Justicia repens L. (Syn. R. repens (L.) Nees) in view of New Names and Combinations in Indian Acanthaceae by John R. I. Wood (2014)); 
A procumbent much branched herb with oblong-lanceolate up to 5 cm long leaves; flowers in close one-sided spike with 4-farious bracts; corolla white with purple or rose spots. 

Rungia repens (L.) Nees SN April 33 : 3 correct images as above.
Rungia repens (L.) Nees; Fam: Acanthaceae,
ascending herb in the paddy cultivating area of Andhrapradesh, near Nandyal.

Some mistake happened while uploading the photos. Now I am attaching the correct photos.


Rungia repens in FOI : 6 posts by 4 authors.

Images of Rungia repens in FOI may not be of Justicia repens (syn. Rungia repens) as per images and details herein.
Pl. check comparative images at Justicia

what makes Justicia …justicia
and differentiates it from RUNGIa?
ie details of taxonomy?
what makes Justiciajusticia and differentiates it from Rungia? i.e. details of taxonomy?

Images of Rungia repens in FOI by Ashish Nimkar may not be of Justicia repens (syn. Rungia repens) as per images and details herein.
Pl. correct.
Pl. also check comparative images at Justicia for correct id.

… is right.
And no Rungia now … only Justicia. Same for Rostellularia. Same for Hemigraphis.

Thanks …, Corrected on the site!



Acanthaceae for ID :: Nashik :: ARKFEB-09 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

This was found in the fields of masoor near Saptashrungi, Nashik, MH in Feb 2017.
Also attaching a pic of the field where it was found.
Requested to please ID.

Rungia (now under Justicia) species. Pl. Check images in efi site. 

I think Justicia pectinata only as per images herein.

Yes!I guess it correct !

Thank you … for feedback.
However, this looks much bigger than the J. pectinata that I had seen at Velas here.

These could be Rungia repens (Justicia repens) although it is hard to judge the size.

Thanks … for inputs. The length could be around 5-6 inches.

I think this should be Justicia repens with bracts being uniform and not dimorphic.

Yes, J. repens

Thanks so much … for sorting out this ID. This matches with the ID suggested by … as well.


Justicia repens !!! : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (17)
White flowered Justicia repens ? recorded today, (04 01 2020 morning) in Surat,
Presenting for deliberation. Nearby coexisting purple flowered plants too !
Spikes are small to medium, leaves too small to medium … some variation in bract size too . . . it has nothing to do with color.
Dissected purple flower, bracteoles, calyx are shown too!

Few more photos
3 images.

Thanks, …, for the wonderful presentation.
I agree with your id.

Herb for ID please:
Attaching photos of a herb fond growing in the wild along the edge of a paddy field on the outskirts of Chennai.
My first guess was Antirrhinum sp. by the bracts seem to point more to an Acanthaceae plant. unfortunately I do not have any more information on the plant other than these two photos.

–  to me it looks like some Rungia sp, may be Rungia repens.

– To me also it resembles more to Rungia sps. Found in abundance in the Chotta-Udepur forests of Gujarat.

– Yes, I have seen Rungia repens and Rungia sp looks likely to me.

   Specially after I checked out Rungia repens more carefully:though only with naked eye.  It appears to have two pairs of bracts, one greenish and one yellowish-green,  slightly mis-aligned so that it looks like a pair of bracts with bi-colored edge.
But I I think Rungia repens has very small flowers, about 5 mm or less and and a flat lower lip. The plant in question was larger and flowers as I remember were about 8 to 10 mm. with distinctly recurved and bumpy labia.
So I think it may have to stay in the “insufficient data” category until it get spotted again by someone.

I think this should be Justicia repens as per images and details herein.

Yes sir, absolutely !!

Thanks …, … for confirmed ID.
Yes, it is Justicia repens, synonym of Accepted name (as per PL2) Rungia repens (L.) Nees.
Bracts were unique.
Following K Sasidharans description (KP): Bracts winged both sides with whitish margins, all similar. Apparently two rows not having flowers, so sterile.
Location was Chennai, edge of paddy field, similar as reported by Arti Khale and PKA(foi)


Id-270212-PR-1 : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 3 authors.
plnt from north gujarat
From Acanthaceae
Habitat – wild

Near cultivated field
May be its Justicia sp

Did you try with Rungia pactinata ??????????

Yes i too will go with Rungia pectinata

I think this is Justicia concinna as per images and details herein.

This will also be Justicia repens as per Id-170212-PR-1:



Id-170212-PR-1: Location-Gujarat
This is from Acanthaceae
confuse in Justicia and Rungia
Flower in spike
Flower blue
Photo 4 November 2011

I thought of Rungia repens

I think this is Justicia concinna as per images and details herein.

