Pinkroot, wormbush, Indian pink, worm grass, erva – lombrigueira, Demerara pinkroot, pink root, kromantikankan, kromanti – kankan;
This beautiful plant is reportedly poisonous;


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Kindly help me in identification 
*Date/Time- Jan 24th ,2010/ 7.00 A.M
*Location- Place, Altitude,-Udupi Rail.W.Station , Udupi Latitude, 13.3500, Longitude, 74.7500, Altitude (feet), 131. Lat (DMS), 13° 20′ 60N, Long (DMS)
*Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild
*Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-  * Herb?
*Height/Length- * 10cm
*Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-* Glabrous, sessile, oblong(1Cm)
*Inflorescence Type/ Size- * Spike?(2cm)
*Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-* Not known
*Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-* Small, paired with glandular trichomes
*Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.- Latex is present

This is Spigelia anthelmia L. -family Logniaceae.
This was reported by me as new record to Maharashtra in 2004 from near railway tracks in the wood logs in a railway yard in Mumbai.
this plant was earlier reported at Truticorn harbouri believe this plant is spreading by the seeds which gets transported along with the wood logs used for railway tracks. now u have observed it near railway station. your observation of this plant near railway station puts more support to my belief.
member please comment regarding the spreading of this plant.


ID Please
A herb found near Alibag along Railway track
Never seen before in and around this region

This is Spigelia anthelmia of Loganiaceae.
I first collected this interesting plant from SFRI campus, Jabalpur, MP.
Dr.J.L. Shrivastava, who along with Dr. M. Oommachan reported this plant for the first time in India, helped me to id this.
This beautiful plant is reportedly poisonous 🙁

Is the Spigelia anthelmia L. growing wild or cultivated and now escape?

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plants from gujarat
habitat wild
Habit herb
don’t know about family

This is Spigelia anthelmia of Loganiaceae,


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Could you help id our plant please.  

By chance, I found the name is Spigelia anthelmia? Could you please validate.

Yes, you are right, …
It appears to be Spigelia anthelmia


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can u plz id this plant
Pic taken at Goa
May 2013

Spigelia anthelmia of Loganiaceae family

Wonderful find. The flower is very cute.

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Sharing pictures of beautiful herb
Spigelia anthelmia, Logaiaceae
found growing at Goa on 13th Sept.

Beautiful !! new to me..thanks … for sharing…

Spigelia anthelmia from Jabalpur, M.P.- NS August 05 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Please find attached few images of a weed, recorded from RDVV, Jabalpur, M.P. in July 2016..
Spigelia anthelmia…. Loganiaceae

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Please identify this herb from Kannur District of KeralaRubiaceae?

This is Spigelia anthelmia, Loganiaceae

The image are of Spilegia anthelmia

This is Spigelia anthelmia of the family Loganiaceae.


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It seems a Garden escape herb from Perungudi Industrial area of Chennai

Spigelia anthemifolia


Need ID: pink-flowered tiny euphorb: 2 images

Pl. provide a habit image.

I could not find any match as per images at

Try Spigelia anthelmia…. Common names include West Indian pinkroot, wormbush, or wormgrass,

Great id. Thanks, …
Matches with existing images at Spigelia anthelmia