Silky Woundwort;
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir to Bhutan, NW India as per Flora of Pakistan & Checklist of Nepal;
Stachys sericea, a much slender plant than S. floccosa, with much less dense silky hairs on stem and leaves, smaller flowers often lighter coloured in the lower lip. 

Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Stachys sericea? from VOF-NS May 138/138 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments(4)
Please provide your inputs regarding id of this herb, from vof area..

efi page on Stachys melissifolia (syn: Stachys sericea Wall. ex Benth. [Illegitimate])

I think matches with images at Stachys melissifolia (syn: Stachys sericea Wall. ex Benth. [Illegitimate])   

Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae Week: Lamiaceae-Stachys sericea:
This is one more herb from Manali – Hampta Pass region.
Bot. name: Stachys sericea.
Family: Lamiaceae
Location: Near Cheeka (On the way to hampta Pass), Altitude: approx 10000 ft
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit herb

You may be having two different species here
One (1312, 1315) with few spreading hairs on stem, longer corolla tube, lighter flower colour ……. Stachys sericea
One (1328, 1229) with densely woolly stems, broader corolla, darker flower colour and shorter corolla tube …… S. floccosa
Watch my S. sericea from Manali and S. floccosa from Kashmir, uploading


Wild Plant for ID : 171011 : AK-3:
A small plant found on way to Gulmarg on the 11th of Sept,11.
Having tiny pink flowers.

Deformed, offseason Stachys sericea


VOF Week 280812_DS_03:
Though the shots are of very poor quality, I hope my expert friends will be able to identify this.
Can it be some species of Balsam?
On the trail to VOF on 14 August ’12.

Lamium album

Somehow overlooked Sir Ji… this is closer to Stachys sericea and is not Lamium album at all…

I think this should be Stachys melissifolia

Here is a picture from Flowers of the Himalaya: A Supplement

Yes not Lamium, perhaps the result of pressure of seeing so many photographs quickly. Luckily we have people like … and you to not let the wrong ID go.


VoF Week :: DV :: 01 AUG 12 – 1221 :: Nepeta ¿ erecta ? along Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trail:
1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trailabout 7800 ft
Habitat: mountain slope
Habit: herb, about 1 – 1.5 m high; flower about 8 – 10 mm across

To me flower colour looks different, flowers smaller (could you tell the flower length?), and leaves more sessile than Nepeta erecta. Some more views of leaf attachment of lower and upper leaves please??.

Looks like some Stachys Sp.

I cannot recollect strongly, … the flower could be about 10 mm across, about 20 mm long.
Let me see if I can fetch some other views of this plant.
Will post them if I get some new views.

Stachys sericea I guess

Agree with Stachys sericea

To me it does not look like Stachys sericea. Would be happy to consider it similar to plant uploaded by … and identified as Stachys melissifolia.

To me this also looks like Stachys melissifolia.
The other plant is Stachys emodi Hedge, which has stems covered with long silky hairs – see … plant here:
The naming seems to be terribly messed up:
sericea Wall. ex Benth is treated as as synonym of Stachys emodi Hedge (accepted name) at GRIN
Stachys emodi Hedge is treated as an illegitimate synonym of Stachys melissifolia Benth. (accepted name)
At TPL, Stachys sericea Wall. ex Benth is treated as an illegitimate synonym of Stachys melissifolia Benth. (accepted)
At TPL, Stachys sericea Cav. is accepted name

PS: This plant is wrongly labelled as Nepeta erecta in K.R. Keshava Murthy’s book, probably the source of … preliminary thinking.
You can see Nepeta erecta in this link:
and in the attached picture from FOH.

Yes … Nomenclature of this genus seems to be confusing. Let us see if we have some clear view in future.

VoF Week :: DV :: 02 AUG 12 – 0929 :: ¿ Stachys melissifolia ? at Valley of Flowers:
2 AUG 12
Valley of Flowersabout 11500 ft

Habitat: sloping meadow
Habit: herb, about 1 m high; flower about 1 – 1.5 cm across

I think yes

Lovely shots of Stachys melissifolia 

Stachys melissifolia Benth.
at Valley of Flowers on August 2, 2012
along Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trail on August 1, 2012 

Phlomis bracteosa (Purple Jerusalem Sage)

Valley of Flowers


This looks like Stachys melissifolia

Thanks … for the correct flower ID

VoF Week: 04092012 BS 2 Nepeta for id from VoF:
Nepeta sp for id from VoF.
Herb upto 1 m height

Stachys melissifolia

Yes …, it is Stachys melissifolia.  

VOF Week: Stachys sp ?? at VoF:
This is one more set of photographs. Could this also be Stachys melissifolia ? (Family: Lamiaceae).

I think yes

VOF Week: Stachys melissifolia ?? at VoF:
Could this be Stachys melissifolia?? (Family: Lamiaceae).
Location: VoF.

