Rotala malampuzhensis R.V.Nair ex C.D.K.Cook, Boissiera 29: 98 1979. ;

Rotala malampuzhensis is endemic to the Western Ghats occurring in all five states.

It grows in waterlogged areas especially in rock outcrops, around temporary pools, ditches, rice fields.
Amphibious or terrestrial, gregarious annuals; stems much branched, creeping and rooting below. Leaves simple, decussate, sessile, submerged leaves scale-like to orbicular, upper leaves linear to lanceolate, to 15 x 4 mm. Bracts leaf-like; bracteoles equaling calyx tube, capillary. Flowers monomorphic, sessile, solitary. Calyx tube campanulate, bright red, lobes 3, ovate-acute, appendages 3. Petals 3, small, bright red. Stamens 3, inserted above the base of the calyx tube. Ovary globose; stigma capitate. Capsule globose, bright red, opening by 3 valves; seeds 10-15, smooth, bright red.
Flowering and fruiting: July-September
Paddy fields and banks of streams
Southern Western Ghats (Kerala)

Plant for ID SMP25sep10 (mixed thread): One correct image in first post. 12 posts by 8 authors.
These herbs are common on Kaas plateau often not given adequate attention. Total height say 8 inches or so.
Is it Rotala species?

… am believing it to be Ammannia baccifera

A common in the rice fields of bengal

Yes A baccifera
A common weed in sorghum and rice fields
Two of my pics

These mages are of Ammannia auriculata Willd. as per images herein.

These mages are of Ammannia auriculata Willd. as per images herein.

Affirmative … This is Rotala rosea. Have this on my farm. May be … could send us some of his photographs of this.

A reply from …
Its Rotala malampuzhensis

I think both sp By … and me are different.
Uploaded by me looks close to Ammania multiflora as it is with petals and leaves are sessile. The same has been suggested by …

yes it thinks so,

but what species of Ammania baccifera, found in Kachchh, it different from upper most photo.
need for more confirmation

I thought this Rotala species is so common in Kas that everybody must be knowing the ID. It seems the things are not that easy. Taxonomy is interesting. Thanks … for the ID. I am not aware of the genus and species so can’t comment unless further study.




SGNP, Aug 2014 :: Requesting ID of this plant :: ARKSEP-02 (mixed thread): 9 posts by 3 authors. 2nd set of 12 images is correct.

at Kanheri Caves, SGNP in Aug 2014.


Attaching some more pics, there is a suggestion on the Facebook Indian Flora group that this may be Ammania baccifera or Rotala malampuzhensis

Waiting for feedback please…
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Appears like Rotala malampuzhensis as per … thread (identified by …) : Plant for ID SMP25sep10                  

Am a bit confused – is it some Ammania or Rotala species?
Please guide.                       

There are two different species posted by you in the same thread.
Ist set of attachment is Rotala rosea
While the 2nd set of attachment is Rotala malampuzhensis
I am forwarding them again for your clarity.