In O. pallidus the white flower-tube is almost as long as the calyx, whereas in O. rubicundus the white flower-tube is twice as long as the calyx.
In Orthosiphon pallidus, the corolla is as long as the calyx. The differentiating point between thymiflorous and rubicundus is leaf morphology. In rubicundus the leaf has very short petiole-up to 4mm or the leaf is almost sessile, and in thymiflorous petiole is longer-about 1 to 3cm;

Lamiaceae for ID:  Attachments (2). 5 posts by 3 authors.

I think this species is Orthosiphon pallidum. Please validate.
Very commonly seen on hills around Pune. Prostrate herb. Many branches appear to be originating from single central stalk. Total height not more than 25-30 cm. Flowers very small. Pictures taken from close (macro photography) for details.


11 Jul 2010 8:30 am

Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-

Pune Hanuman Tekdi

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-


Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-




Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-

2.5 cm Bye 2.5cm Opposite Dentate. Petiole 6mm

Inflorescence Type/ Size-

Raceme 10 cm

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-

8mm long 2-3mm wide. White with Lilac lines 2 lipped. Bracts +

Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-

Seen in one calyx base 4 parted

It can be Orthosiphon pallidus Royle ex Benth. hope you made some typographical mistake
Kindly try to match your plant with the description provided at Eflora of Pakistan hope will give you some clue

Thanks. It was a typo. The illustration on the site exactly matches with my plant esp the calyx lobes and teeth. Orthosiphon pallidus

All shrubs are supposed to be male so they tend to end with a masculine gender unless conserved by ICBN, hence not ‘um’ but ‘us’.


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attaching images of Orthosiphon pallidus from Nashik for sharing

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Would kindly request for identification.
Could only guess the family – Lamiaceae.
This herb was gregarious.

Could be Orthosiphon pallidus

Yes, it’s Orthosiphon pallidus Royle ex Benth. as per keys & images herein.


Re: ORTHOSIPHON PALLIDUS ROYLE Ex. BENTH. : 2 posts by 1 author.
Greetings sir. I am … I studying M. Sc nanoscience and technology at alagappa university.  For my nanobiotechnology research purpose I need medical plant which is named ORTHOSIPHON PALLIDUS ROYLE Ex. BENTH.  I need your help where I can get that.  I saw your profile in INDIA BIODIVERSITY PORTAL.  Can you help?

Pl. check our observations at our site:
Orthosiphon pallidus – efloraofindia
Hope this is of some help to you.

Thank you very much for you  reply sir. Can you tell the accurate place where I can collect the orthosiphon pallidus?


My name is … from tamilnadu. I am studying m.sc Nano-biotechnology at Alagappa University. For my research work i need to know the plant which one is named ORTHOSIPHON PALLIDUS. Searching that plant I noticed you uploaded the picture in your website. But i don’t understand where I can get that plant. kindly accept this letter and help me. can you sir?

Orthosiphon pallidus. Location in the link.

the plants are available in hilly areas of eastern ghats, in A.P you can find them Seshachalam hills, In Tamilnadu it is also available in Eastern ghats range, you may take the help of botany department for correct locations.

Help to identity this plant from, Agra, U.P : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
Please help to identify this plant from Agra, U.P.
Date: 18 October 19

Could be Orthosiphon sp.


Orthosiphon pallidus Royle ex Benth. ??

Thanks, …, for the id.

To me also appears closer to images at Orthosiphon pallidus Royle ex Benth. as per comparative images at Orthosiphon

Need help with id of this small Lamiaceae?: 3 images- 1 high res.
Bhopal; black soil; 8/7/2021

Ocimum basilicum L.

Please post the leaves picture and habit !

Orthosiphon pallidus

Need help with ID: Lamiate?: 4 images.

Black soil

Please check Salvia !

Orthosiphon pallidus

I think you are right