On 9/8/08 near HAU, Hyderabad, A.P.; Plant for Id- 021109Jm – efloraofindia | Google Groups




Wild Flower for ID – 160112 – RK: Request Id of this flower. Pics taken in Lakkavally, Karnataka at a resort on Bhadravati banks on 07-01-12 at 1.30 pm. Size of flower-about 1 cm.

Could be a species of Strobilanthes of Acanthaceae family.

Could be a species of Barleria.




Nilgiris: Strobilanthus for identification 301012MK03: Please help me to identify this Acanthaceae member. I saw this along the roadside soaring up to 10 feet long but never in flowers. But a few km away, I found some flowering plants that are comparatively smaller in height.

Leaf: up to 15 cm long; serrate margin
Flower: 5cm long
Date: 16 Oct 2012
Alt: 2450 m asl
Place: Western Catchement, Nilgiris, TN






Please help me to identify this Strobilanthus sp. of Acanthaceae. This is commonly seen in roadsides.
Leaf: up to 10 cm long
Flower: 2.5cm across
Date: 16 Oct 2012
Place: Western Catchement, Nilgiris, TN
Alt: 2405 m asl

Do you know the number of stamens?

I observed 4 stamens in a flower;



Place: along Doddabetta Road (about 8466 ft asl), Ooty
Time: November 17, 2011 at 1.16pm
Habit: medium-sized shrub,
Habitat: growing wild on hill slope.
Flowering profusely, however could sight only for about 50 – 75 m. stretch