Lindernia molluginoides Wettst., Nat. Pflanzenfam. 4(3b): 80 1891. (Syn: Vandellia molluginoides Benth.); 

This species is native to South East Asia. In India, Lindernia molluginoides is known only from Karnataka (Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary; Bhaskar and Razi 1976), Maharashtra (Nanded; Singh et al. 2001) and Andhra Pradesh (Nirmal in Adilabad; Indira and Venkataraju 1998). Also recorded from Myanmar and Thailand (Cook 1996).

It occurs in sandy ground on river beds or in open wet meadows, and along the streams (Cook 1996) and along gullies in hill forests (Singh et al. 2001).
(From  IUCN Red List (LC) ) 

literature: Do anybody have some details about Lindernia molluginoides (Syn: Vandellia molluginoides)? I failed to collect a description from net.

I hope this protologue will be of your help.
Lindernia molluginoides Wettst. Nat. Pflanzenfam.  iv. 3b  80 (1891).

Not much details of the species are there in this page. I had already come across this page earlier