Hewittia malabarica (Linnaeus) Suresh (Syn: Convolvulus malabaricus Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 155. 1753; C. bicolor Vahl; C. bracteatus Vahl; C. scandens Milne; C. sublobatus Linnaeus f.; Hewittia bicolor (Vahl) Wight & Arnott; H. scandens (Milne) Mabberley; H. sublobata (Linnaeus f.) Kuntze; Shutereia bicolor (Vahl) Choisy; S. sublobata (Linnaeus f.) House as per Flora of China;
hew-WIT-ee-a — named for John Hewitt, English zoologist and naturalist … Dave’s Botanary
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kuh — of or from the Malabar Coast, southern India … Dave’s Botanary 
Distribution: tropical Africa, Asia, Polynesia
The important character of the species is Calyx: Ovate -lanceolate 7-17 mm long. slightly pubescent and the most important thing is the outer 3 much longer than inner 2.


Flora of Panipat District- Ipomoea sp for ID-31102010-1: From Canal side boundary of rice fields. Yellow flowers about 1-1.5 inch

Nice photography … This could be Xenostegia tridentata ?

Xenostegia tridentata sure

I was also recorded this species from Kachchh district. but due to internet speed i could not attach here. i hope that you all will help me for its confermation after find my attachment

please help me to Identify this plant. this is same of earlier post by … Attachments (1)

Not sure but looks like some Hewittia sp 

The plant is Hewittia based upon the hair on the corolla which does not occur on Xenostegia in addition to the hair on the seedpods which does not occur on Xenostegia… also the sepals match those of Hewittia.

Thanks … for confirmation

I think Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh as per images herein.

Yes, It is Hewittia species, sepals and fruit clearly indicate the genus


Flora of Panipat- Hewittia malabarica from My College Campus:  Hewittia malabarica
This plant was searched out by us from bank of a canal in village Bhadore Panipat. During our repeated survey of many regions in Haryana we could not locate it anywhere else. this was the first record of this twiner from Haryana and most probably Northern Part of our Country. At that time i collected its seeds and this year showed them in my college campus. This is flourishing well here and will try to collect its seeds this year also.
Looking very nice with lush green leaves and pale yellow flowers

Pls see http://convolvulaceae.myspecies.info/category/image-galleries/hewittia


Hewittia bicolor :: 07-Mar-2012 :: Hooghly (WB) SK:   I think both the attached images (joined together in order to reduce size) are of Hewittia bicolor. These two photos were taken at different places in Hooghly District in February, 2012.

Please confirm the ID (s).
Species : Hewittia bicolor
Type : wild creeper
Date : bottom pic – 23-Feb-2012, 1.33 p.m. & top pic – 28-Feb-2012, 11.41 a.m.
Place : Hooghly (WB)

Latest and Accepted name is Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh


hew-WIT-ee-a — named for John Hewitt, English zoologist and naturalist
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kuh — of or from the Malabar Coast, southern India
Dave’s Botanary

Feb 18, 2012 … at Mollem National Park, Goa
commonly known as: hewittia • Malayalam: kattu-kelengu
Distribution: tropical Africa, Asia, Polynesia
References: Convolvulaceae UnlimitedProtabaseENVIS – FRLHT
more views: Feb 18, 2012 … at Mollem National Park, Goa

The first picture clearly showing the calyx lobes …lanceolate to ovate., pubescent, outer 3 much longer than inner ones.


Convolvulaceae week :Hewittia malabarica Mulshi Pune: spotted this climber in Mulshi area in Oct 2012


Attaching two sets of images of Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh.

I took these photographs at different places in Hooghly. In both the places the plant was lying down on the ground. But today i noticed another one which is a twining herb, and thereby conforming the text from the book ‘Plant Groups’ (by H. Mukherji).

Species : Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh.

Bengali name : NA

Habit : perennial creeper or twining herb

Habitat : wild in thicket, roadside

Date : 1st set on 23-Feb-12 @ 1.33 p.m., 2nd set on 28-Feb-12 @ 11.33 a.m.

Place : Garalgacha & Nalikul (Hooghly), West Bengal
ID help : earlier post in this group

My favorite view is this one here showing view of inner and outer sepals


Convolvulaceae Week: Hewittia malabarica from arya PG College Panipat:   Hewittia malabarica from Arya PG College Panipat

The important character of the species is Calyx: Ovate -lanceolate 7-17 mm long. slightly pubescent and the most important thing is the outer 3 much longer than inner 2.

