra and Mr. U.C.Pradhan counted nearly 18 species of epiphytic orchids on that tree.

It was great fun.