I think J. repens

Thanks, … Yes, I agree with you.


Help ti ID olants _Gujarat: please help to identify the attached plants.
i think this may Rungia or Justicia species ???????
please confirm me with you inputs

I think its Rungia

looks like Rungia pectinata

I think this is Justicia concinna as per images and details herein.

Here hyaline margin of bracts is white. Habit prostrate_erect


This may also be Justicia repens as per Id-170212-PR-1

This species has lax spike, can be twisted sometimes. Erect when crowded, otherwise prostrate, making a mat. Spikes only terminal, can be as long as 20 cm,


Rungia spp. for ID : 15 posts by 3 authors. 3 images.
Please set this straight for me .
I have got 3 species of erstwhile Rungia in Surat.
All 3 images are captured within last one month, inside Surat city limits,
IMAGE 1 – Justicia repens

This one has flowers larger than 1 cm, one sided flowering spike can be longer than 15 cms, erect to procumbent, much branched, usually single inflorescence spike at tip of branches.
IMAGE 2- Justicia pectinata


This one is again erect to procumbent, spikes at nodes in bunches most of them about 3 to 5 cm long, flowers blue 2-3 mm, sterile bracts on behind are longer than fertile bracts.

Thanks … for lining up images of Justicia (Rungia) spp.
To me IMAGE 1 is one species, and the rest IMAGE 2 and IMAGE 3 could be one species – that is, the last two could have variations based on habitat – this is purely my thought.

Will wait for comments.

…, you are right in saying first one as distinct species … it used to be Rungia repens !


2nd and 3rd … well, I do not know …
There used to be Rungia pectinata and Rungia parviflora. I do not know how distinct those two are …
could not get clarity on facebook, efi or foi.
Here in Surat I have this tiny flowered herbaceous plants … I am seeing it since 2016.
In my zeal, on facebook I declared the one with larger spike and larger sterile bracts as R. pectinata, smaller one (image 3) as R. parviflora, and everyone agreed !!!
Well, except myself.
In 17, I had been to Matheran, and saw plants identical to 2nd with overall reddish tinge … in plenty.
This February, in Tungi near Lonawala, again I saw plants identical to 2nd with reddish complexion.
But  I am yet to find anything like 3rd. Anywhere.
Habitat… there are two spots in city limits where 2 and 3 are found, almost together.

Thanks … I have always considered Rungia / Justicia pectinata to be an erect herb, about 2 feet high, and as wide, many branched, with distant nodes – at least relative to what I consider as parviflora. I may be wrong. From my observations, the height of inflorescence and size of flowers seem to vary in both species pectinata as well as parviflora – depending on habitat.
There is a need for some field expert familiar to this genus to sort out the confusion and mistakes.

Image 1 is Justicia concinna, image 2 is Justicia pectinata
Pl. post detailed images for image 3, in a separate mail.

…, in that case, we need to find out and standardise differences between R. repens and R. elegans, if any.
Online, in Goggle books I found one reference … unsatisfactory to me … flora of eastern Karnataka … it has a comment stating two taxa can be merged on further evaluation.
By the way, JCB Herbarium has Rungia elegans page without a reference from any flora, and photos a mix of Rungia repens and Rungia elegans … page of Rungia repens has images of line diagram and herbariun sheet belonging to R. repens while photographs belong to R. parviflora/pectinata.
Attachments (2)

Yes, I agree.

Image 3 will also be Justicia pectinata only, for the time being, as per discussions so far.

…, Today I visited one spot where I had collected 2 and 3. Thick vegetation post monsoon has become dry scrub. These plants have become stunted too.

Still I could find them and photographed. It was very windy making a good shoot impossible for dissected parts.
Still … I found . . .
2 is erect, 3 is prostrate.
Spike in 2 is little longer than 3.
Leaves more or less similar.
In both posterior, sterile bracts are longer, pointed tip, have hyaline margins but less wide than anterior bracts, and it is row of two front fertile two back sterile.
Spikes axillary, multiple in both.
Flowers have corollla limb upper lip acute, 3 lobed lower lip, blue to purplish, size less than 3mm (2mm), and hairy outer surface of lower lips … in both.
Images will be processed and presented tomorrow, hopefully, with few thoughts of mine.

OK, …

Can that be difference between R. pectinata and P. parviflora?

Garg sir, I can show and I can tell what I see, at macro morphology … what we really need is what Nees or Clarke saw and wrote !

