Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1911(10): 418 418 1911. (Syn. Asclepias pallida Roxb. (Unresolved); Pergularia pallida (Roxb.) Wight & Arn.);
Telosma vine • Hindi: Surkilla • Telugu: Konda male-tige, Aalapala, Errumalle-tige;
As per efi thread :

Bengal Plants describes –

Twining sub shrubs; stem slender, densely pubescent. Leaves opposite, 7- 16 x 40-7 cm, ovate-oblong, apex shortly acuminate, base cordate, pubescent, densely on nerves; petiole 1-2,5 cm long, pubescent. Flowers lateral, many, in umbellate cymes, peduncle from between the petioles, 5-12 mm long; pedicels 1cm long, pubescent; bracts 2-6 x 1-1.5 mm, linear or linear-lanceolate, caducous. Calyx divided to the base; lobes ca. 7 x 3 mm, oblong, tip obtuse, densely pubescent without, glandular within. Corolla 1. 5 cm long, salver-shaped, pale cream-coloured; tube 1.5 mm long; lobes oblong, obtuse. Corona of 5, erect lobes arising from base of staminal column, free above, with subulate processes on inner face, exceeding the length of stylar apex; pollinia oblong; caudicle short. Carpels free, globular; stylar apex pentangular. Follicles 6-10 cm long, lanceolate, glabrous; seeds 7 mm long, ovate, falttened, strongly margined, glabrous, coma 2.5 cm long.
Flowering and fruiting: April-May  
Scrub jungles
India and Myanmar


Flora of Haryana- Telosma cordata from the fields of Directorate of Wheat Research Karnal: Flora of Haryana- Telosma cordata from the fields of  Directorate of Wheat Research Karnal
This climber was shot from the boundary of DWR fields. I waited for three days to see its flowers but they were not there. Then i plucked a branch with flowering bud and planted at my home . Flowers were there after a few days.
I idfied this as Telosma cordata
pls validate 

it was not having fragrance so more chances are for Telosma pallida

Yes … this is surely Telosma pallida

Flora of Panipat: Telosma pallida from Madlouda Panipat: Flora of Panipat: Telosma pallida from Madlouda Panipat
Wild, a twiner growing in roadside area 




I.D of herb please:   Name-unidentified herb

place-Haripal,district-hooghly,West Bengal.

may be some Holostemma spp. thyrasiflora????

This might be Telosma sp. –

Agree with …,Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib Syn: Asclepias pallida Roxb.; Pergularia pallida (Roxb.) Wight & Arn.

Telosma sp. from Hooghyl: 9 + 3 images.  11 posts by 4 authors.

Found this twiner in a shady place, under dense canopies of other trees, intertwined with other species like Smilax and Cayratia trifolia, hanging from an unknown tree.
But, my species –
  1. stems far more than 3 meters, unlike T. pallida in Flora of China –
  2. corolla tube “as long as or shorter than lobes” , like T. pallida in Flora of China –
  3. Flowers seems to be odourless, i didn’t smell, even if fragrant, must be faintly. like T. pallida in Flora of China –
  4. no. of basal veins (leaves) of my species = i am confused
Species : Telosma sp., close to Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib
Habit & Habitat : wild slender twiner, under tree canopy, more than 15 feet high
Date : 4/7/12. 12.42 p.m.
Place : Garalgacha, Hooghly

It is indeed Telosoma cordata a fragrant flowering creeper the flowers of which are called as kodi sampangi in Tamil

I revisited this plant a couple of days ago, on the 18th, this month. The flowers are not fragrant, nor even the faintest way. I attach latest photos.

Please see the link on T.pallida, wherein   … has posted the photographs (ID confirmed):!msg/indiantreepix/6SmkEdeOsTk/_9onzeT-ZogJ. The photographs of the leaves posted by you do not match with those. Therefore, please recheck for ID confirmation or otherwise..

I do not claim that my species is T. pallida, neither do i claim it is T. cordata. Please note, i have written in my post, these very words : “Species : Telosma sp., close to Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib“.
According to Flora of China ( and a pdf file available at,, the leaf apex of Telosma pallida is acuminate, flowers are odorless or nearly so. If an image at correctly shows what an acuminate apex means, i think my species leaves have the same feature, and again it can be compared with –,, maybe leaves of my second uploads also feature ovate-cordate and base deeply cordate, besides flowers are odorless.

Today once again i recorded some more pics of the same plant, from the same place. Hope these pics will help determine the ID of this species, be it T. pallida or T. cordata or some other. These flowers are never fragrant, as have been checked by some of my students also.
Average scaling of leaves and flowers :-
  • leaf petiole = 3.2 cm
  • leaf blade = 7.5 cm x 5 cm
  • peduncle = 1.1 cm
  • pedicel = 0.8 cm

Also refer to discussions in other threads:




Unless one is healthy and free of bad habits of smoking and/or other form of addiction it is unlikely that the person would be capable of sensing mild fragrance of some plants. So, i asked two of my students to smell these flowers and tell me how they feel like. 
The verdict (all of us) : these flowers do have faint/mild fragrant, but not always.
I think it is the same species as in my earlier upload at –
Species : Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib
H & H : wild twiner in roadside thicket
Date : 20/9/12, 1.05 p.m.
Place : Hooghly




Hooghly Today : Pergularia pallida Wight & Arn. (Bengal Plants) : Attachments (4).  1 post by 1 author.

