Pilea depressa (Sw.) Blume , Mus. Bot. 2(3): 46 46 1856. (Syn: Adicea depressa (Sw.) Kuntze; Urtica depressa Sw.);

Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico (I), Cuba, Jamaica, Lesser Antilles (I)
(Montserrat (I)), Marquesas Isl. (I), Austral Isl. (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Pilea depressa is a plant native to the Caribbean.[1][2] 

(from Wikipedia on 9.12.13) 

plant identification:   Kindly identify this plant from my garden. It gets small white flowers.
I have tried a lot to find its name

i think bacopa monieri if plant live in water or need more water in  garden white flower 4 corolla.

The picture is not clear. Leaf shape and size flower size and info regarding whether flowers born axillary or terminal are not  available.
Hence it would be difficult to confirm the id.
Kindly post a clear picture with better focus. Since it is from your  garden it would be easy to get good snaps.

Most likely NOT Bacopa monierri
need better close up of face and side view of the flowers…  agree with what … has written

Attaching new pictures I hope it helps. It is a hanging

It looks like Pilea depressa.
Pl check this link:

Pilea sp. (Family – Urticaceae)





Sep 2013 Pune
sharing images of flowers of Pilea depressa at a housing society garden at Pune

Very good documentation. Never seen such flowers.