Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei C. B. Cl. (Syn: Pleocaulus ritchei (C. B. Cl.) Bremek.) as per Catalogue of Life;
plee-oh-KAW-lus ? — from the Greek pleos (many) and kaulos (stem)
RICH-ee-eye — named for Dr. Ritchie, collector of plants in Belgaon
commonly known in Marathi as: माळ कारवी mal karvi, टोपली कारवी topli karvi
Endemic to: northern Western Ghats (of India)

Ellipsoid pollen with septate bands and bracteolate flowers 

Grows in low clumps with softly hairy leaves. Inflorescence terminal with blue flowers. Differs from closely related genera within the Strobilanthus group by having ellipsoid pollen with septate bands and bracteolate flowers
Flowering period: August – October, however after a period of 9 -13 years
Undershrubs; stems erect, quadrangular, usually hairy. Leaves sessile or nearly so, 2-3 long, nearly as broad as long, ovate, lineolate and hairy above, nearly glabrous except on the nerves which are bristly beneath, apex acute, base rounded or often cordate. Flowers purple in strobiliform, axillary and terminal, pedunculate or subsessile, 2-8 cm long spikes, often 3 together at tops of branches. Capsules c 1 cm long, linear, oblong, acute, glabrous or with a few, minute, glandular hair at the top. Seeds c 0.25 cm across, suboricular, hygroscopically brown hairy all over,
Monotypic species close to other genera of Strobilanthus group but has a distinct low-tufted growth pattern and bracteolate flowers
Insect- pollinated
System: Terrestrial, Hill tops in high rainfall areas. Habitat: Slopes and plateaus at altitudes above 800 m ASL along the crestline of Northern Western Ghats.
(Attributions- Dr. Aparna Watve, Biome Conservation Foundation, Pune, India from India Biodiversity Portal )


Kas Week :AVD: Pleocaulus ritche:01 October 2012:
Pleocaulus ritche, family: Acanthaceae

Kas Week :: DV :: 19 OCT 07 – 1154 :: Pleocaulus ritchiei:  Kas plateauabout 4000 ft asl
… one of the 39 World Heritage sites in the Western Ghats of India
19 OCT 07 & 28 SEP 08
Pleocaulus ritchiei (C.B.Clarke) Bremek. … (family: Acanthaceae)
¿ plee-oh-KAW-lus ? — from the Greek pleos (many) and kaulos (stem)
RICH-ee-eye — named for Dr. Ritchie, collector of plants in Belgaon

commonly known in Marathi as: माळ कारवी mal karvi, टोपली कारवी topli karvi
Endemic to: northern Western Ghats (of India)
References: Flowers of IndiaFlowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar

Beautiful meadow and good flowers.


Kas week : Pleocaulus ritchei SMP:
Pleocaulus ritchei
Topli Karvi. टोपली कारवी
Observed on many plateaus of Western ghats

very nice.. looks like acres and acres of this blue…

It must be really good sight to see these meadows.


Kas weej:: PKA41:: Pleocaulus ritchiei:
Pleocaulus ritchiei (Family: Acanthaceae).
Local name: Topli Karvy.


Pleocaulus ritchiei (Family: Acanthaceae).
Local name: Topli Karvy.


Kas week: PKA51:– Concluding post- Kas plateau:
I conclude my contribution to Kas week with this photograph of beautiful Kas plateau.

The plant with flowers in the foreground is Impatiens lawii; the wide bushy plant with serrated leaves is Pleocaulus ritchiei.
These are ones among top contributors to add colours to the plateau. An apt and beautiful picture representing Kas, …

now that I know the id, googled and your picture at FOI came up
what a lovely flower color
intrigued that its also a strobilanthes….
GOI mentions Strobilanthes sessilis, Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchiei of Barleria family, can believe it seeing the buds…
by the way FOI page was on the topmost position, …
Flowers of India


KAS Week DS_051012_02 Karvi I:
Large blue bell shaped flower, buds covered with hairy bracts. Which Karvi is it – Pleocaulus ritchiei or Nilgirianthus reticulatus ?
These pics taken from one plant. I will post another set of similar flower, seen some distance away. Kas. 22nd Sep 2012.
Both flowers once in 7 years – got info from net.