I think yes. Good photographs

uttarakhand uid2 30092011:
sending photo of some Lamiaceae member>pls help in identification

Date/Time- 4.09.2011
Location-Place, Altitude, Chopta, 2900 m
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- wild
Plant Habit-Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- herb
Height/Length- about 30 – 50 cm
Leaves Type/Shape/ Size-As in photo
Flowers Size/Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- Fls. aromatic
Fruits Type/Shape/ Size Seeds-Not seen

Some Leucas species

It is Clinopodium umbrosum (Lamiaceae)
You can see my photo attached. Hope both are same

… it is not Clinopodium umbrosum

Where is your photograph, not attached here.
Flowers are not very clear but leaves suggest Stachys sericea
Please have a look at these links for Clinopodium

Yes Stachys sericea

Amarnath Yatra: Balsam Sp?? for ID (NSJ-03 03/09/2013) : Attachments (3). 2 posts by 2 authors.
One more plant looking like Balsam Sp for ID

Location – Chandanwari to Pissu top route
Altitude – Approx 11000′
Date Aug 11, 2013

Should be Stachys sericea

Seen this herb on Dhel – Bheradnala Trek route at GHNP at an altitude of approx. 3000m.
Bot. name: Stachys melissifolia
Family: Lamiaceae
Date/Time: 29-09-2014 / 01:20PM

Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Stachys sp. from Chakrata- NS May 30/30 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)
This is again from Chakrata area, I hope this is a Stachys sp…Stachys sericea ??

Please check also Gomphostemma as like this verticillasters found in both the genera.

Gomphostemma species so far in efi & efi page on Stachys melissifolia (syn. Stachys sericea Wall. ex Benth. [Illegitimate])

It looks me Stachys sericea

Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Stachys for specification from VOF-NS May 136/136 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
This erect herb was recorded from vof area, earlier label with me says Stachys melissifolia
experts requested to give valuable opinion..

SK307JAN08-2016:ID : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

Location: Kalinchowk, Dolakha, Nepal
Altitude: 9000 ft.
Date: 26 July 2014
Lamiaceae ..??

Appears so.

I think Stachys sp.

Stachys species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net) 

Stachys melissifolia Benth. (accepted name) ???

Yes, … Close to Stachys melissifolia as per images at

Annotated checklist of flowering plants of Nepal and Books of Nepal listed as Stachys melissaefolia Benth. whereas google and other websites showing Stachys melissifolia Benth.  Why is such difference ? 

…, I think names containing double / triple vowels are revised to have single vowel. Let us wait for better / correct understanding.

I think there are mistakes in spelling sometimes in publications. But I think we have to follow what ever is published initially. I do not know if I am correct.

For the correct spelling you may use WWW.IPNI.ORG which lists this name as Stachys melissifolia although in original description it is labelled as Stachys melissaefolia.

Thanks, …  That means I was wrong.

As per Code ‘mellisaefolia’ is correctable to ‘mellisifolia’

Thank you all for clarifying the complications of ID !
Stachys melissifolia Benth.
Nepali Name : मिगिना  Miginaa 


ID please- 031117PV1 : 1 post by 1 author.
Pl. identify the Herb from Gobindghat to Ghangharia

Likely to be Stachys sp.

Please provide additional pics, if you have …

Pl. Check comparative images at /species/a—l/l/lamiaceae/stachys

Appears close to images at Stachys melissifolia Benth. although image is not clear.

Dear sir please help me to identify the species : 17 posts by 5 authors. 1 image.
please help me to identify the following species
Species for Identification –
location – Barot, Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude- 2800-3000m
Date 21- August-2017

This can be Stachys sp.

Pl. check

Could you match with any species at the given link?

till not found any match sir

Do you have any other image?
Pl. check with images at /species/a—l/l/lamiaceae/stachys/stachys-emodi

Pictures do not match.

Check for Pedaliaceae as well.

Pedaliaceae is not represented in the Flora of Himachal Pradesh. Only cultivated Sesamum indicum is found here. Rugose leaf surface is again not found in Pedaliaceae.

Sir I am sending d pic, Attachments (1) – 1 mb

Did you check with the suggested id?

It is Stachys melissifolia listed as Stachys sericea in FLORA OF KULLU by Dhaliwal & Sharma

Saw these at many places along the Govindghat – Ghangaria trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
Requested to please provide ID.

Anisomeles sp.

Stachys melissifolia


Kullu, HPOct’09?; 26-09-2010: Near Cheeka (On the way to hampta Pass): approx 10000 ft- Manali region;

lamiaceae sp? 071110-PKA2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Stachys sericea from Kullu, HP – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Lamiaceae member

Stachys floccosa Benth. !

I think more closer to images at Stachys melissifolia

Please look at the hairy stem : FoI

Pl. see the leafy bracts (?) around the flowers.