Physochlaina praealta (Decne.) Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 5: 473 473 1850. (syn. Belenia praealta Decne. (Unresolved); Hyoscyamus praealtus (Decne.) Walp.; Physochlaina grandiflora Hook.; Physochlaina urceolata Kuang & A.M. Lu; Scopolia praealta (Decne.) Dunal);
W. & Central Himalaya to W. & S. Tibet: Nepal, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Tall Physochlaina • Ladakhi: ལངཐང Langthang

Request for identification
Date: 6th August 2011
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 2910 meters asl
GPS: 33.32 N and 76.23 E
Plant habit/habitat: Wild herb
Plant height: 2-3 feets

I found only two species of Datura in “Flowers of Himalayas” i.e D. stramonium and D. suaveolens confined upto 2200 and 1700 mtrs respectively. In Flora of British India there is mention of 10 species of which only D. stramomonium and D. metel are found in Himalayas and all other are confined to lowers altitudes. Kindly help me to identify this species and mention literature about any other specie of higher altitude.

Wow very different characters for Datura!
Exerted stamens and pistil, terminal inflorescence!

Do you have pictures of fruits.
Anyway this plant is new one to me.
Please check for any possibility of species of Physochlaina (I got this suggestion while searching similar plants online)

Yes …,this looks like Physochlaina praealta?

I am copying information available in Flora of Pakistan @
Please refer and see whether this matches and check any herbarium or other sources. 

Yes … Physochlaina praealta (Solanaceae)

I feel something great….. identifying a Himalayan plant by being in Bangalore……

Wow feel so happy…
I feel almost similar feeling when I identified the first plant by using a key in Gamble flora…
That was Smilax zeylanica (hence I got the nik name Smilax004) 004 was the collection tag number!
I feel so happy…..

That is really great of you. I had thought of Physochlaina, and had in fact identified a few earlier uploads, but this time I was dissuaded by photograph of FOI which looks some what different. But now comparing with several on net, this is surely Physochlaina proalta.
Whenever I see photograph from Western Ghats, I simply don’t apply my mind. It is great on your part to have attempted it and got it right also. Congratulations, now we have one more expert on Himalayan plants.

But I think since … is doing research on plants of this area, he has a good project to investigate. In all descriptions of species corolla is shown to be yellow with distinct purple veins (also seen at FOI); This plant does not seem to have these veins, or they are very faint. FBI reports about cultivated specimens to have sub-campanulate corolla and wild as funnel-shaped corolla. stamens and style are distinctly exserted in wild form, not in cultivated form. These are a few things that can be investigated further by him.

I would like to upload another closeup photo of the plant showing more clearly the pattern of venation on corolla of the flower.

Seen this herb at the wetland near “Tsomoriri Lake”, Ladakh.
Bot. name: Physochlaina praealta
Family: Solanaceae

never to be forgotten
very very nice pictures
not only of the flowers, but the entire plant and its habitat
I love this case


Fwd: Physochlaina praealta (Decne.) Miers : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Physochlaina praealta (Decne.) Miers
=Hyoscyamus praealtus (Decne.) Walp.
Family: Solanaceae
Location: Keylong, Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India
Altitude: 3460m

Physochlaina praealta — at Pangong– Ladakh- July-PKA-27 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
Physochlaina praealta (Family: Solanaceae) — at Pangong– Ladakh..

Beautiful complete set.

SK986 18 FEB-2018 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- around 1 Mb each.
Location : Way to Khardung La, India
Altitude: Around  12000 ft.
Date:  21 August 2014
Habit : Wild

Physochlaina praealta (Decaisne) Miers
Physochlaina praealta- Ladakh: 8 images- 5 high res.
Along the roadside on the Leh-Khardung La road before South Pullu (15,300 ft) on 15.6.22 in Ladakh.


Ladakh, August 2022 :: Physochlaina praealta :: ARK2022-168: 3 high res. images.
Physochlaina praealta
This was on the banks of the Pangong tso.

Yes, nice !

Yes, another very common plant of the area.

Yes, as per images at Physochlaina praealta


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