Afghanistan to Thailand as per WCSP;
Afghanistan; Assam; Bangladesh; India; Malaya; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Sri
Lanka; Thailand
as per Catalogue of life;
1Bracts ovate-acuminate. Infloresence, short, cylindrical to spicate. Flowers usually white or pinkish … Lantana indica
+Bracts linear. Inflorescence umbellate. Flowers usually scarlet, yellow or mixed coloured ….   L.camara 
Erect shrub with crenate-serrate rugose leaves and white flowers with yellow tube.  

An erect shrub about 3-8 ft tall, branches pubescent, unarmed, 4 angular or subterete, hairy-pubescent when young and glabrous when mature. Leaves opposite, simple, sometimes ternate, ovate, 5-10 x 2-5 cm across, base acute, margin serrate-crenate, apex acute, chartaceous, dark green rugose, pubescent soft on the above and light green, whitish thin hairy beneath, lateral veins 4-6 on either side of the midrib, Petiole pubescent, about 0.5-1 cm long, exstipulate. Inflorescence axillary spikes, cylindric head, with peduncle of about 3-10 cm long, pubescent, bracts ovate, outer ones involucrate, inner ones subcordate or cordate. Flowers sessile very faintly scented purplish pink with yellowish tube. Calyx entire, about 2 mm long, pubescent, membranous, Corolla hypocrateriform, 5 lobed suborbicular, pubescent, purple, purplish pink, Corolla tube yellow, narrow 6 x 1 mm, pubescent. Stamens 4, didynamous, filaments about 1 mm long, anthers basifixed, oblong, Ovary oblong, Style stout, Stigma oblique, capitate. Fruit drupe, ovoid or obovoid about 3 x 4 mm, reddish purple when ripe, enclosed by membranous calyx, splitting into 1 loculed two pyrenes.

Degraded forests and shola borders.
Local Distribution: Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal. Global Distribution: Asia: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka; North America; South America.
(Attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. Kailash, B. R., UAS & ATREE, Bangalore, India. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India from India biodiversity Portal)
Please suggest if the id of this shrub is right..
Lantana indica …from Panipat, the pics of same individuals by … are seen on FOI ..

… will have to respond to your query

on my part ..yes flowers look similar

what ‘s unique is the way the fruits are arranged  very different from the l camara fruits and the color too is different

I am seeing this for the first time


The attached plant was shot today (1.9.13) from Village Ramnagar Panipat near Western Yamuna Canal (Delhi Parallel canal)
I Identified this as Lantana indica but it looks little different from the one Posted by …
This was a small Shrub about 2 feet high growing wild in that area
plese validate id

efi page on Lantana indica    

Lantana indica Roxb. as per images and details herein.

Yes L. indica, Could not locate mine on efloraofindia website, but this one from Ridge, Delhi that I have leaves are distinctive and vey different from L. camara.

Thanks, …,

I think this may be Lantana camara subsp. aculeata and not Lantana indica as per keys at eFlora of Pakistan

The leaves are totally different from Lantana camara, plus it should be very prickly, which it is not. aculeata flowers are like typical camara only orange-red or orange-yellow

Flora of Pakistan lists Lantana camara Linn. with Lantana camara var. aculeata (Linn.) Moldenke as a syn.

It also says
A favourite ornamental of our gardens with highly variable flower colours, stature, indumentum and pricklness. A number of varieties, of indefinite consatancy in flower colour have been recognized by some authors; some of these, seen from the area, are as follows:
1. var. camara : flowers orange-yellow, turning red or scarlet.
1. var. flava (Medic.) Moldenke: flowers yellow.
2. var. rubella Moldenke: flowers pink.
3. var. sanguinea (Medic.) L.H. Bailey: Flowers opening saffron yellow but changing to bright red later.
4. var. aculeata (Linn.) Moldenke: Plants with conspicuous prickles.
5. var. alba Moldenke: Flowers white.”
In Catalogue of life, only Lantana camara subsp. aculeata (L.) R.W.Sanders have distribution in India, while other do not including Lantana camara subsp. camara. Pl. see synonyms as below:
Lantana camara subsp. aculeata (L.) R.W.Sanders (syn: Camara aculeata (L.) Kuntze; Camara aculeata var. normalis Kuntze, not validly publ.; Camara aculeata f. sanguinea (Medik.) Kuntze; Camara aculeata f. varia Kuntze; Lantana aculeata L.; Lantana aculeata f. varia (Kuntze) Voss; Lantana bahamensis f. canescens Moldenke; Lantana camara var. aculeata (L.) Moldenke; Lantana camara var. sanguinea (Medik.) L.H.Bailey; Lantana camara f. sanguinea (Medik.) Moldenke; Lantana camara f. varia (Kuntze) Moldenke; Lantana coccinea Weigel; Lantana mutabilis Salisb., nom. illeg. (ambiguous synonym); Lantana sanguinea Medik.; Lantana suaveolens Desf., nom. illeg.; Lantana variegata Otto & A.Dietr.) as per Catalogue of life
Pl. also see all our observations in efi site at Lantana camara subsp. aculeata, both prickly and non prickly.

