Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC., Contributions to the Botany of India 14 1834. (Syn: Baccharis auriculata Wall. ex DC.; Blumea bodinieri Vaniot; Blumea cernua DC.; Blumea cinerascens DC.; Blumea commersonii Edgew.; Blumea cuneifolia DC.; Blumea dregeana DC.; Blumea elongata DC.; Blumea fontinalis Edgew.; Blumea glandulosa DC.; Blumea heyneana DC.; Blumea hieraciifolia Hook.f. & Thomson; Blumea holosericea DC.; Blumea hymenophylla DC.; Blumea lacera var. cinerascens Hook.f. …; Blumea musra DC.; Blumea subcapitata DC.; Blumea thyrsoidea Sch.Bip.; Blumea trigona DC.; Blumea velutina H.Lév. & Vaniot; Blumea villosa Sch.Bip. ex Hook.f.; Conyza amoena Link; Conyza dentata Blanco; Conyza hamiltonii Steud.; Conyza lacera Burm.f.; Conyza lacera var. wallichii (DC.) DC. ex Miq. ..; Conyza natans Buch.-Ham. ex Hook.f.; Conyza necessaria Buch.-Ham. ex DC.; Conyza thyrsoidea Pers.; Conyza velutina (H.Lév. & Vaniot) H.Lév.; Erigeron exstipulatus Schumach. & Thonn.; Senecio velutinus H.Lév. & Vaniot;                               Blumea acrocephala Miq.; Blumea lacera var. commersonii DC.; Blumea lactucifolia DC.; Conyza acrocephala Miq.; Conyza lacera var. commersonii (DC.) DC. ex Miq.);
China (Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang), Taiwan, India (throughout in lower altitudes, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, ?Darjeeling), Pakistan (Pakistani Punjab), Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Java, Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Andamans (South Andamans), Nicobars (North Nicobars, Central Nicobars), Philippines (Batan, Camiguin, Luzon, Alabat, Mindoro, Culion, Panay, Negros, Samar, Mindanao), Singapore (I), Palawan, Myanmar [Burma] (widespread), Laos, Vietnam, Ryukyu Isl., Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, NE-New South Wales), New Caledonia, Galapagos (I), Southern Marianas (I) (Guam (I)), Mauritius (I), La Runion (I), Chad (I), Mozambique (I), Central African Republic (I), Cameroon (I), Cape Verde Isl. (I) (Santo Antao Isl. (I), Ilha de Maio (I), Fogo Isl. (I)), Djibouti (I), Angola (I), Namibia (I), South Africa (I), Swaziland (I) as per Catalogue of life;
blum-EE-uh — named after Karl Ludwig von Blume, Dutch botanistPlant Names – Scientific and Popular
LASS-er-a — Latin lacerare, meaning torn or mangled, having irregular edgesDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: Malay blumea • Bengali: কুকুৰমুতা kukurmuta, kukursunga • Gujarati: કોલહાર kolhar, પીલો કપૂરિયો pilo kapurio • Hindi: जंगली मूली janglimuli, ककरौंदा kakronda • Kannada: gaandhaari gida • Malayalam: കുക്കുര kukkuravrksam • Marathi: bhamurda, बुरंडो burando • Sanskrit: कुक्कुरद्रु kukuradru, कुकुंदर kukundara • Tamil: காட்டு முள்ளங்கி kattu mullangi, narakkarandai • Telugu: అడవి ముల్లంగి adavi mullangi, కారుపొగాకు karupogaku
Native to: China, e Asia, India, Indo-China, Malesia, Australia

Its an annual herb, around 20 to 80 cm, smells like turpentine. Whole Plant is pubescent, ash grey coloured.

Leaves are alternate, obvate, sharply serrate, obtuse, base tapered. Flowers are bright yellow.

