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siz-ZY-gee-um — Greek: syzygos (joined), referring to the paired leaves … Dave’s Botanary
LEE-tum OR LAY-tum — happy, vivid … Dave’s Botanary 

ANDEC75 Syzygium laetum (with regular crimson flowers and also white coloured variant) : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (7).

Found these two Syzygium laetum in two separate spots in Agumbe.
The white coloured variant’s identity has been confirmed by …
Agumbe, Karnataka
26th December 2014

Excellent images …

Agumbe :: Syzygium laetum :: DVJAN48 : 1 post by 1 author. 5 images.
Agumbe Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
Date: 26 DEC 2014 … Altitude: about 700 m asl
Syzygium laetum (Buch.-Ham.) Gandhi … (family: Myrtaceae)

via Species‎ > ‎S‎ > Syzygium laetum (Buch.-Ham.) Gandhi … family: Myrtaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
siz-ZY-gee-um — Greek: syzygos (joined), referring to the paired leaves … Dave’s Botanary
LEE-tum OR LAY-tum — happy, vivid … Dave’s Botanary 
common name(s) in Malayalamകൊള്ളിഞാവൽ kollinjaval • Marathiदेव जांभूळ dev jambhul 
botanical namesSyzygium laetum (Buch.-Ham.) Gandhi … synonymsEugenia laeta Buch.-Ham. • Jambosa laeta (Buch.-Ham.) Blume … Biotik 
December 26, 2014 … Agumbe 

Thank you …, For  the details and the photograph.


Syzygium laetum near Kali Tiger Reserve : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

Seen this tree en-route Shirvegudda near kali Tiger Reserve (North Karnataka),. This entire trek route was blooming with these flowers.. a unique sight to watch..
Bot. name: Syzygium laetum
Family: Myrtaceae
Date/Time: 23-01-2018 / 11:00AM

Please help me to identify this tree found in evergreen forest of western ghats.
Place: Valparai, TN
Date: 26 Aug 2012
Alt.: 950 m asl
Height: 6 metres
Leaf: 5-7cm long
Fruit: 3cm long

Eugenia terpnophylla var. keralensis

This plant looks a lot like Eugenia thwaitesii.
… – What do you think?
… – could you send us your publication where you have described this new variety

Apology for the wrong identity. This could be Eugenia thwaitesii.

…, see the attached PDF of the article you asked for

Thank you …, could you please also send us the paper which reports this species for the first time in India.

I have a feeling of Syzygium laetum considering the size and shape of fruits. In E.thweitesii, I think, the fruits are globose and smaller than that mentioned here. I suggest to wait until nov. Dec to flower and confirm it.

THis picture I took inside the forest, Coorg, in the month of Dec.2008.
Please give ID

Have a look to the article on following link
http://theviewspaper.net/ society/2008/12/4994

This flower, I saw only one in that plant around 2 metre above the ground. I do not remember whether it is a thorny plant. One of the participant in the group told me the name, which start with letter V.
It is a big plant as … think, but I am not able to give dimensions

If the plant is from Kodagu (Coorg) then it could be syzigium sp. which is seen in the evergreen forests


It must be Syzygium laetum – see photo attached taken in Dajipur forests 3 years back in December.
1 image.

Photo posted earlier – from forest of Coorg – must be Syzygium laetum (have posted a photo for comparison in my mail. It has red as well as white flowers, large size. The tree is evergreen medium sized, rare in Maharashtra.

Capparis flower has a gynophore which is distinctly visible in your Capparis picture while the photograph of the flower from Coorg is not showing that. It looks like Syzigium laetum. Even I had observed the same one in the Silent Valley but could not take the photograph as we were in a bus.


An yellow form of Syzygium laetum – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 1 image.
Syzygium laetum (Buch.-Ham.) Gandhi, another endemic from south India

Here is my “Flora Picture of the Year 2012”.
Lucky to spot this plant which was eluding me for last few years. Thanks to … for the ID.
Bot. name: Syzygium laetum

Nice beauty … Very nicely presented. This flower is one of … favourites.

Very nice picture of Dev Jambhul a rare tree indeed.
I also like the flower esp. similar ones with large number of long stamens. The colour is remarkable too.
I have included this in Flora Picture2012


Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight: Myrtaceae-Syzygium laetum at Karnataka -PKA-DEC49: : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
One more pic. of  Syzygium laetum. This was also my  “Flora Picture of the Year 2012”.
Family: Myrtaceae.

very nice flower
Now I want to see the fruit
do you have any even if from another tree?

Plant from Yana (North Karnataka).
Bot. name: Syzygium laetum,
Family: Myrtaceae
Local Marathi name: Dev Jambhul.


Syzygium laetum at Pushpagiri WLS: Karnataka: PKA11: 3 images.
Sharing few pics of Syzygium laetum from Pushpagiri WLS: Karnataka.

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