I don’t understand how can we call it subsp. aculeata, if there are no prickles. The main difference between L. camara and L. indica is the shape of bracts, ovate acuminate in L. indica, linear, in L. camara linear. I will check from area when it comes to flower in a few days. 

These are the most recent works, they are silent on our very own Lantana indica.
Here are some references, they fail to clear the confusion regarding nomenclature. 
No milestone study from India on this Genus. I think the work we are doing is most comprehensive, but is no way a systematic study. 
I wish someone takes it up …  …  …  
In past two decades I have seen many Lantanas (including Lantana camara) becoming very popular as ornamentals and I think this is going to affect wild Lantana population too.

Thanks, …, for detailed taxonomic revision documents of 2012.
I think we have to search on suitable words like India and extract relevant inf., in any. 



Need Id assistance for JNU Plant : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

I need id assistance for following images belonging to Lantana
Date of Collection:14th April 2015
Locality: JNU New Campus, New Delhi
Corolla: purely white with yellow spot at middle of the throat

Lanatana indica I hope.

Sir many many thanks for your id assistance.




Verbenaceae week Lantana indica images from Nashik for sharing : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
attaching Lantana indica images from Nashik for sharing

Yes, very nice..



DKB5 : 1 image.

Name of species- ID

Photo taken on- 30.8.2009

At- Smiriti van (Jaipur)

It is a typical looking like lantana.

I suppose Lantana indica

i also observe this plant in Sariska Tiger Reserve on 26-7-09.
can you please give me some clue to differentiate it from Lantana camara.

this could be Lantana veronicifolia, characterized by small scandent unarmed plants with white flowers. Synonyms: L. indica var. albiflora, L. wightiana. L. indica is erect, unarmed and the flowers are other than white (pink, purple or rose).

Ref.: Revision of Indian Verbenaceae by Rajendran & Daniel.

thanks … My source was Maheshwari’s Flora of Delhi which characterises L. indica by unarmed with white flowers. 

I think this is Lantana indica Roxb. as per keys at eFlora of Pakistan
It is not Lantana veronicifolia Hayek, being an erect herb.  

saw some kind of Lantana different form the common Lantana weed that we see all over India. This one has few diffrences i.e. no thorns on stem. leaves are narrower and longer compartively. flower head is slightly smaller. berry cluster is little longer instead of regluar circular bunch at top. wonder if any one knows the name?

Thanks for sending me these photos. Looks like a garden variety. Saw something similar in a nursery near Lalbagh. He had three varieties of
lantana that were not spiny. The lantana in the photos could be a variety that ‘escaped’ from a nursery or a garden.

I think this is Lantana indica. You may please refer flora of Hassan (available in CES IISc), I remember I was referring the same in this book.

I am looking for pictures / some information on authentic Lantana indica. Even if … pictures belong to some garden escape, we need to track down the species. If Bharath has seen similar plants in a garden, he could perhaps help in finding the species.
I would be keen to see this Lantana in Doon valley asap…

The place I have seen Lantana indica is just the outskirts of Hassan town in Karnataka. Just after Hassan town (4-6km) when you travel to Bangalore you can see L.indica it grows mixed with L camera on the road side. Fr. Saldanha had mentioned the same in his Flora of Hassan
and the attachment I sent is from Flora of Coorg. So this plant is well distributed in Karnataka.

The Lantana indica I have seen in the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary, is a very small-statured plant, rarely growing more than 25 cm height.
Lantana indica does not have a spiny stem. The plant is quite rare in the field, or perhaps we miss it quite often on account of its size. I
am sorry, but I do not have photos of this species. I will surely find and take some when I next go to BRT.

The plants that I saw in a nursery in Bangalore are most definitely not Lantana indica. I spoke to one person in the nursery and he said that it is a garden variety of Lantana camara, and bred to have a smooth stem without thorns.

I think this is Lantana indica Roxb. as per keys at eFlora of Pakistan


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