Images by (Mahadeswara Swamy – Id by Vijayasankar Raman), (For
more photos & complete details, click on the links)




Common name: Yellow Cordia, Yellow Geiger, Muyuyo;  


I D for Chennai tree: I retrieved the photographs from my archives. I took the photographs during June 2005, if I remember right.  

I have not seen anywhere else in Chennai.  
This is a small tree abutting the compound wall.  
Could this be a  species of Cordia. Leaves also look like Cissus.
Location : Sardar Patel Road, near Anna University.

Cordia lutea, perhaps.



I am attaching the pictures of Cordia species.
Location: Sardar Patel Road, Chennai (near Anna University)
Date 25th November 2005.
I posted these pictures earlier also. But not yet been confirmed.

Cordia lutea, perhaps.


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