Rivea hypocrateriformis (Desr.) Choisy in Mem. Soc. Phys. Geneve. 6:408. 1834. Clarke in Hook. f. (Syn: Convolvulus
hypocrateriformis Desr.
Common Night Glory, Midnapore Creeper, Phang (Hindi), सांजवेल Sanjvel (Marathi), Niruboddi (Telugu), Thor-Ki-bel (Hindi);
As per efi thread:
Following is the key from Flora of Maharashtra.
RIVEA Choisy
1. Woody climbers; peduncles usually 1.flowered; corolla glabrous outside……………. .R. hypocrateriformis
1. Erect undershrubs or shrubs; peduncles usually 2.7.flowered; corolla appressedly hairy only along mid.petaline bands ………….. R. laotica


Flora of Panipat District- Rivea hypocrateriformis:  Flora of Panipat DistrictRivea hypocrateriformis

Some more pics of this year waiting for flowers

With Fruits


Growing wild. Pune

Flowers bloom in the evening.

Looks consistent for Rivea hypocrateriformis to me.
P.S. – I hope to be able to grow this plant myself some day IF I can ever acquire any viable seeds.


Covolvulaceae Week: Rivea hypocrateriformis from IOCL Area Panipat:

Wonderful photos of the developing seedpods.


271211 BRS 287: Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. request.

Date: 26.12.2011
Location: Bhavani Sagar Dam, Sathy, Erode Dist.,
Habitat: Wild

Habit: Climber.

I think yes : Rivia hypocrateriformis.

Do you remember the time of the day when the flower was in full bloom?
It is evening for this species as against many other……

also known as nite glory as opposed to morning glory that we see all over here…
… is right about time of blooming


The hypocrateriform nature of the corolla is nicely seen in side view.

There are no photos of ripe seedpods or seeds on this site or on the web… please post ripened seedpods and closeup of seeds if at all possible.


Rivea hypocrateriformis: Flower of Rivea hypocrateriformis
Marathi name: Sanjwel, Phanji
At Kanakeshwar, Alibag
15Sept, 2012


Rivea hypocrateriformis: Rivea hypocrateriformis under unresolved name. What is the accepted name for this common plant? Please…

Where The Plant list shows a name as Unresolved, it is better to go by other sources like GRIN/ Efloras etc.
Here the following links are relevant:

theplantlist shows this plant as unresolved name.
I had checked for its synonym mentioned in many books and in efloraindia. That species name itself is not found in that list. http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl/search?q=Convolvulus+
Usually I use this website to check the names and synonyms.

As The Plant list shows a name as unresolved, it is better to go by other sources like GRIN/ Efloras etc.

Pl. follow Flora of Pakistan in this case for accepted name.


Rivea hypocrateriformis Choisy : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

Rivea hypocrateriformis Choisy, Fam: Convolvulaceae

Near Perungkalathur, South Chennai, Tamil Nadu 10m altitude,
Climber flowering, leaves grey
Leaves edible as a salad, young leaves used in medicine


Id request please. Id no.007 : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 3 authors.


Date of Pic. taken-19.04.2013

Is it Cuscuta? No leaves?

Rivea hypocrateriformis

In the begining of the rainy season bigger leaves will come. As winter approaches the leaves will fall or some larvae will eat. We can also eat the fresh leaf of it. It is a common climber in scrub jungles. Cassytha filliformis will be in brown colour. It is in grey colour. Young small leaves are clearly indicating its identity. I also recently posted the flowering twig of Rivea hypocrateriformis.


Rivea hypocrateriformis (Desr.) Choisy SN Feb- 23 : Attachments (1).  1 post by 1 author.

Rivea hypocrateriformis (Desr.) Choisy – climber in scrub jungles,

27/02/2011. south chennai, wild

Locally used for medicine, leaves edible as a salad, flowering

ANSEPT77 Convolvulaceae member for identification : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (11).

26th September 2014
Bangalore outskirts

This is Rivea hypocrateriformis

I think Yes

ID please : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

ID this fruit Please this is only click Nashik december 2014

Rivea hypocrateriformis, I hope


Is it Ipomoea alba: I photographed this vine, which has large white, fragrant, nocturnal flowers.

Location- Warje, Pune.
Habitat – Wild
Plant Habit- Vine
Date-11 th Aug 2011.

I think it is Rivea hypocrateriformis

The leaves and flowers have to be 10-15 cm for this to be I. alba. If the leaves are 5 cm and flowers are 10 cm this could be Rivea as … has commented. Both are night blooming. Giving sizes beyond just ‘large’ helps a correct ID.

I think it has to be Rivea hypocrateriformis.

…, can it be Ipomoea violacea ??
attaching 2 more pics.

The plant is Rivea hypocrateriformis in my opinion because my reference photos of Ipomoea violaceae show the stamens rarely if ever protrude beyond the tube but most of my reference photos of Rivea hypocraterifomis show the stamens ( not very far but ) very visibly exerted beyond the tube.

When I observed d vine, I didnt know how to observe any plant.(that’s Y “large leaves “)
Leaves- appx 15 cm.
(I will visit dat place again 2day..and iff I find d vine there.. I will get more pics n detailed info )

Rivea ornata: I’d confirm : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)- 2 mb and 3 mb.
Location Gujarat
Date 28.7.2018
Rivea ornata
गुजराती: कंजा,फागवेल

I will go for Rivea hypocrateriformis (Desr.) Choisy as per keys, details and images herein.


Konkan, MH :: Convolvulaceae for ID :: ARK2021-025: 6 images.

Seen this dried climber and its fruits in a village near coastal Devgad, MH in the last week of December 2020.
I think it belongs to Convolvulaceae.
Requested to please ID.

I think it is Rivea sp.

I too agree with …,

It’s Rivea hypocrateriformis,

Thank you … for the ID.
I will look out for the flowers, the next time I visit the place.


In Hyderabad- 13/9/08?; Sariska Tiger Reserve Rajastan- on 26-7-09; Panipat District- Sept’10?; On 7/2/09 in Hyderabad, AP; plant for id CG18 – indiantreepix | Google Groups Climber from Sariska 291109 – NSD 109 – indiantreepix | Google Groups Species for ID – efloraofindia | Google Groups

common night glory – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Rivea hypocrateriformis (Common Night Glory) – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Identity of the climber please. – efloraofindia | Google Groups

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