We need to find out original descriptions for
Rungia pectinata  (L.) Nees
Rungia parviflora var. parviflora
Rungia parviflora var. pectinata (syn. of. Rungia pectinata)
You see that POWO does not have a Rungia parviflora in its list.
I wonder what … has to say about it.
Attachments (2)

Giving details of Flora of British India, from IBIS Flora links.
Dalz. & Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 196 ; stems patently white- hirsute, leaves subsessile ovate acuminate, bracts round ovate apiculate minutely hairy, corolla 1/2 in. fine blue. R. repens var. villosa, Nees in DC. Prodr. xi. 472. Justicia repens, Wall. Cat. 2459, letter B partly.
W. DECCAN PENINSULA ; Concan and Canara, Wight, Law, Stocks, &c.
Possibly a large form of R. repens. Leaves attaining 3 by 1.1/2 in., nerves beneath prominent, often patently white-hairy. Spikes 1/2-2/3 in. broad ; bracts large, scarious margin very prominent sometimes coloured purplish. Capsule 1/4 in., thin, very hairy ; seeds concentrically furrowed, the ridges very sharp sometimes crested.
Nees in Wall. Pl. As. Rar. iii. 110, and in DC. Prodr. xi. 472 ; leaves subsessile oblong-lanceolate scabrid-puberulous, bracts round apiculate nearly glabrous, corolla 1/4 in., seeds 1/16 in. diam, concentrically rugose. Wight Ic. t. 465 ; Dalz. & Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 196 ; T. Anders, in Journ. Linn. Soc. ix. 518. Justicia repens, Linn. ; Roxb. Corom. Pl. ii. 29, t. 152, and Fl. Ind. i. 132 ; Wall. Cat. 2459. Dicliptera repens, Roem. & Sch. Syst. i. 171.—Burm. Thes. Zeyl. t. 3, fig. 2.
Throughout INDIA, from the Punjab and Bengal to CEYLON ; common. (No specimens from the Malay Peninsula.).
A procumbent, rooting, ramous weed ; branches quadrangular, pubescent or nearly glabrous. Leaves 2 by 2/3 in., or often smaller narrower ; petiole rarely so much as 1/8 in. Spikes 2 by 1/3 in., appearing often peduncled, the 2 leaves close to their base usually much reduced ; bracts closely regularly imbricated 4-farious, spike less 1-sided than in most species ; bracts 1/4 by 1/6-1/4 in., white margin broad prominent; bracteoles 1/5 in., linear-lanceolate, minutely pubescent. Calyx 1/6 in. ; segments linear-lanceolate, pubescent. Corolla white, with rose or purple spots. Anther-cells superposed, lower white-tailed. Ovary glabrous, style thinly hairy at base. Capsule 1/4 in. and upwards, minutely thinly hairy. Seeds ovoid, moderately compressed, rugose almost furrowed.

I think Image 3 may be of Rungia parviflora var. muralis (Nees) C.B.Clarke with spikes very dense, barren bracts ovate acute hardly longer than the fertile, as per Flora of British India as per discussions in another thread at Sorting Rungia species

1st image is of Justicia repens


ACANTHACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Justicia?? from Ujjain:: NS MARCH 33/33 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
This trailing herb was recorded from Ujjain city, Madhya Pradesh…
Wanted to know the id..is this some Justicia ??

I think close to images at Justicia repens


Plant for ID : Nasik : 22NOV20 : AK-15 : 3 images.
A wild plant seen today (22.11.20) in Nasik.
Seems to be from Acanthaceae.

Justicia repens ?

Thanks for the id. Looks close to me. Hope to get it validated.

Rungia repens

CoL amd GBIF still treating Justicia repens L. as the accepted name.
I guess there is some latest document about Justicia and Rungia !

Ok, Thank you


Need help with flower id. Justicia?: 2 images.
Bhopal; black soil; 18/12/2020

Rungia repens


Need help ID: 3 images.
This tiny tiny flower was photographed in Nashik grasslands in December 2020. It is probably 2-4mm big.
Can you please help me with the ID?

It looks like Rungia repens to me, but am not sure.

Hope you’re right


MS/ID/JAN/2021/6 – ID of the plant: 4 images.
Please ID the plant photographed in a Farmland in Chennai.

Rungia sp.  Need to check.

Rungia repens

Justicia species???

Justicia repens L. is same !

Which is the valid or latest name ?  Rungia or Justicia ?


Current name is Justicia repens


MS/2023/141- ID of the plant: 1 image.
Kindly Id the plant photographed in Chennai outskirts and sent to me.
Is it Justicia sps. (S. gendarussa)

Rungia repens (L.) Nees syn : Justicia repens L.

Thank you … sir I too predicted the same but little bit confused


Justicia repens L.: 1 image.

synonyms: Rungia repens T.Anderson, Diapedium repens (L.) Kuntze, Dicliptera repens (L.) Juss.
location/date: Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, October 1994


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