Plant for ID SMP3 10/1/2011:  A large tree with drooping branches for ID
Kolkata botanical garden. Dec 2010
Flowers yellow about 2-3 cm.
? Stamenal tube like that in Meliaceae family.

It somewhat resembles Garcinia.

From the images (Which are not so close) what I can only say that….
The leaves are opposite, they appear coriaceous (?) somewhat similar to Syzygium.
The central part of the flower is showing a structure like a stamenal tube of Meliaceae.
I don’t know whether these clues are helpful……

I agree … that this is Garcinia sp. (for sure) of Clusiaceae family.
My guess is based on the leaf petiole and venation
. More information including place, habit, tree height and the color of sap that oozes from the bark on cut are necessary for species id.

May I ask the members from Kolkata to help in finding further characters of the big tree located in Botanical garden.
It is placed some 500 meters from the main gate (Bus stop and car parking) on the main central lane on right side. I have taken the pictures in Dec last year so may be this will start flowering in late sep or oct.


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