Strobilanthes micrantha Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 4: t. 1519 1850. (Syn: Taeniandra micrantha (Wight) Bremek.) as per efi thread;

SW-Ghats (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per Catalogue of life;
Small Flowered Strobilanthes;

Large shrubs; branchlets quadrangular, glabrous. Leaves to 18 x 9 cm, elliptic, acuminate at both ends, crenulate, glabrous; lateral nerves 9 pairs, pubescent below. Spikes 5-10 cm long, ovoid to oblong, solitary, axillary, enlarging in fruit; peduncles deflexed, glabrous; bracts 27 x 12 mm, lanceolate, hirtus, with an oval depression towards the base inside; bracteoles hairy. Calyx 17 mm long, lobes acuminate; corolla 18 mm long, campanulate with deflexed lobes; reddish brown; staminal filaments glabrous. Seeds 6 x 4 mm, oblong.

Flowering and fruiting: November-April
Evergreen and shola forests
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)




Came across this Strobilanthes sp. near Munnar, Kerala (November).
This photos are from my old collection and unfortunately these are the only photos i have of this sp.
As  indicated by …, additional photos of leaves, stems, etc would have been of help for arriving at proper ID. I agree and its a good suggestion ..

I think this represents Strobilanthes micranthus Wight



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