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VIG-nuh — named for Prof. Dominico Vigna, 17th century Italian botanist
rad-ee-AY-tuh — spreading rays
golden gram, green gram, mash bean, mung bean, wild mung • Gujarati: મૂંગ mung • Hindi: जंगली मूंग jungli mung • Kannada: pacha hesaru • Konkani: मूग muga • Malayalam: cerupayar, putsja-paeru • Marathi: रानमूग raan muga, वेल मूंग vel mung • Sanskrit: मुद्ग mudga • Tamil: பச்சைப்பயறு pachai payaru • Telugu: పచ్చ పెసలు pacha pesalu;
Native to: s China, India, Sri Lanka, s-e Asia; naturalized / cultivated elsewhere in paleotropics
Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper: Black gram, Urad bean, Urad, Harikot mungo, Mash; leaflets unlobed, fruits thicker, 4-5 cm long, densely covered with lighter long hairs, seeds dirty green to almost black, hilum surrounded by a raised rim (aril) (5-10 cm long)
Vigna radiata var. radiata: Golden gram, Green gram, Moog-bean; plants short, erect,  leaflets unlobed, fruits thinner, 6-9 cm long, sparsely covered with shorter brownish hairs, seed light green, longer
Vigna radiata var. sublobata: Jarusalem pea, wild moog; plants twinning, leaflets generally lobed, fruit thinner, 4-6 cm long, sparsely covered with shorter brownish hairs, seeds light green, shorter.


vigna radiata for confirmation :
vigna radiata or wild moong for confirmation
growing commonly and profuselly along paddyfields, in grass and on roadsides
this past week in alibaug

… with … thought; my belief too: Vigna radiata (family Fabaceae).
It will be helpful if some one of our friends put some clarification related to at least these three species found distributed in northern Western Ghats:
1) Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek … surprisingly does not find its entry in Shrikant ji’s FOS or FFOS
2) Vigna sublobata (Roxb.) Babu & S.K.Sharma … synonym of Vigna radiata var. setulosa (Dalzell) Ohwi & Ohashi
3) Vigna trilobata (L.) Verdc.


Flower ID request – RK3 – 10-Oct-201​2:
This flower also frequently encountered in Karjat area, this herb had a twining habit if I am not mistaken.

This is Wild Moong [Vigna radiata].


june15sk29/34 — Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek var. radiata : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (8)
“This is MUG-KARAI gach,” says the grocer pointing towards this erect 1.5 – 2 ft herb, just outside his shop.

flowers of this very specimen

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ID PLEASE SK 020716 : 1 post by 1 author.

Need help to identify this creeper from Morena, M.P : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
Need help to identify this creeper from Morena, M.P
25 October 19

Vigna mungo ??

I think appears more close to images at Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek as per comparative images at Vigna 


Climber for ID : Way to Nasik : 12OCT21 : AK – 022: 5 images.
Climbers seen growing wild in the ghats.
Vigna Species?

Vigna radiata


Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntze … FOR VALIDATION :: Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Aug 8, 2010 · 1:44 PM IST:
Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntze … FOR VALIDATION
Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Aug 8, 2010 · 1:44 PM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl
OR some other species of Vigna.

I think it is close to images at

Pl. also see the attachment.
1 attachment.

I had never paid attention to stipules in Vigna plants.
In this observation, the large striking stipules caught my attention – and since there was no flowering – fruiting, I was not able to ID.
I will label it as Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek
Will wait to know Radha’s thoughts.
Though there are stipules of 4 species (including Vigna stipulacea) illustrated in the attachment; however, the leaflets in each case are lobed, thus I am ruling out V. stipulacea.

I agree these stipules seem unusually large for V. radiata and the leaves are not lobed but I can’t find any other match.  Will try to find more documentation.

Pl. see such large stipules at

I have revised my notes at flickr and iNaturalist.


FOR VALIDATION :: Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntze :: Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Sep 19, 2009 · JUN23 DV03: 1 image.
Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntze … FOR VALIDATION
Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Sep 19, 2009 · 2:39 PM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl

Another upload of a similar plant at eFI.
Mix of climbers in this observation, Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek. whose leaves are seen all over, also a pod (blurred)

Yes !

… has suggested Vigna radiata … https://groups.google.com/g/indiantreepix/c/cAgAJ
Other than vibrant colour of stipule, other characters seem to match well with Vigna radiata.
In Vigna stipulacea, the leaflets, I think, are normally lobed.


Yes, it is

I have already revised my notes at iNaturalist and flickr about a week back to Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek