It is characterised by imbricating upper leaves, concealing the cyathia and the entire petaloid pink limbs of glands.

New Year Greeting Euphorbia elegans Spreng.:
Euphorbia elegans Spreng. Systema Vegetabilium, editio decima sexta 3: 794. 1826.

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Picture Taken at Badami (Karnataka) on 12th November 2010
Very common along the roadside


euphorbia for id, mm2 07 10 2012: Attachments (1). 4 posts by 2 authors.
euphorbia notoptera perhaps
last week (7.10.12) in mahabeleshwar
saw a single plant clinging to a stony ledge
tiny pink flowers
would very much appreciate a confirmation

As per F. B. I. v. 247., E. notoptera Boiss have linear-oblong leaves, like (herbarium KEW) –
  1. http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000246185
  2. http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000246187
  3. http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000246184
  4. http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000246183
  5. http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000246186

This is probably Euphorbia elegans Spreng. The overlapping of upper leaves almost concealing the cyathia is characteristic of this species and not of E. notoptera. However, the entire plant is not visible to see whether the lower leaves are distantly placed or not.



Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Euphorbia for id :: mm6 : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

small euphorbia from mahabaleshwar
with tiny pink flowers
single plant clinging to a stony ledge
photographed in the last month of september
unfortunately all the photographs are from the same angle
I had posted it earlier
at that time it was suggested that may be Euphorbia elegans Spreng by …
I would very much appreciate an id


This small Euphorbia herb was spotted on Fort Purandar in post rainy season. Size of the herb 6-10 inches.
For ID

This species is Euphorbia elegans Spreng., endemic to Central and Peninsular India. It is characterised by imbricating upper leaves, concealing the cyathia and the entire petaloid pink limbs of glands.


Euphorbia Sp.??120210PKA1 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Came across this herb at Gothane (Marleshwar region).
Looks like some sp. of Euphorbia. Leaves were missing.
Requesting help for ID.

This may be a drying plant of E. concanensis, the right season being October.

I agree with … view.
the leaves are missing, and the upper leaves have become more reddish due to harsh (dry) condition.

I think this will be Euphorbia elegans Spreng. as per images and details herein.

I agree with E. elegans.





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