Solanum cordatum Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. 47 1775 (Syn: Solanum darassumense Dammer; Solanum gracilipes Decne.; Solanum jacquemontii Dunal; Solanum nummulifolium Chiov.; Solanum obbiadense Chiov.; Solanum pronum Thulin; Solanum sabaeorum Deflers);
NE. Tropical Africa to N. Kenya, W. Yemen, Afghanistan to N. India: Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Socotra, Somalia, Yemen as per POWO;

My first post and Solanum sp. – efloraofindia | Google Groups: 2 high res. images.

I am very happy to be part of this group!
Here is a picture I took in a thorn forest in Kutch, GJ of what I think is some species of Solanum judging by the connivent anthers.
What do you think?

Appears to be some interesting species of Solanum, perhaps some trailing or scandent species.

Solanum gracilipes Dcne. but I am not sure of the validity of this name. The berries are bright yellow and smaller than 1 cm.

I think you are right. According to eflora of Pakistan S. gracilipes Decne. is correctly known as S. cordatum Forssk.

It seems that the leaves are also sub opposite.
What do you think it might be?

Exactly Sir In Eflora of Pakistan the illustration provided completely matches with this plant hence I also think this is Solanum cordatum Forssk. It has also been said to be a xerophytic scrambler.

Thank you so much! Efloras of Pakistan had a good illustration, and S. cordatum matches perfectly.

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