Brazil (as per WCSP)

Common name: Zebra Plant, Striped-leaved Maranta
-I always knew it as Maranta. Was unaware of the name change.

-Very attractive leaves



Amit ornamental uid2 2752011: Sending a photo of one ornamental plants with variegated leaves. The
plants appears to me as some species of Canna 

Maranta zebrina 
Another beautiful ornamental with Zebra pattern on leaves hence the name.
On searching I found it belonging to an unusual family Marantaceae.(Heard first time)


Images by Bhagyashri Ranade




efloraofindia:”Id 21102011MR2’’ Maranta Zebrina Inflorescence Pune: This happened in April 2011. I have this plant for quite some years but had never flowered.

Due to some plumbing work I had to unwillingly shift it to a brighter area and to my surprise and joy it flowered.
it was almost woody to touch with purple flowers

Mranta flowering …uncommon but I have also seen it somewhere I think in Empress garden.

The current name is Calathea zebrina

patience paid off…may be brightness helped, but it needs to be root-bound if in a pot… before it feels happy… and gets an urge to reproduce.. same as aloe…

I never remember seeing Maranta in flowers!!

did it produce tiny fruits inside that woody “capsule” (dont know what that base is called) ???..

I did not see any fruits on the bracts of the cone.


“Id 06012012” My Flora Picture of the Year-2011- Maranta zebrina:

April 2011
Maranta zebrina
Family Marantaceae
I have this plant in 4 pots for many years and none ever flowered, in fact I thought it never flowers. Due to some plumbing work in my society in Jan 2011 which went on for quite sometime I had to unwillingly shift the pots of this plant to an area in my garden without any shade . One day in April I suddenly saw this woody looking whorled spike with 2 violet blue petal like flowers. It gave me immense joy as I never knew that this plant flowers and that too has such an unusual and beautiful wavy spike. It was a moment I will never forget. Gradually all the flowers bloomed in the spike.

This a nice example of photoperiodism