Pleocaulus ritchiei as per thread


KAS Week DS_051012_03 Karvi II:
This is the other set of Karvi pics , from dofferent plant.
Are they same as the my last posting?

Pleocaulus ritchiei as per thread


Pleocaulus ritchiei topli karvi : Attachments (3). 1 post by 1 author.

While driving near Loanavala , Mulshi Got this beautifull Topli karvi on roadside
Pleocaulus ritchiei
Topli karvi in marathi
Lonavala Mharashtra



Acanthaceae sp for ID?- PKA-March-38 : 8 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (4).
Seen this small shrub at the top of Baba Budangiri Hills, Chikmagalur region, Karnataka.
I think the flowering season was over and i could spot only one plant with flowers. Plant reminded me of Pleocaulus ritchei (Family: Acanthaceae).
Flowers were seen very close to ground..
Altitude: Approx. 5500 ft.
Habitat: Wild

Date/Time: 26-01-2014/ 04:45PM.

Pleocaulis sessiloides (Cl.) Bren is reported from coorg area, B. ritchei is considered as a variety of P. sessiloides.

Could you pl. give the source refrence of your observation ?

Flora of Coorg(Kodagu), Karnataka, India Vimsat Publishers, Bangaore June 30, 1990
Authors: K.R. Keshava Murthy, S.N.Yoganarasimhan

Yes it Pleocaulus ritchei.. topali karavi in marathi

It is Rungia species?

No …, it is not Rungia sp for sure!!

ANAUG57 Acanthaceae for ID- Strobilanthus sp.? : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Thadiyandamol, Western Ghats
30th August, 2014

Identified as Pleocaulus ritchei by …
Strobilanthes kunthiana (?) : 6 posts by 5 authors. 2 images.
Please confirm if it is Strobilanthes kunthiana or Neelakurunji. Spotted them during a drive to Kemmengundi (Karnataka). The bloom just started. If my identification is right, in a month whole hill will be covered by them.

It seems Strobilanthus kunthianus

Does it not match Strobilanthes sessilis sir?

efi page on Strobilanthes kunthiana 

It is not Strobilanthes kunthiana.

This is most probably Strobilanthes sessilis Nees var ritchiei C.B. Clarke

Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Pleocaulus ritchei :: Satara :: ARKMAR-15/27 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (8)
Attached are pictures of Pleocaulus ritchei captured at various places in Satara in October 2014.


Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Pleocaulus ritchei :: Sinhagad :: ARKMAR-14/26 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)
Attached are pictures of Pleocaulus ritchei captured at Sinhagad near Pune in August 2014.

Pleocaulus ritchiei (C.B.Clarke) Bremek.
on Kas plateau on October 19, 2007
on Kas plateau on September 28, 2008
at Tung fort on July 31, 2011

Very Good Photos … The mass flowering was observed at Kas in 2008.

ANMAR19/40 Strobilanthes sessilis : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (9)

Family: Acanthaceae
Date: September 2014
Place: Chikamagalur, Karnataka

Habit: Herb

… Most of the posts so far in efi seems to be of Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei,
is your post is of var. sessilis ?
There is also appears to be some confusion regarding its taxonomy. Hope somebody clarifies it.

…, the ID I have provided is the same as I received once before from this group itself so I agree with the ID you have provided now.

Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Pleocaulus ritchiei :: Kas plateau:: NSJ-MAR-30: 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)
Pleocaulus ritchiei from Kas plateau. Mass flowering was observed in year 2008.

great pictures


 Images by tspkumar



TSPDEC2015-16-189: Images of Strobilanthes sessilis var.ritchei : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)

It is my pleasure to share few images of  Strobilanthes sessilis var. retchei (Acanthaceae)

Ref: /species/a—l/a/acanthaceae/strobilanthes/pleocaulus-ritchiei

Low clumps with soft hairy leaves- Erect, quadrangular and hairy stem-Leaves sessile or nearly so,apex acute, leaf base rounded or cordate-Flowers purple, axillary and terminal. 

Habit: Under shrub 

Habitat: Montane forest amidst grass 

Sighting: Mullaianagiri-Kemmangundi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1700 msl 

Date:19-08-2014, 21-09-2014, 04-10-2014 and 01-08-2015



Pleocaulis ritchiei : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Pleocaulis ritchiei syn. Strobilanthes sessilis
Kaas plateau
third week of October


at Kas plateau, Satara district in Sep ’07; in full bloom at Kas- 17/9/08; at Sanjay Gandhi National park, Mumbai- 25/8/09; at the Kaas plateaus, Satara, Maharahstra- Sept’09; on 21st Sept-2008- Kaas; at Kaas on the 18th of Sept., 2010;

250910 SB01 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Mal Karvi (Pleocaulus ritchiei ) – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Kaas is beautiful-1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Pleocaulus ritchiei – Topli karvi – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Topli Karvi – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Topli Karvy? – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Topli Karvi – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Topli Karvi – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei—for validation : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
pics taken at Aambyvalley Rd., OFF lonavala, pune in September 18.

Appears to be correct ID but let us wait for expert opinion.

Can you submit close up of the side view of the flower ?

These are all the photos I have but these were in the shape of mounds.

May I request you to pl. post original of the first image.

Attaching original photos. unlike a series of mounds this was one of the few. Hope this helps

These are not high resolution images- so difficult to see the details.

Already in validated list and seems ok.


Acanthaceae Fortnight ::Pleocaulus ritchei ?? :: Chikmagalur :: PKA-MAR65/65: : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Seen this small shrub at the top of Baba Budangiri Hills, Chikmagalur region, Karnataka.

Plant reminded me of Pleocaulus ritchei (Family: Acanthaceae).
Flowers were seen very close to ground..
Altitude: Approx. 5500 ft.
Habitat: Wild
Date/Time: 26-01-2014/ 04:45PM.

efi page on Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei  syn. Pleocaulus ritchei

Does not seem to be Pleocaulus ritchiei, though not sure. Wonderful find … !!

This has already been listed as Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei !

identification no 120415sn1 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments(2)
Kindly help in identification.

location:aambyvalley rd.,lonavala,pune
plant habit:shrub?
height:about 2 ft.

some plectranthus may be?

I am afraid, as it is difficult to say even the genus name based on vegetative specimen photos. But it doesn’t look any Plectranthus members!

Well … may be right
at first glance i had thought it was the dwarf variety of kalanchoe pinnata … pathorkuchi in bangla
i had several of these in my garden, cuttings were from a world class botanist curated herbal garden…
but those leaves are never this hirsute
only other thing i can remember was various plectranthus i have had the fortune to grow from seedlings over the years, some scented, other not… some bushy some trailing some make small mounds on the ground some long trails in a hanging basket…
we still need to look at the lamiaceae family i think
some knowledgeable botanist / taxonomist needs to look at this pictures set.
I would like to know too….

Coleus amboinicus Lour. ??

I think looks different from Plectranthus amboinicus

Also could not find a match as per comparative images at Plectranthus as per these images

Difficult to ID with these images !

Might be Teucrium

Could this be Topli Karvy (Pleocaulus rithchiei)

Yes, I think so


Strobilanthes sessilis var ritchei from below Mullayanagiri-GS22022022-4: 3 very high res. images.
Strobilanthes sessilis var ritchei photographed from below Mullayanagiri, Karnataka, 26-9-2015.

near Santhan Para in Udumban Chola taluk in Idukki district- Aug’09?;

Topli Karvi – indiantreepix | Google Groups


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