Bengal Plants describes –
Now, which character do we take to id this plant – 1) flower colour? 2) fragrance? 3) corolla lobes? 4) habitat (one is wild & one is in garden)?
You can check other characters in Flora of British India or Flora Indica, and of course our adorable FoC & FoP.
Here are some illustrations for you and me, who do not know botany or botanical terms –





Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib from Kamrup district (Metro) : Attachments (7). 3 posts by 3 authors.
I hope that attached images are Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib [= Pergularia pallida Wight & Arn.] collected from Kamrup district (Metro). Please validate the sp.  
Date :06.08.2013
Location: Kamrup district (Metro)
Family : Apocynaceae
Genus & species : Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib [= Pergularia pallida Wight & Arn.]
Habitat: Grows wild on fences  .
Habit : Climber 

I also think this looks like Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib.





Flora of Panipat 2013: Telosma pallida for validation : Attachments (5). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This vine was shot from near Panipat last week.. (9.19.13)
I hope this is Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib…. please validate..

Telosma pallida has been flowering in and around Mumbai too and is a refreshingly beautiful vine in new leaf. Have attached a photograph of the baby leaves clicked in an adivasi hamlet in Dahanu during the weekend. (10.9.13)

Thanks … for your response and nice picture.. wanted to have expert view on the id…

Regarding urgent need of Pergularia pallida (powders of fruit, root, flower) : 1 post by 1 author.

I need Pergularia pallida (Telosma pallida) powders of root, fruit and flowers.
Can anyone please tell me how can I get this powder ?


ID-DKB184 Attachments (2). 8 posts by 4 authors.

Plant from Virat nagar Forest Jaipur

For ID(ID-DKB184) It is a climber on P.juliflora

Photo Taken on-26.8.2009

Fragrant Telosma (Telosma cordata)

Telosma pallida, the one I uploaded few days back.

Is it Telosma pallida or Telosma cordata?

…, any idea if the flowers were fragrant? I believe, Telosma pallida flowers are scentless.

I can’t say But I will visit again to note this Thing.

yours seems to be T. cordata, mine T. pallida. thanks for pointing out

FOP treats Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib as a syn. of Telosma cordata (Burm. f.) Merrill
As per FOC:

2 (1) Corolla lobes oblong; flowers very fragrant   1 Telosma cordata
+ Corolla lobes lanceolate; flowers odorless or nearly so  

2 Telosma pallida

To me the post matches with the images of Telosma pallida 



ID request 12092016PC1 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Kindly identify this creeper, probably a species of Jasminum, growing wild in JNU campus, Delhi. It is flowering now.

Where exactly in JNU campus …? I want to have a look at it again.

I had photographed it from Old Delhi Ridge

Yes …, I had seen your post. I had also seen it in Delhi. However, I want to have a closer look at this plant again. That is why I wanted to know where exactly it is flowering.

It is on the left side of the main road entering JNU from North gate, just before either the first left turn toward type VI quarters or the left turn in front of Kamal complex market. 

Thank you … 





ID Request-PKA1- July2017 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
I had seen this climber at the outskirts of Nagpur.
Kindly suggest ID.. 

Pl. check comparative images at Apocyanaceae page in efi site. 

Your plant is Telosma pallida,



Vine for ID, Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh NAW-AUG18-01 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Kindly identify this wild vine with white flowers and heart-shaped leaves photographed in June 2018 at a farm near Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh.

Telosma pallida (Roxb.) W. G. Craib [Apocynaceae].



060719NN1: For identification : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 2 mb or more. 
Shall be grateful if you will identify the plant.

Seems to Telosma sp. Could be T. pallida. Apocynaceae.

I also feel closer to Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib  as per keys and comparative images at Telosma

Cynanchum sp.


Please also check for Telosma pallida (=Pergularia pallida) of Apocynaceae.

Telosma species. But need to check the leaves for the proper ID at the species level. Please post the leaves photos which are clear.

Thanks, …, for the id.
To me also appears close to images at Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib

SD021 21-07-20 Plant ID support : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)- around 550 kb each. 

Other recipients:
I posted wrong image of flower in my last post. Kindly ignore that. Here is the correct image. Climber ID, found in Mangar village, Haryana. Elevation 230-270 m Thanks
I posted wrong image of flower in my last post. Kindly ignore that. Here is the correct image.
Climber ID, found in Mangar village, Haryana. Elevation 230-270 m

Apocyanceae ??

Echites species ??? Not sure.

It is Telosma pallida (Roxb.) Craib

As per link, Telosma pallida is also known as Pergularia pallida..

And there’s another plant I’ve seen a lot here called Pergularia daemia. Is Pergularia daemia different from Telosma pallida?

Yes, different as per images and details at Pergularia daemia