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Pl help me in identifying this Silene sp.
Loc.: On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh (ca 2000m)
Time of Coll.: August, 2010.

Could be Silene griffithii

I was also thinking the same according to the description provided in Fl. Simlensis. But a/c to Tropicos, the accepted names for S. griffithii is S. suaveolens and S. viscosa in Fl. China and Fl. Pakistan respectively. The photographs of S. viscosa available on net doesnt match with my plant. Further, the description provided in Fl.
Pakistan and Fl China are also creating confusion for me. Pl have a look on these:
Fl. Pakistan: Petal white, limb c.9 mm, deeply divided into 2 lobes, each lobe further divided, claw 20-22 mm, clearly exserted from the calyx, not auriculate, Coronal scales a Carpophore 2-4 mm, pubescent.
(Unfortunately the link for illustration provided is also not working).
Fl. China: Petals exserted beyond calyx, 1.5-2 cm; claws narrowly cuneate, ciliate, auricles not prominent; limbs white, multilobed, lobes linear; coronal scales absent, stamens prominently exserted.
Further comments are solicited.

To me there is not much problem, When three species are merged, we should be ready for slight variation.