FI notes, “It (B. laciniata syn. of B. sinuata ) differs from lacera, in having all the leaves laciniate and from terebinthinacea (???) in the inflorescence and flowers.” FI doesn’t mention any other difference.
FI further records, 1) in laciniata stem is striate.. 2) in lacera stem erect, branchy, particularly near the ground; lower leaves are petioled, lyred; the superiors ones simply oval and many times smaller.

Attaching images of an unknown plant that i think is a Blumea sp. Is it Blumea lacera ?
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : wild herb, height- 1 ft, roadside
Date : 13-04-2012, 11.00 a.m.
Place : Hooghly, WB

Yes …, I hope your id is correct, very beautiful pics…

Found similar images at –

Sir, I too will go with Blumea lacera.


This seems to be the same Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC., (Bengali names – KUKUR-SUNGA, BARA-SUKSUNG, BARA-KOKSING), as in my earlier post at –



ID230111PHK2: ID please
A herb at Mhasala, Maharashtra
Leaves and stem both are sticky

Blumea sp, I suppose

Any chance of it being B. lacera?

I think this is Blumea lacera

Looks different from images of Blumea lacera at Flowers of India  Useful Tropical Plants  GBIF (With type specimens)  PICSSR 

Yes it is Blumea lacera

Thanks, … But Looks different from images of Blumea lacera at
Flowers of India  Useful Tropical Plants  GBIF (With type specimens)  PICSSR

Agree with …, for Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. as per images, details and references herein.

Identifying Asteraceae members by these type of photographs is really a challenge; one has to look the specimen in detail, hence there may be some errors, even some reputed websites also differ, the herbarium specimens sometimes may not given a clear picture. I am not an expert in Asteraceae


SK539 04 JUN-2017:ID : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (11)

Location: Relli River, Kalimpong, India
Date: 24 May  2017
Altitude: 2000 ft.


Just a wild guess  Blumea aurita (L.f.) DC ????

I do not think it matches with images at Blumea viscosa (Mill.) V.M.Badillo (syn: Blumea aurita (L.f.) DC. )

Plant Detail ?? Any match ?

To me appears close to Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. as per images, details and references herein.

Thank you …!
Nepali Names : कुकुरे Kukure/ कुकुरद्र Kukuradra/  कुकुर घाँस Kukur Ghaas/ थाङ्गने Thaangne/  थाङ्गने झार Thaangne Jhaar/ बुगी Bugee/ कोपिले झार Kopile Jhaar

Thanks very much … for the Nepali names of the plant – so many names – certainly must be ethno-botanically popular in the region.

Thank you …, Yes, I guess so !

Perambiculam tiger reserve 13-5-09; Asteraceae plant from Perambiculam – NSD – 1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups


140212 BRS311:
Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.
Date: 11.02.2012

Location: Sadivayal, Coimbatore
Habitat: Wild
Habit: Herb.

Could be a species of Blumea of Asteraceae family.

Yah!! surely looks like Blumea sp.

Appears close to images at Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC.

Hooghly : Blumea? yet another : Attachments (10). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This 3 ft Blumea (?) was growing in a Bamboo thicket. The plant is hairy all over. Photographs were taken on 02nd April, 2013, in Hooghly.

To me appears close to Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. as per images, details and references herein.


“Bengal Plants” has 13 Blumea, of which we should have –
  1. B. amplectens DC. = a small bushy herb
  2. B. bifoliata DC. = do
  3. maybe B. oxyodonta DC. = a slender decumbent herb
  4. B. wightiana DC. = with purplish corolla (plz. note The Plant List differs)
  5. B. glomerata DC. = Conyza fistulosa Roxb. = a rather slender, erect, much branched herb
  6. B. lacera DC.
  7. B. laciniata DC.
  8. B. membranacea DC. = Conyza diffusa Roxb. = a tall, erect, usually much branched herb
I note some info on the last one, Blumea membranacea DC. –
While B. membranacea DC. in FBI (vol3, p265) is “common throughout India”, Conyza diffusa Roxb. of FI (vol3, p429) is “a native of Bengal” !!!
The Plant List recognizes the above as two different taxa –

efi page on Blumea paniculata (Syn. Conyza diffusa Roxb.)

