Tamarix dioica Roxb. ex Roth, Nov. pl. sp. 185. 1821 (syn: Tamarix articulata Wall.; Tamarix bengalensis B. R. Baum; Tamarix bengalensis Baum; Tamarix longipetiolata Blatt. & Hallb.);
S. & E. Iran to Myanmar: Afghanistan, Assam, Bangladesh, East Himalaya, India, Iran, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan as per POWO;
India: Gregarious along the banks of rivers and streams. Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar as per BSI Flora of India;
Tajikistan, Afghanistan (Helmand, Kandahar. Nangarhar, Nimroz), Pakistan (Baluchistan, Karachi, Sind, Waziristan, N.W.Frontier Prov., Pakistani Punjab, Jhelum), Myanmar [Burma] (Mandalay), Iran (E-Iran, S-Iran), Bhutan, Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir, Jammu), Pakistani Kashmir (Mirpur), India (Indian Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra), Nepal, Bangladesh, China (Xinjiang) as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Red Tamarisk • Hindi: फ़राश Farash, लाल झाड़ Lal-jhar • Nepali: झउवा Jhauwa • Sanskrit: Jhavuka, Machika • Tamil: sivappattushavukku • Telugu: ettashirisaru, ettaverusaru, farash, sarru, lal-jhau • Urdu: Farash, Gazesurkh

Tamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth from Kamrup district, Assam: (9 pictures) Attached images areTamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth.
Date :15.02.2013
Location: Kamrup district
Family : Tamaricaceae
Genus & species :Tamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth
Habitat: Grows wild on bank of the Brahmaputra river
Habit : Shrub
Vern. Name : Jhau-Bon (Assamese)
Flower : Not seen
Fruits : Not seen

Nice Set of Pics

Tree for Id (xi) : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3).
Bangalore 21st May

Tamarix sp.

Tamarix species in India & eFI with details & some keys

It could be Tamaris dioica

Yes Tamarix dioica

Tamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth from Assam KD 08,2017 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)
Attached images are Tamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth.
Date :24.07.2017
Location: Assam
Family : Tamaricaceae
Genus & species : Tamarix dioica Roxb.ex.Roth.
Habitat: Grows wild on bank of the river
Habit : Shrub

Tamarix dioica from Delhi-GS01112020-2 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Tamarix dioica Roxb. ex Roch
Wazirabad Delhi, 19-8-2009


Flora of Panipat: Tamarix aphylla from Delhi Parallel Branch Near Panipat:
Tamarix aphylla
from Delhi Parallel Branch Near Panipat
A xerophytic small tree, growing wildly

Very nice plant, pls also locate female flowers. A ‘must see’ plant on our trip.

This plant in this series looks like a herb/small plant… but I thought it was more like a small (often)  (rarely quite tall) tree… often planted in SW USA as a windbreak or soil erosion prevention…

Yes … There are medium size trees of TA are also there in our area

This is Tamarix dioica as per images and details herein.
Looks different from Tamarix aphylla as per images and details herein.

Delhi Shrub for ID:
Help for the ID of this shrub
Recorded from Yamuna Bank, Delhi
Flw: Oct.

Tamarix sp.

Tamarix dioica

Is that a Tamarix gallica var indica
Please check following link for that
and one link on our group- efi thread

I am confused between Tamarix dioica or Tamarix gallica var. indica

I am more confused than you. Species are generally distinguished on the basis of leaf sheaths, and that too in clear close ups. I have never sure about my Tamarix species in Delhi

Flora of Pakistan writes, Tamarix indica as the valid accepted name and Tamarix gallica var. indica as synonym.

I am safe, I generally don’t get dragged when it comes to tropical trees, even if it is mango. I am never sure. But yes herbaceous plants of N W Himalyas, I won’t sleep till matter gets solved.

Is it Tamarix ramosissima

I think this is Tamarix dioica (as originally suggested by …) as per images and details herein.

Tamarix dioica Roxb. ex Roth- Nubra, Ladakh:
In Nubra valley, Ladakh in the sand dunes, on 16.6.22.

The plant is very resistant to salinity, high and low temperature. Should be used in shelterbelt to check sand dunes

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