Mar. name Pan papani;  

Images by Ravi (1,2,3-ID by M.




and Pravin Kawale





As per efi thread

As per “Bengal Plants” –
  • flowers yellow,; peduncles bearing a whorl of vesicles ………. stellaris
  • flowers yellow; peduncles without vesicles ……… flexuosa






ID of Utricularia species!: Utricularia snaps from 1-4 are different species with floaters whereas Utricularia snaps from 5 to 7 are without floaters and smaller with yellow flowers!

Please check the following species

1-4 Utricularia aurea
4-7 utricularia exoleta
Would you please let me where you took these pictures from?

It had floaters followed with flowers which were above the surface of water. 1-4 Utricularia spp. Unfortunately these variety of plants aren’t existing anymore. Those photographs were taken four years back in one of the lakes of Bangalore!

I have never heard of Utricularia having floaters??
Is it possible that these are two different plants?

I think … was referring the Bladders as floaters.

No there are white things attached with the stem below flower twigs if you see.

But I think these floats are a part of many species of Utricularia, to make inflorescence to remain emerged.

Thank you sir for the clarification.

Please find attached the full paper

utricularia1.JPG, utricularia2.JPG, utricularia3.JPG and utricularia4.JPG = U. stellaris
utricularia5.JPG, utricularia6.JPG and utricularia7.JPG = U. exoleta

1-4 Utricularia stellaris L.f.
5-7 U. gibba L. (=U. exoleta R. Br.)




Hooghly – Aquatic – Utricularia stellaris L.f. : Attachments (4). 3 posts by 2 authors.

As per “Bengal Plants” –
  • flowers yellow,; peduncles bearing a whorl of vesicles ………. stellaris
  • flowers yellow; peduncles without vesicles ……… flexuosa
Thank you,




Utricularia stellaris L.f. from Hooghly:

The book “Plant Groups” mentions two common floating herbs, Utricularia stellaris L. and Utricularia flexuosa Vahl. Failed to find much info on these two species. A post tells me that this plant might be the U. stellaris
Species : Utricularia stellaris L.f. ?
Habit & Habitat : aquatic herb in a pond
Date : 16/10/12, 10.30 a.m.
Place : Garalgacha (Hooghly)
Links visited :-

This looks like Ceratophyllum submersum to me. Please check.

Thank you for the probable ID.
I was confused yesterday when i tried to ID this pant. Internet gave me images of Utricularia aurea Lour. (syn. U. flexuosa Vahl.) that looked very similar – and
Now, Ceratophyllum submersum L. also looks similar.
I am not sure of which species i should go for.

Attaching the key of Utricularia in “Bengal Plants”.




ANDEC18 Please identify this aquatic plant : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6).
Ramadevarabetta, Karnataka
7th December 2014

Utricularia sp.

Nice catch..
Looks like some Utricularia sp… Check for Utricularia australis

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