Syzygium aqueum (Burm.f.) Alston, Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Peradeniya) 11: 204 1929. (Syn: Cerocarpus aqueus (Burm.f.) Hassk.; Eugenia alba Roxb. ……..; Gelpkea stipularis Blume; Jambosa alba (Roxb.) G.Don ……; Malidra aquea (Burm.f.) Raf.; Myrtus obtusissima Blume .; Syzygium obversum (Miq.) Masam.);  
Nicobar Isl. (Car Nicobar Isl.), Darjeeling (introduced), Myanmar [Burma], Sri
Lanka, Bangladesh,
Thailand (introduced), Borneo, Laos, Java, peninsular
Malaysia, Moluccas, Sulawesi, Sumatra, New Guinea, Philippines (Luzon, Mindoro,
Negros, Leyte, Samar, Mindanao), Maldives (introduced), Australia (Queensland),
Micronesia (introduced) (Pohnpei) (introduced)), Trinidad & Tobago
as per Catalogue of Life;


Syzygium aqueum: I send you one of the cultivars of Syzygium aqueum (Burm. f.) Alston 


Syzygium aqueum of Indonesia: I send you Syzygium aqueum form our area. Although it is acidic, I hope you like it.

Very nice presentation. The fruits are available in Mysore during the season (of course a few varieties).

I have eaten this fruit from different South-East Asian countries. It is crisp and juicy, not sweet but delicately flavoured.

Forgot to tell you, we have these in plantations near Baruipur area in west bengal.. we get to eat these from bazaars in end of july to early august.. for a short season… Hort had planted a couple … but they are gone… reasons too unsavoury to list here…

The blackish biggest one is the most delicious, because it is sour but sweet. Children like it very much, and me too. Thank you for your appreciation.


Syzygium aqueum from Purwokerto




Crassulaceae, Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight: Syzigium malaccense BRS DEC 04 (mixed thread):  4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Sharing the image of Syzigium malaccense from Coimbatore.

What is the color of the flower?
What does it taste like? Is it sour? sweet? or astringent?

To me this image looks closer to images at Syzygium aqueum




Identification request :Ghatkopar tree ID2: (mixed thread): 



this is red variety on our farm in deogad/sindhudurga/ maharashtra  

2 images.

These may be of S. aqueum as per … keys.


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