Hymenidium brunonis (Wall. ex DC.) Lindl., Ill. Bot. Himal. Mts. 233 1835. (syn: Hymenolaena brunonis Wall. ex DC.; Ligusticum brunonis Wall.; Pleurospermum brunonis (Wall. ex DC.) C. B. Cl.);

Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), Pakistan (Hazara), India (C- to W-Himalaya),
Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim
as per Catalogue of Life;


ID plz_171210_RKC_03-B: Locality: On way to Churdhar (ca 1500m); Himachal Pradesh. Date: August, 2010.

ID Plz_171210_Ritesh03: Locality: On way to Churdhar (ca 1500m); Himachal Pradesh. Date: August, 2010.

Dear look this plant in family  Apiaceae

I think Pleurospermum brunonis

Yes Pleauspermum brunonis only


Amarnath Yatra – Apiaceae Sp??? for ID (NSJ-02 – 20/08/2013) : Attachments (3). 5 posts by 4 authors.

Apiaceae Sp??? for ID

On the way to Panjtarni, near MG top.

Altitude 14000′ (Approx)

Date Aug 12, 2013.

Pl bear with quality of photo

Another interesting upload. Could this be Pleurospermum candollei ??

To me it looks like  Pleurospermum brunonis….


Pleurospermum brunonis ?? –en-route Dhel Pass – GHNP – PKA48 : 8 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (3).
Small herb seen en-route Dhel Pass at GHNP at an altitude of approx. 3700m.
I think this could be Pleurospermum brunonis ?? (Pl. validate ID)..
Family: Apiaceae,

Yes, it seems P. brunonis. Excellent photographs.

I hope you smelled it. Bear a sweet aroma. Roots are also aromatic.

yes to all of the above

wonder where is our resident aromatics person nowadays.

I was not gone that long was I ? where is …?

Yes Invariably it is Scented Pleurospermum, i.e. Pleurospermum brunonis, emitting out highly fragrant aroma, quite relaxing to the mind. Locally called as Nesar, Losar etc.

In addition to having religious & cultural uses, it has useful medicinal properties and also used as condiment in Sirmour






Pleurospermum brunonis ABSEP2017/04 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)
I found a lone plant of this not far from the Swertia speciosa and Saxifraga moorcroftiana etc. in Ilaqa. It was just out of my reach and I couldn’t get any smell from where I was standing. The illustrations in FOP and photos by … on our group site point to P. brunonis (an unresolved name according to The Plant List) which is described without illustration/photo in Flowers of the Himalaya. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Pleurospermum brunonis
Ilaqa, Above Triund, Dharamshala, HP
3200m approx.
03 September 2017


Attachment of images : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)- 4 mb.

Images of Pleurospermum candollei, as there is no image of same species in e flora of india.
Pleurospermum candollei (DC.) C.B.Clarke
Annual herb, Hollow stems, Leaves compound, leaflets are broad and sinuately toothed.
Corymbose Inflorescence.
Captured at Garhwal Himalayas/ Tehri Uttarakhand
DOC September 2019

I think it should be Hymenidium brunonis (Wall. ex DC.) Lindl. rather than Hymenolaena candollei as per images and details herein.

Thanks a lot sir, Noted.


Request for addition of images of Pleurospermum brunonis : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)- 3 mb each.

Pleurospermum brunonis 
locally called Henyal in Bhaderwah JK
Captured- Bhaderwah JK
altitude- approx 4200m