Ceropegia anantii S.R.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 101: 141 2004.;

… the commemorative epithet anantii: Would like to know in whose honour the commemorative epithet anantii (In context of Ceropegia anantii) is named.

Dr. Anant R. Kulkarni, guru of taxonomist Dr. S R Yadav who described this plant.


My Flora Picture of the year 2011 :: Dinesh Valke :: Ceropegia anantii:
The last year I was wishful of getting to at least one Ceropegia … that would be my first !
I would like to quote … thought: Flower hunting with … is always memorable.
Me and … have been along with … for a few times by now for exploring new plants away from our part of Western Ghats. We have always returned rich.
My second trip with … fetched me my first Ceropegia !! … Ceropegia anantii
Many thanks to him.

Lovely Shot … … have shown many plants to us also during our Chakrata Visit
Yes Flower hunting with … and … is always a memorable One

Yes Dear …, I remember this trip. It was in true sense Flowerful and Fruitful trip. Sighting of Ceropegia anantii was icing on the cake.

Chakrata trip credit goes to … This encourages me to propose another 2 trips that I have been dreaming of but have not realised due to lack of company. One is Goriganga valley between Munsiari and Jouljibi in Pithoragad dist. and another one is Rhodo trek to Dzongri in Sikkim. Both trips are as fabulous as Valley of Flowers. I have all the logistics worked out for a group of 4 or 8.
One week each in any month Feb to Apr is enough. I request members to plan and make these trips a reality.

I am Ready for Goriganga valley between Munsiari and Jouljibi in Pithoragad dist … in the month of march

Ceropegia is one of my favorite genera. But in Odisha i have found only 4 species so far. Thanks for uploading the same here. this is another superb catch of yours. Mesmerizing.

Best I can recall of the location is: somewhere along Phonda Ghat.

Ceropegia anantii (Apocynacae) : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Perennial erect herb. Rootstock tuberous, tubers 2-3 cm in diameter, depressed, roots fibrous. Stem sparingly hairy terete, usually unbranched l 5 -40 cm in height, I -2 mm in diameter Leaves opposite, subsessile, minutely puberulous linear,4 -8 x 0.3-0’5 cm, acute at
apex. tapering at base, scabrous on upper surface, glabrous on lower surface except the midrib, margins minutely hairy. Flowers solitary axillary or extra axillary; pedicel 4 -6 x 0.6-0.8m m, pubescent bracts solitary attached a little above the middle of pedicel, linear, 2.3-2.6x 0.3-0.4m m, acute. Sepals5 -7x 0.7-0.8m m. linear, subacute, pubescent. Corolla 4-6.5c m long, straight, greenish-yellow; corolla tube 1-2.5 cm long, abruptly dilated at the base, glabrous, greenish outside the lower inflated portion dark purple in throat and striated with purple lines in lower portion; corolla lobes up to 1 .3-3.5 cm long, connate at tips, forming a long beak, greenish-white, pubescent inside, each lobe with
dark spot on either side in basal part of corolla lobe. Gynostegial corona cupulaq consisting of 5 deeply bifid lobes, densely ciliate on the margins; staminal corona of 5 linear lobes, connivent, erect, 4-5m m long. Pollen masses yellow, attached to the brown pollen carriers by short caudicles, each pollinarium 0 .3-0.35x 0.2- 0.25 mm. Follicles single or double, up to 6-7 x 0.2- 0.25 cm, straight, tapering to a fine point, erect. Seeds 4 x I .5 lnm, ovate, oblong lcomal -1.5c m long, white, silky.
Fl. & Fr.: August-November.
Local Name: Ghayal.
Distribution: Restricted to flat tops of Salva Hills in Sindhudurgd istrict of Maharashtra State.
About 300 individuals revere located in September 1998.
August 2014 , Phonda , Mharashtra 


Names of Plants in India :: Ceropegia anantii S.R.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad:
Ceropegia anantii S.R.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad

seer-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh — Greek: keros (wax), pege (fountain) … Dave’s Botanary
¿ ah-nun-THEE-eye ? — named for Dr. Anant R. Kulkarni, guru of taxonomist Dr. S R Yadav … efloraofindia

commonly known as: Anant’s ceropegia • Marathi: अनंती खरपुडी ananti kharpudi

botanical namesCeropegia anantii S.R.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad … synonyms: no synonyms … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
Anant’s ceropegia
  • This species is named to honour Dr. Anant R. Kulkarni, guru of taxonomist Dr. S R Yadav … efloraofindia
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
अनंती खरपुडी ananti kharpudi
  • Further Flowers of Sahyadri, a field guide to flowers of northern Western Ghats of India by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
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