Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers., Syn. Pl. 1: 400 1805 (Syn: Boottia alata Gagnep.; Boottia bodinieri (H.Lév. & Vaniot) H.Lév. & Vaniot; Boottia lanceolata Gagnep.; Boottia thorelii Gagnep.; Damasonium alismoides (L.) R.Br.; Damasonium indicum Willd., nom. superfl.; Damasonium javanicum Blume; Damasonium lactucifolium Planch.; Damasonium lancifolium C.Presl; Damasonium timorense Zipp. ex Span., nom. superfl.; Damasonium tranquebariense Schult.f.; Hydrocharis bodinieri H.Lév. & Vaniot; Hymenotheca latifolia Salisb.; Ottelia alata (Gagnep.) H.Li; Ottelia alismoides var. cordifolia Kuntze; Ottelia alismoides var. javanica (Blume) Kuntze; Ottelia alismoides var. lacustris (Kom.) Kitag.; Ottelia alismoides f. lacustris Kom.; Ottelia alismoides var. lanceolata Kuntze; Ottelia alismoides var. oryzetorum (Kom.) Kitag.; Ottelia alismoides f. oryzetorum Kom.; Ottelia bodinieri (H.Lév. & Vaniot) Dandy; Ottelia condorensis Gagnep.; Ottelia dioecia S.Z.Yan; Ottelia ensiformis Blanco; Ottelia hoffmeisteri Klotzsch; Ottelia indica (Willd.) Planch. ex Dalzell & A.Gibson, nom. superfl.; Ottelia japonica Miq.; Ottelia javanica (Blume) Voigt; Ottelia lactucifolia (Planch.) Walp.; Ottelia lanceolata (Gagnep.) Dandy; Ottelia philippinensis Ostenf.; Ottelia thorelii (Gagnep.) Dandy; Stratiotes alismoides L.; Stratiotes quinquealatus Stokes, nom. superfl.);
Trop. & Subtrop. Asia to N. Australia as per WCSP;
Assam; Bangladesh; Borneo; California; Cambodia; China North-Central; China South-Central; China Southeast; Egypt; Hainan; India; Iraq; Italy; Japan; Jawa; Khabarovsk; Korea; Lesser Sunda Is.; Louisiana; Malaya; Maluku; Manchuria; Myanmar; Nansei-shoto; Nepal; New Guinea; Northern Territory; Philippines; Primorye; Queensland; Solomon Is.; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Taiwan; Tanzania; Thailand; Vietnam as per Catalogue of life;
Duck Lettuce, Water-plantain ottelia • Marathi: Olek-alsem, Bhat(rice)-Kamal • Tamil: Nirkkuliri • Malayalam: Ottel-ambel • Telugu: Edukula thaamara, Neeru veniki • Kannada: Hasiru neeru paathre, Kottigensu balli • Bengali: Parmikalla;


Came across this aquatic herb at “Pashan Lake, Pune“.
Bot. name: Ottelia alismoides
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Dt: 04-01-2010


Ottelia alismoides (Duck Lettuce, Water-plantain ottelia) ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups : Attachments (4)
Pl. confirm. On 15/8/09 in Himayat Sagar Lake on the outskirts of Hyderabad, AP.

Links for Ottelia alismoides (Duck Lettuce, Water-plantain ottelia):
(FOI), (with pix & details),
HEAR (with pix & details)

This plant grows only when the level of flowing water recedes and the flow of water becomes low but not stagnant. This is typical plant of the paddy fields, hence it is called as Bhat(rice)-Kamal in marathi. You may observe that the submerged leaves are narrow and shortly petioled and the floating leaves are with long spongy grooved petioles; their length varying as per the level of water. The spathe in which the flower grows is also with varying length of grooved tubular spongy peduncle to bring the flower just above the water.


Plant for ID SMP4 – 25/1/2011:
An aquatic herb for ID. White flower of the size around 5 cm.

Though I have recorded on my camera for the first time the plant appears to be not uncommon.
It is mentioned in Srikantji’s FOS as ‘Bhat Kamal’ भात कमळ  as it is common in flooded rice fields and lakes and ponds of Konkan. Family : Hydrocharitaceae.

– Observed this abundantly growing in the wet lands and water logged areas of Bihar.


Untitled document:  I can see an aquatic herb here which looks like Ottelia alismoides to me.
Family: Hydrocharitaceae.


ID request-080112-PKA3:
Seen this aquatic herb at the back waters of Madhuban Dam near Dudhani, Silvassa region. Herb was partially submerged, flowers seen at the top of water, Corolla white with yellow at the centre, petals 3.
Could this be Ottelia alismoides (Family: Hydrocharitaceae)??.
Date/Time: 31-12-2011 / 03:00PM
Location: Dudhani, near Silvassa (Dadra & Nagar Haveli)
Habitat: Wild,
Plant habit: Aquatic herb.

Yes … this is Ottelia alismoides



Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers. from Hooghly:
“Plant Groups” (H. Mukherji, p759) mentions, ” …. Ottelia alismoides Pers., a marsh herb with long-stalked leaves, white flowers and ovoid fruits enclosed in a 6-winged spathe.”

