(Images by Santhosh Kumar E. S.)


Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. ex Kurz (Images by Surajit Koley)


Rauvolfia tetraphylla L. (Images by Shubhada Patwardhan and Balkar Singh)

Rauvolfia verticillata (Lour.) Baill. (Images by Anurag N. Sharma)


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Just for correction. I realized that the accepted spelling is Rauvolfia L. and not Rauwolfia L.
Because it was named by Linnaeus like that although the name of person on which the name of taxa was based was Leonhard Rauwolf (also spelled Rauwolff) [(Augsburg, June 21 in either 1535 or 1540 – September 15,
1596, Waitzen, Hungary) was a German physician, botanist and traveller].
Rauvolfia Plum. ex L. Sp. Pl. 1: 208. 1753

Thank you very much for the information (and from my side it is correction, as I have wrote it as Rauwolfia rather Rauvolfia). Thanks eflora for making such a platform of genius, where there is little chance to escape…….even from the misspelled.

This is one such name where wrong name is accepted by ICBN may be because its from the oldest treatise by Carl Linnaeus himself.
Logically the name should have been Rauwolfia only :).


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Pl. go through Rauvolfia (‎‎Apocynaceae) page with images of species in efloraofindia.
If you find any mis-identification, pl. let us know. If anybody can send images of other species of this genera (for incorporation in the website), if any, it will be really nice.
Also, if anybody is interested to take up the activity of inserting images on efloraofindia pages from efloraofindia posts, pl. let us know.