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Ougeinia oojeinensis
Kala palas काळा पळस, तिवस

Adding my pictures. Bullock cart is prepared by using Ougeinia wood in my state.

Very nice photograph, i guess plant is found in moist deciduous forest and its an rare in Maharashtra, Commonly known as ‘Tivas’ in marathi also have heared name Tanas from Tribals at border of Maharshtra and Gujrat,, some book give name “Kala Palash” ?? but i am not so fortunate to hear from local people…

It is Tinsa in Chhattisgarh.

Yes … Even tinsa in Hindi, Tinisha in Sanskrit, Tinis in Bengal, Tinsa, Tinas in M P, Bihar & Orissa
Tiwas in Mar,; another name associated with this is Sandan in Hindi, Nepal and in trade

Tanachh તનાછ and Tivas તીવસ in Gujarati…
apparently common in Gujarat ‘ jungles…

This plant is very common in the forests of Dangs and Ahwa.


Ougeinia dalbergioides- Flora of Madhya Pradesh:
Tinsa tree was photographed at jungle of Chikhral, Betul, MP.
Botanical nameOugeinia dalbergioides
Local Name- Tinsa
Tree Height – abt 20-25 mts
Pinnately trifoliate wid cordate leaflets.

Tree For ID : Nasik : 090614 : AK-22 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3 + 7).
A cultivated tree seen in Nasik.
I was told this is very rare known as ‘Tivas’ or Kala Palas.
Flowers are tiny white, bark is blackish.
I missed the flowering, but I can add pictures taken by the person who has planted this tree along with many other rare ones.
Curious to know the botanical name.

This is Desmodium oojeinense [previously Ougeinia oojeinensis] locally called Tiwas / Kala Palas. Have a sapling of this on my property at Shahapur. Sending a few photographs.

Thanks a lot for this id.
It would have been difficult for me to guess the id of this tree whose names were given as Tiwas and Kala Palas.
Is this a very rare tree?

This species is common in the Uttarakhand. As the flowering is over, otherwise, you could have spotted it here in Corbett. When in full bloom it is a treat to watch. Locally called here as “Sandan” and wood is used for making curd churning containers.

Thanks a lot for the additional information. I seem to have missed the bloom.
Will check if you have posted any pictures on our group.
… Thanks for your pictures from your property at Shahpur….. it will be a wonderful place with so many different trees.  Wish I am able to visit sometime in future.

I also recognised the tree but all the individuals I know have pinkish flowers so I assumed it must be some other species.

Not a problem … You have been helping me with so many others.
I missed the flowers, the pictures were sent to me. Since they were not taken by me, I didn’t post them.

REQUEST FOR IMAGES OF PLANTS (mixed thread): 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
Rabindranath Tagore has composed some 2000 songs. There is mention of some 60 plants in his songs. As a tribute to the great poet I was compiling all the songs by the poet where name of a plant is mentioned, and printing that song on an image of that particular plant. I got stuck with TWO plants as I am not having any image of these plants with me. The plants are,

SANDAN ——-Ougeinia dalbergoides
I will remain thankful if any friend can help me with images of these plants.
I am attaching an image to illustrate how I use an image with a song.

Thanks, … Wonderful work in the making.
Pl directly ask the posters in the threads of efi pages:
Desmodium oojeinense

Attaching some of my pictures. Ougeinia oojeinensis.
2 correct images.

Could the members of the esteemed group provide an identity for this flowering tree growing out of the high walls of a seasonal rivulet flowing from the Shiwalik hills towards village Jainti Majri, 13 km from Chandigarh. Pixs taken between March 9-11, 2015.

These pics seem to belong to Ougenia oojeinensis, a scarce small tree in the area, but id confirmation is needed, as the trifoliate leaflets aren’t visible in the pics..
Your efforts are appreciable, I am yet to see this fully in flowers in that area..

Thanks, … I found this tree after a very rough trek into the deep nallahs of the Shiwaliks.
Is Ougenia oojeinensis the same tree as OUGEINIA DALBERGIOIDES Benth. (now known as Desmodium oojeinense (Roxb.) H Ohashi) 

Yes, …, latest name is Desmodium oojeinensis ..
I too have seen the plant in the area, but always in post-flowering or even later stages..

Thanks, … 1. How rare is this plant? 2. Could it have come down from higher altitudes by action of seeds transported by wind/water?

It is a beautiful tree to watch when in full bloom.

A medium sized tree (10-15m) grows throughout India and reach to 1500m elevation in Uttarakhand.
Called as Sandan in Uttarakhand and wood is used for making wooden containers for churning curd. A fine fodder tree too.
Often on steep slopes roots exposed to air develop new individuals (root suckers) which flowers even in younger stage looking as a shrub in flowering.
The species is found in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

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My thanks to the efloraofindia group and in particular to … for their guidance.
I am pasting below the link/scan to the article on the Sadan tree published in the Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, of March 29, 2015.

Desmodium oojeinensis SR2 Feb16 : 3 posts by 3 authors.
Sharing picture of Desmodium oojeinensis
Beautiful full blooming tree
Found at Pune MH

Absolutely beautiful pics..!! thanks …

Very beautiful pictures. I have seen the tree, but not the flowers.

Desmodium oojeinense AT MAR 2017/26 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Desmodium oojeinense
Synonyms: Dalbergia oojeinensis, Ougeinia oojeinensis, Ougeinia dalbergioides
Darlaghat, District Bilaspur (H.P.)
March 2017

I was not able to take good close ups as it was growing far away on a hill slope. Most of the plants I observed were not approachable.

Wild Shrub for ID : Nasik : 01JUL19 : AK-2 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Wild shrub seen on a mountain slope on the 25th of June in Nasik.

Desmodium oojeinense (Roxb.) H.Ohashi


Identification request 23: 4 very high res. images.
Habitat: Rocky slope, dry deciduous forest

Habit: Tree
Bark dark black, ridges broken horizontally 
Leaves trifoliate, ovate leaflets, petiolate.
Loc: kota rajasthan

Date: 12022K23

Fabaceae ??

Maybe Ougeinia oojeinensis. The bark definitely matches.

I think you are right as per images at


Fabaceae: Desmodium oojeinense (Roxb.) H. Ohashi: 1 high res. image.
synonyms: Ougeinia dalbergioides Benth., Ougeinia oojeinensis (Roxb.) Hochr.
location/date: Semadoh, Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Amravati Distr., Maharashtra, November 1994