Syzygium hemisphericum (Wight) Alston, Handb. Fl. Ceylon 6(Suppl.): 115 1931. (Syn: Eugenia hemispherica Wight; Jambosa hemispherica Wight [Invalid]; Jambosa hemispherica Walp.; Strongylocalyx hemisphaericus (Wight) Blume);
India, Sri Lanka, Thailand (introduced) as per Catalogue of Life;


It is my pleasure to share few images of Syzygium hemisphericum (Myrtaceae


Habit: Tree 

Habitat: Wild, Semi-evergreen forest fringe 

Sighting: Sakaleshpur, Karnataka, about 1000 msl 

Date: 18-02-2016

very nice. any fruits yet?

Thanks … No fruits yet.

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siz-ZY-gee-um — from the Greek syzygos (joined), referring to the paired leaves
hem-is-FEER-ih-kum — alternate spelling to hemisphaericum; hemispherical
Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: hemispheric-tubed rose-appleKannada: ಬನ ನೇರಳೆ bana nerale, ಕಾಡು ಪನ್ನೇರಳೆ kaadu pannerale, ಮಕ್ಕಿ ನೇರಳೆ makki neraleKonkani: रेडी जांभूळ Redi jambulMalayalam: തോല്‍ഞാവല്‍ teal-naval, വെള്ളഞാറ vellanara, വെണ്‍ഞാറ ven-naraMarathi: गोलजांब goljambTamil: வெள்ளைநாவல் vellai-naval, வெண்ணாவல் vennaval
botanical names: Syzygium hemisphericum (Wight) Alston … synonyms: Eugenia hemispherica Wight • Jambosa hemispherica Wight [Invalid] • Jambosa hemispherica Walp. • Strongylocalyx hemisphaericus (Wight) Blume … The Plants List
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Photo taken at Chorla, Karnataka on 18 FEB 12
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Syzygium hemisphericum (Wight) Alston SN May 20 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).

Syzygium hemisphericum (Wight) Alston, Fam: Myrtaceae,
tree, seen near Dharmasthala, Karnataka

Crassulaceae, Combretaceae & Myrtaceae fortnight : Syzygium hemisphericul : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).
Sharing picture of Syzygium hemisphericum
from Amboli, Sindhudurg MH

Nice photographs …

Bot. name: Syzygium hemisphericum
Family: Myrtaceae
Local name: Goljamb
Location: Chorla Ghat, Belgaum-Goa route.

Very good upload …

ANFEB03 Syzygium hemisphericum : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (9)

Family: Myrtaceae
Date: 1st February 2015
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka

Habit: Tree
Identified by: …

Tree for ID SMP 29/05/10 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 8 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (2)

Seen at Amboli.
Pictures from two different trees. I think both are same.
Myrtaceae member Syzigium. For ID
29 May2010 5:00 PM
Amboli. Western ghats
15 Meters
Flowers- White, Orange Pink tinge

I too think they are from the same Syzigium species

Both look like Syzigium cumini to me.

Pls check Syzygium hemisphericum

Both are Syzigium zeylanicum for sure.

Sorry for inadequate information.
The flower size is 3-4cm.
So most likely Syzigium hemisphericum

As per my concern this should be Syzygium hemisphericum. Even also u will find this species in Flowers of Sahaydri.


Syzigium cumini : Attachments (5). 19 posts by 8 authors.
The beautiful flowering of Syzigium cumini seen at Anashi WLS, Karnataka, last week of April, ’10.

The flowers and leaves especially the tender ones in the last picture reminds me of Rose Apple. I may be wrong though.

… the flowers of both are quite similar but S. cumini is yellowish in centre as seen in my pics.

There are 2 different species ie. first 3 pictures are of Syzygium zeylanicum for sure, and the later 2 pictures could be Syzygium cummii. Please see the difference in the inflorescence itself; one is (first 3 pictures) terminal or axis or terminal leaves and the later is born on old stem. Further, if you have taken the late 2 pictures from any riparian (from stream/river with rocks and all) this would again be another species so please tell me from where you have taken the later 2 pictures.

the first three photos may be Syzygium hemisphericum (Wight) Alston (Syn: Eugenia hemispherica Wight, Ic. t. 525. 1842: Jambosa hemispherica (Wight) Walp.) if it has been collected from locations near to streams or river.
Last two photos belong to Syzygium cumini.

Thank you …, Yes there was a dried stream near by. Thank you for both the IDs and sorry fo rthe mix -up.

If you have shot the last 2 pictures from a stream it is not S.cummini nor S.hemisphericum but S.heyneanum. I am working on the pollination ecology of selected Syzygiums in the WG and this is one among them.

Like Giby, i too think it is not S. cumini.

Any key characters differentiating these?

Syzygium zeylanicum has white berries’ as per BV Shetty et. al. in Plant resources of W.Ghats and lowlands of Dakshina kannada & Udipi (2002).

It is not true, If that is the case written in that book. Last season I handled lots of fruits of the S. zeylanicum. Further, color other than flowers, is not a valid character for id. By the way, dear …, I was not mentioning it as S. zeylanicum but S heyneanum. Have you mistaken at some point?

Thank you for the lead and useful facts sir, I understood your point of identification.
I just added more information on this thread, if someone like to compare these species.


Tree for id_Goa Forest: 4 images.

This tree was observed in Feb 2022 near Goa.
Tree size-28-30 feet
Seems like a Syzygium species
Kindly confirm the species

Syzygium jambos (L.) Alston ???

Syzygium hemisphericum