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fig size fruit ID from Hooghly 27-04-12 SK:
This is a small tree bearing fig or NIMBU size fruits found on roadside. Is this BON-NARENGA, the plant which is used to treat skin disease?
Species : Gelonium multiflorum (syn. Suregada multiflora) ???
Habit & Habitat : small tree, about 10 ft, wild roadside
Date : 25-04-12, 10.05 a.m.
Place : Gobra (Hooghly), WB

The plant is Gelonium multiflorum of Euphorbiaceae. It is very common in south Bengal and along the coastal regions!!

Today i visited the same plant and photographed a ripe fruit from the same tree. Attaching those photographs.

very nice pictures and follow up of a tree and its fruits that we do not see in urban tended gardens…
Ek-Kodi Ghosh moshay (of Kol Bot G) writes in his book that another plant (Biophytum sensitvum is also called Bon-naranga…) and also seen in Howrah and Hooghly… along roads and streets…

A search in the net says this plant is an annual. Pictures available also. Just need your blessings and i have it.

Yes, It is Suregada multiflora.

Hooghly Today : Gelonium multiflorum A.Juss. (Suregada multiflora (A.Juss.) Baill.) : 12 images. 6 posts by 4 authors.
I have an earlier post of this small tree. This time it is male flowers, and they are fragrant.
Last three pictures are from another tree, while i was returning in the late afternoon. Though it is known as নারিঙ্গা / নারেঙ্গা (NARINGA / NARENGA) in Bengali, neither ‘Bengal Plants’ nor ‘Flora Indica’ mentions any Bengali name for this tree! Instead, it is BAN-NARINGA in Hindi.

Very lovely pics … the plant as well as the guest..

They are Common Crow butterflies.

A reply from another thread:
“It is not even Suregada. Fruits look like Glochidion but the leaves are very different.”

Yes, This is Suregada multiflora.


EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT :: Suregada multiflora :: SMP 37 : 2 images. 2 posts by 2 authors.
Suregada multiflora
Planted in Botanical garden of University of Pune

The leaf-opposed inflorescences are sufficient to identify it.

EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT: Suregada multiflora from Uttarakhand_DSR_50 : Attachments (2). 10 posts by 4 authors.
Suregada multiflora (A.Juss.) Baill. is a commonly planted avenue tree in Pantnagar.

Yes. It is Suregada multiflora.

I am sorry. It is not Suregada multiflora. I need some time to identify it.

I am sorry. I am unable to identify the plant even at generic level.

Please see one earlier post in this forum
It has also been identified as S.multiflora.

It is not even Suregada. Fruits look like Glochidion but the leaves are very different.

I am taking it as Suregada multiflora in view of reply in another thread.

Yes to me it is !
The fruits in first picture are aberration in cultivated individual thus showing many deeper lobes. I have seen normal fruits on the same plants which fairly agree with Suregada multiflora.

Small tree for ID : Attachments (1). 9 posts by 6 authors.
Location : Lengpui, Mizoram. Date : 29-03-2014.
Habitat : Wild. Habit : A small, evergreen tree with scented flowers.

This looks to be a Litsea sp….

Litsea some species in India & efloraofindia with some keys

Suregada multiflora ?

As per discussion in a thread and as per description of inflorescence of Litsea and Suregada in FoC, this can be S. multiflora (Jussieu) Baillon.

Suregada multiflora

I forwarded the message to … who did her Ph. D. on Litsea. No reply.
On a closer look and further leads from …, I examined the photo. Now I find that the leaf-opposed inflorescences are sufficient to identify it as Suregada multiflora, a common species

Habit: Shrub
Habitat: Hill forest

Location: Chittagong Hill Tract
Fruiting: May

This series of 3 pics is Suregada / Gelonium; cf. Suregada multiflora (A.Juss.) Baill.

Yes, it is Suregada multiflora.

Suregada multiflora


Tree ID from Bangladesh SM063 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2).
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Garden
Location: Dhaka City Flowering: March

maybe a Suregada species

Suregada species in efi  

Suregada multiflora.


help in identification of this plant : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
its a slender, medium sized tree.

it has been collected in this month only.. april from burdwan district of west bengal.. from a forest.

It looks like Suregada lanceolata of Euphorbiaceae, female plant

Yes, typical Suregada multiflora.


Help in ID please: 2 images.
Can someone ID this plant?

Location: Gundla Brahmeswaram wildlife sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Habitat: Stream banks
Photo taken in March 2023

Suregada multiflora.