Strobilanthes sabiniana (Wall. ex Lindl.) Nees, ; in Wall., Pl. As. Rar. 3: 86 (1832). (Syn. Strobilanthes sabiniana var. argentea Nees);

by Prashent Awale (Identified by JRI Wood) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Sabine’s Strobilanthes;

Flower from Sohra- Cherapunjee: Attachments (2). 8 posts by 6 authors.
Came across this flower in the forest cover of “Sohra-Cherapunjee“. Any clue on its ID..

… colour and texture of Strobilanthes … sheer thought.

Beautiful pix, DSC0096, … Looks rather like Ruellia, but the spiral structure dissuades me. 

  How many more such aces you have up your sleeve?! 😉  This one is not going to be easy. How about asking JRI Wood?

This flower has been identified as Strobilanthes sabiniana, a rare Himalayan flower, by JRI Wood, who is a researcher and an authority on Strobilanthes species.

… rarer the flower, greater the joy.



Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Strobilanthes sabiniana. :: Meghalaya :: PKA-MAR07/07:: : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Strobilanthes sabiniana from Meghalaya

Wonderful !!



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