This is surely not Blumea paniculata of eFI.

To me appears close to Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. as per images, details and references herein.

Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. from Kamrup district, Assam : 8 correct images of Blumea lacera as above. 3 posts by 3 authors.
I think attached images are Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC collected from two different places of Kamrup district. Please confirm the ID.
Date :08.11.2012 (Images No. 10 – 13) & 14.04.2013 (Images No. 01-09)
Location: Kamrup district ((Images No. 10 – 13) & Kamrup (Metro) [Images No. 01-09]
Family : Asteraceae
Genus & species : Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC (?)
Habitat: Grows wild
Habit : Herb
Flower : yellow

I also think it is Blumea lacera DC.

While first eight images are of Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC., other five images appears to be of Blumea sinuata (Lour.) Merr.


Place, Altitude: along NH17 near Loliem, Goa (about 85 ft asl)
Date, Time: 21 FEB 12 10:37am
Habitat: wild, often along roadsides
Habit: erect herb, about 50 – 60 cm high, flower-head about 3 – 4 mm across

I think it (with yellow flowers) is close to Blumea lacera as per details and references herein and as per high resolution specimens at
Pl. also see … post at Hooghly : Blumea? yet another

This one does look very similar to that in … post, and does look like B. lacera.
Thank you very much … for combing the Blumea posts.
I earnestly hope more of those who are familiar with Blumea spp. come forward and express their thoughts.

Thanks, … Blumea’s are really really difficult. I never got the courage to look at them for a long long time.
But finally I took the plunge and have been working on these for last five days.
I am now getting the clarity on this genus.
Hope more experts come up and take revision of different genera in efi site.

There are too many variations in sizes of leaves as well as plant heights, they confuse me easily, never could get familiar with almost any of them.
Regular field visitors should be able to help us sort the IDs.

yes it looks like Blumea lacera

ID-02022013 PR-2:
Plants from gujarat
habit herb

A species of Blumea

May be close to images at Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC.

Comparing with images from efi I guess B. lacera is the correct ID !


Id-180212-PR-1: asteraceae
locatin Gujarat, Baroda
Habitat Wild
Habit- Herb
Height apprx. 40 cm

This doesn’t look like Sonchus
In Sonchus the leaves are radical and ligulate (5 toothed) ray florets, that are not seen here.

Blumea or Laggera sp??

It is blumea. Species I am not sure

I could not find a match as per comparative images at Blumea

May be close to images at Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC.

B. lacera is a close match.


SK 3683 28 January 2023: 9 very  high res. images.

Location: Jalthal, Jhapa, East Nepal
Date: 02 January 2023
Elevation: 67 m.
Habitat: Wild
Which Blumea is this ?

Pl. check:

Elevation and the size of the plant does not look like matching and upper layer leaf shapes as well.

On checking all species listed in the Checklist of Nepal, I think it appears close to Blumea lacera (Burf. f.) DC., as per POWO and Checklist of Nepal.

Hooghly : Blumea or Blumea like : yellow : Attachments (10). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This one is also 2 ft. as in my other post (efi thread).
Features are –
  • wild 2 ft. herb beside railway-station
  • branched
  • bearing yellow heads
  • the size of the heads are similar to those other Blumea

The pictures were shot yesterday and today (17.3.13), at the same place.

I think appears close to Blumea axillaris (Lam.) DC. as per images, details and references herein.

As flower heads are yellow, it is more likely to be Blumea lacera (Burf. f.) DC.
Pl. see


Plant identification: 3 very high res. images.
Can you please help in identifying the following plant found in a farm near (30 kms) from Tirunelveli town. It’s leaves has a nice aromatic smell like that of a camphor-ajwain.

Blumea aromatica DC. !

Thank you very much. After ploughing of the land, this species has grown back fast and spread across the entire 30 acres. It’s leaves has a wonderful aroma…..

I think more closer to images at