Here are some of my collection
1. Flora of Haryana by S Kumar
2 Flora of Haryana by Jain et al
3 Fascicles of Flora of India from Vol1 to 21
4. Flowers of sahyadri both volume
5. Trees of Pune
6. trees of delhi
7. Flora simlensis
8. Flora of Delhi
9. Flora of patiala
10. The grasses of Burma Ceylon, India anad pakistan
11. Flora of madhya Pradesh Vol 1
12. Flora of Rajasthan all 3 volume
13. Flora of Himachal Pradesh Vo 2 and 3
14. Flora of Agra district
15. A directory of Botanic gardens and parks in India
16. algal Flora of dehradoon district
17. economic Plants in India vol 1
18. Florae Indicae Enumeratio: monocotyledonae
19. Plant diversity hot spots in India
20. Flora nainitalensis
21. Flora of upper gangetic Plains
22. Punjab Plants
23. Plants of the Punjab
24. Forest Flora of punjab with Hazara and delhi
25. flora of the Indian desert
26. Weed Flora of Kashmir Valley
27. Indian trees -Brandis
28 a catalogue of plants of West India
29. grasses of Punjab and Chandigarh
30. a checklisy of Punjab Plants
31. Flora of Mussorie
32 Grasses of Madhya Pradesh
33. Forest Flora of Chakrata, Dehradoon and Saharanpur Forest Divisions
34. A pictorial guide to the plants of Indian Subcontinent
35. concise flowers of Himalaya
36 plants of the indian Botanic Garden

This is the first list of hard copies with me in my personal Library. will upload the second list of Hard Copy books with me in Personal Library, third list of hard copy books in my college library and final list of E-books availble with me

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