Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq., Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugduno-Batavum 4: 306 306 1869. (syn. Oreocnide integrifolia subsp. subglabra C.J. Chen; Villebrunea integrifolia Gaudich.; Villebrunea sylvatica var. integrifolia Wedd.);
SW. India, E. Nepal to China (W. Yunnan, W. Guangxi) and W. Malesia: Andaman Is., Assam, Bangladesh, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Hainan, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicobar Is., Sumatera, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam as per POWO;
Wild Rhea • Assamese: Ban rhea, Bon rhea, Chho-oi-paroli • Garo: Khilkhra, Sejugbu, Gingsining • Khasi: Dieng teingbah, Tillejwat;

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Came across this tree in Mizoram (November-2008).
The peculiar fruits(??) on the stem looked like shirt buttons. I don’t know what it is. Any views on this.??

This tree belongs to urticaceae.

I am guessing Villebrunia intigrifolia or possibly Dendrocnide sp

Very interesting and the fruits very tempting!
I guess this as Oreocnide integrifolia (syn.: Villebrunea i.) too!
Attaching 2 more pictures taken at Manipur. Attachments (2)

Thanks … You photographs are too good. Thanks for the ID.
Thanks to … for providing the lead.


Annonaceae from Valparai for identification 210712Mk02:

Please help me to identify this tree found in a rain forest of western ghats. The simple leaves with 20x5cm dimensions and aggregate small fruits made me to think of Annonaceae. The tree has Cauliflory character and the fruits measures c.0.3 cm.
Place: Vaalparai, TN
Date: 12 July 2012
Alt.: 950 m asl
Habitat: closer to a stream; riparian

Could this be Villebrunea integrifolia??

Dont know its distribution in Tamilnadu..but yes..it looks very similar to Villebrunea integrifolia.

Villebrunea integrifolia

Villebrunea integrifolia belongs to Urticaceae and not Annonaceae.

Thanks for the identification. This tree is Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq. (syn.: Villebrunea integrifolia)of Urticaceae. I have attached more pictures of the same here.

ID-TSP-21NOV2015-1-30 : Images of Oriocnide sp (Urticaceae) for further ID : 10 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (5)

Kindly identify the specimen. Could this be Oriocnide integrifolia (Urticaceae)…..??? 

Habit: Medium sized tree 

Habitat: Wild. Shola forest 

Sighting: Bababudangiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1500 msl 

Date: 04-10-2014 and 13-06-2015

Villebrunea integrifolia

Thanks … for ID confirmation. Villebrunea integrifolia is listed as a synonym of Oreocnide integrifolia.
Ref:  http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl1.1/record/tro-33400733

oh I see….i thought Villebrunea is the accepted name

Thanks for sharing …  I also think this is Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq. Have seen this in Arunachal Pradesh. Also reported from other parts of North East. 

For me the ID  is correct : Oriocnide integrifolia

Charmadi Ghat Karnataka
Date: 12 NOV 2016 … Altitude: explored between: 873 – 976 m (2863 – 3201 ft) asl
Debregeasia longifolia (Burm.f.) Wedd. … (family: Urticaceae)
Dear friends, would like to know of any other Debregeasia species distributed in Chikamagalur region.

This is Oreocnide spp. may be Oreocnide integrifolia and not Debregeasia

Location: Sourinee, Mirik, India
Date: 21 April 2017
Altitude: 4200 ft.

This could be a member of Urticaceae.

Same tree on 7 May 2018.
ID still pending !
Attachments (7) – around 800 kb each.

Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq

Thank you … for ID. It took more than one year for the ID!

I think appears more closer to … images at

Looks different from images of Oreocnide integrifolia

I am afraid it does not match with D. longifolia in any way. I am enclosing some

links if it would help to ID as said earlier !

Pl. focus on fruits of both the species and not on the leaves.
Pl. see images of both in efi site links I have sent you.

In my opinion even if it is not Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq , it could not be
D. longifolia since D. longifolia is a shrub and the other is a solid tree.

Pl. also check other Debregeasia species.

I did not find march to any Debregeasia sp. I guess we should expect opinion from some experts of this genus !

yes, it’s Debregatia only, please check this link for conformation,

After checking details in Flora of Bhutan, Checklist of Nepal and keys in Flora of China, I could not find a match.
It does not matches with species like
On further checking, I think it is Oreocnide integrifolia (Gaudich.) Miq. (as initially suggested by …) only as per keys in Flora of China. Fruits seen in the images are achenes

I think it is Oreocnide integrifolia. But the images showed female flower not fruit/ achene.


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Location : Dampui, Mizoram
Date : 03/03/2016
Habit : Large shrub or small tree
Habitat : Wild

same large shrub or small tree (Oreocnide sp. ?)
Attachments (2)

Oreocnide species so far in efi

Keys pl.?

Yes, appears close to images at Oreocnide integrifolia