Plant for ID from Paddar valley J&K: 211111 SRANA 02:
Request for identification:

Date: 14 June 2011
Location: Paddar valley Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 4562 meters asl
Plant habit/habitat: Wild herb

Yes Sir a plant with colourful flowers blooming just after the melting of snow in Himalayan alpines.

A really interesting Primula

Any clue for the identification of this Primula species.

Very interesting Primula species. Never seen this in Uttarakhand. Take the help of Primulaceae in Flora of Pakistan.

Not my area of expertise!

This may be Androsace rather than Primula.

I think the family is Boraginaceae?

Interesting one.
I have tried hard to id this one.
If this was taken in UK I would say Ophalodes cappadocica Starry Eyes.

But I have not been able to find anything for Omphalodes in India.
I cannot even see if it is Boraginaceae or not
Google search link

After checking all the listed species in BSI Flora of India, it appears close to images at Decalepidanthus moltkioides (syn: Pseudomertensia moltkioides (Royle) Kazmi) and as per keys in Flora of Pakistan (detailed description at Pseudomertensia moltkioides) and as per POWO specimen.
However, I am unable to account for the pattern on the petals (any clues/ thoughts in the matter?- can it be some deformity?)

Anchusa ????

Looks much different from listed species in eFlora from India, as per images at POWO:
Anchusa arvensis subsp. orientalis (L.) Nordh.
Anchusa azurea Miller

I think Lithodora diffusa ‘Blue Star’

New name Glandora diffusa (Lag.) I.M.Johnst. ”Blue Star’

But it is a wild herb from Paddar valley.
Leaves do not match.

I hope … and … must have found solution to its ID, if not, the closest I find is Glandora diffusa ‘Blue Star’

I have just shared typical Glandora diffusa in the group.

I do not think it matches.

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