Species : Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers.
Habit & Habitat : wild aquatic submerged herb in flooded low land
Date : 23/9/12, 11.31 a.m.
Place : Madhusudanpur (Hooghly)
Pictures do not match :-
efi thread 1
Pictures match :-

weirdly beautiful, …
== ps reddish leaves??

Yes, …, the anterior part of those leaves is reddish.

Nice pictures … But the last one is of a Nymphoides species.

Good morning … Yes, i messed it up.

More pictures of this plant, recorded on 13/4/13, in another place. Also a yellow wagtail.



Madurai 230913 TBN 1 ?Ottelia alismoides for validation : Attachments (3). 5 posts by 4 authors.

Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date :01.042012                                                            
Location :Kunnathur tank 08 km east of Madurai
Altitude :less than 400 ft
Habitat :wild Aquatic
Habit :aquatic herb floating
Height :floating
Leaves :as seen
Flowers :white

is it limnophyton…..?

yes its Ottelia alismoides (Linnaeus) Persoon
Family – Hydrocharitaceae


Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers from Assam : Attachments (11).  3 posts by 3 authors.
Attached images may be Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers. Please validate. 

Date :17.12.2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Hydrocharitaceae
Genus & species : Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers.
Habitat: Grows wild on ditches
Habit : Herb    

Very nice images! Thanks for sharing …


Please help me in identifying this submerged aquatic plant. I have seen this herb in many waterbodies.
The inflorescence seems to be a raceme. The leaf was about 10 cm in diameter.
Habitat: canal and stagnant water
Place: Ariyalur dist., TN
Alt.: 53 m asl
Date: 06 Mar 2014

Appears like Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers.; bad photos indeed; there are no flowers in photos and how could you guess inflorescence type ?

It is Ottelia alismoides of Hydrocharitaceae

Thanks a lot for the identification. Yes it is indeed a bad photography. I cannot see any flowers but only dissected leaves.

It is Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers. (Hydrocharitaceae).

Your photograph is devoid of floral parts. May be it is Ottelia alismoides, a member of Alismataceae


ANMAY39/50 Aquatic plant for ID : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (10)

Date: May 2015
Place: Tumkur District

Habit: Herb

Please check for probability of Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers.

I think … is right. It is Ottelia alismoides 

OTTELIA ALISMOIDES : 10 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)
Attaching a collage of Ottelia alismoides (DUCK-LETTUCE/ WATER PLANTAIN).
This aquatic plant is known to me from my childhood in a village (Now in Bangladesh). We used to call it KEURALI. We used to eat the fruits raw and as cooked vegetable. Today I spoke to my friend (from the same village now living in a town) about this plant. He told me he has not seen it for many years. We are making the earth poorer each year.

cant see the flower details

This species is in plenty in Surat …… commonly seen in Irrigation canals and ditches by their side, particularly near the bridges made for village/ agricultural roads ……. because that spot tends to be deeper a bit and water stagnates longer even after supply is stopped, facilitating its growth. Ottelia and Potamogeton are two common species in such water courses.

Attaching a collage of the species. The habitat is under threat. I don’t know weather I will be able to get the fruits.
Attachments (1)

Very nice and I can see the flower well

OTTELIA ALISMODIES : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Attaching a collage of Ottelia alismodies.


SK 2877 05 March 2021: 3 images.

Location: Eastern Nepal, Terai
Date: February 2021
Altitude: 125m.
Habitat : Wild
Aquatic ! Sent by a friend!

Possibly Ottelia alismoides, Hydrocharitaceae.

Ottelia alisnoides

Thank you … for correct ID !


Swamy/New series/ID/52 – Ottelia alismoides: 3 images.
I am forwarding herewith the photographs received from Chennai. The plant is a hydrophyte. Photographed in a fresh water Lake. For me the plant looks like Ottelia alismoides. Please confirm or otherwise.

Yes, it’s …, I agree with you for ID,


Aquatic Plant for ID : Nasik : 13JAN22 : AK – 20: 9 images.
An aquatic plant seen today (13.1.22) in the Gangapur Lake.
This area was submerged under water around a month ago.

Ottelia alismoides

Yes. I too posted this plant species a few weeks back (Chennai).


Plant ID please.: 2 images.
May I please have this plant ID.

Please check for Hydrocharis species.

It is Ottelia alismoides as per images and details herein.

You’re right


Is it species of Ottelia confirm please:
Harinagar Bijnor Uttar Pradesh
Aquatic plant,

Yes, appears close to images at


Please Sir identify the species of Ottelia: 6 images.
It was growing in lake.
Harinagar Bijnor Uttar Pradesh
Date 24 04 22

Yes, Ottelia alismoides as per images and details herein.

Thanks sir for consideration and identification


Ottelia alismoides for validation: 2 high res. images.
Request for validation of Ottelia alismoides from Bilaspur. Photographed in October, 2022.


Very nice photographs. I think long long back I posted some Ottelia species post.

Yes, confirmed Ottelia alismoides a common aquatic macrophyte found throughout Indian subcontinent and frequently shelters Culex and Mansonia mosquito larvae.
The etymology of word Ottelia is derived from Tamil/ Malayalam/ Marathi Oda + alli which is Oda means river and alli means lotus or water Lilly.

Yes, as per images at Ottelia alismoides


Ottelia alismoides..!: 2 high res. images.

Yes !