SW. Namibia to Free State: Cape Provinces, Free State, Namibia as per POWO;


19032011GS2 herb for ID from Delhi:
This herb was displayed in Delhi University Flower show on February 25, 2011
Alt: 213 m
Herb grown in pots
Leaves basal with unarmed margin, narrowed towards tip
Inflorescence a raceme about 1 m tall on scape, flowers reddish-orange, about 2-2.5 cm long, in axils of scarious bracts, tube cylindrical, slightly curved above
The leaves suggest Gasteria but the flowers appear more like Aloe. Please help in identification

Looks like Partridge-breasted Aloe, Aloe variegata.

I think you are right. Thanks for ID.

Aloe and Gasteria are SOOOOOO close… pick and gasteria and look up synonyms and you will find that 20 to 40 % of its synonyms start with name: Aloe…… and the rest with Gasteria…  with a rare something else thrown
Very confusing for some one like me…
BUT,   Gasteria with basal rosettes are not so common…. I have seen this some where and Gasteria glauca stuck….  so I googled it …. found a picture of what I had in my mind… at URL:

Its being grown all over the tropics..
Worth a try , ….   hope it helps..
DO not know enough botany to do differential diagnosis…