I like the side-view here
Really like those sepal views…

Flora of Panipat: Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh from Arya PG College Panipat: Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh from Arya PG College Panipat

A different genus and taxon from Convolvulaceae. Thanks for sharing.
Initially I never used to look at flowers from this family considering …what is there in it ? Ipomoea and Argyria but after observing many many interesting plants I have started loving it. Looking forward for the Convolvulaceae week. Though most nof the flowers have similar pattern there are so many differences if one observes carefully.

I would like to co-ordinate Convolvulaceae week. a few days back i presented a Paper in a Conference on members of Convolvulaceae from Haryana. In Total we observed 47 Sp belonging to 12 genera. Now trying
to compile more information about this family.

Can we have a full Convolvulaceae Week? Last time it was done only for 1-2 days, only your uploads. You may decide about the month from February onwards.

Ok Sir. March 2012 Convolvulaceae Week


Plant for ID 28/10/2011 SMP1: This climber a Convolvulaceae member was observed in Mulshi near Pune in Oct 2011. Flowers yellow about 5 cm. Sepals Bracts and Leaves as shown in the picture.

This can be Hewittia malabarica in my opinion.


Hewittia malabarica (Linnaeus) Suresh from Hooghly:
Recent collection : Hewittia malabarica (Linnaeus) Suresh
12th and 24 th November, 2012 @ Hooghly


Flora of Kerala:Hewittia malabarica (L) Suresh from Calicut Roadside area:
Hewittia malabarica (L) Suresh from Calicut Roadside area. Wildly Growing
Shot in December

please enable the ID

Hewettia malabarica

Yes it has to be Hewettia malabarica.

plants from Nigeria, pls identify. : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Am from Nigeria
Find attached are their pictures

I think it is Ipomoea obscura

Hewittia malabarica (high degree of certainty)

I would like to request that clear sideviews showing the outer tube of the bloom , sepals and fruit (at any and all stages) be included when this is available as all of the aforementioned parts are important for Convolvulaceae identification

A reply from … in another thread:
“Specimen no……………….
Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh “ 

Fwd: Climber I’d from Bangladesh 1 : 3 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Pictures taken today (25.11.15)

Please check Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh.

Seems to match with images at Hewittia malabarica

Most probably Hewittia malabarica


Convulvulaceae I’d from Bangladesh sm287 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)

Hewittia malabarica??

Another 3 images. But what about H. sublobata?

efi page on Hewittia malabarica with images.
Hewittia sublobata (L. f.) Kuntze is a synonym of Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh as per The Plant List ver. 1.1 & Tropicos & Flora of Zimbabwe

via Species‎ > ‎H‎ > Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh … family: Convolvulaceae OR Convulvulaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
hew-WIT-ee-a — named for John Hewitt, English zoologist and naturalist … Dave’s Botanary
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kuh — of or from the Malabar Coast, southern India … Dave’s Botanary 
commonly known asMalabar hewittia • Malayalamകാട്ടുകിഴങ്ങ് kattukilanngu 
botanical namesHewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh … synonymsConvolvulus malabaricus L. • Convolvulus sublobatus L. f. • Hewittia sublobata (L. f.) Kuntze … status at The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1. 
January 6, 2013 … at Pune (planted specimen) 

Hewittia malabarica :: Makutta Ghat :: 24 FEB 2017 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 2 images.
Makutta Ghat Karnataka
Date: 24 FEB 2017 … Elevation range: ~ 87 – 263 m (288 – 865 ft) asl
Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh … (family: Convolvulaceae) 


Convulvulaceae ID from Bangladesh SM 196 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

To me it seems to be Ipomoea obscura.

Hewittia malabarica based on the frontal view of the bloom and some of the leaves visible in the photo, although I would like to remind that sepal views should be considered as essential…

Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh looks close.

Yes, Hewittia malabarica.


Convulvulacea Id from Bangladesh SM1004 : 5 posts by 2 authors.

Ipomoea obscura

All the characters are not clear, may be Hewittia malabarica or Ipomoea obscura.

It’s Hewitia sp.



Tropicos  The Plant List Ver. 1.1  Flora of China  Dinesh Valke’s Flickr Post  Bihrmann  Convolvuaceae Unlimited  JSTOR Global Plants  Zimbabwe flora (Hewittia malabarica (L.) Suresh Syn: Hewittia bicolor (Vahl) Wight & Arn.; Hewittia scandens (Milne) Mabb.; Hewittia sublobata (L.f.) Kuntze; Shutereia bicolor (Vahl) Choisy)  

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